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Guide for Feeding Kadoaties - Your Way of Being Kind

by aquariss


THE KADOATERY - The recent obsess in Neopets is definitely feeding those poor hungry Kadoaties in the all-famous Kadoatery. When it first came out, everyone started going crazy over these poor little Petpets. What made everyone be kind to feed like million worth of Draik eggs to these kitties? Yes, it’s the doings of the avatar craze in Neopia.

With the intention of earning that cute little Mew avatar, everyone is storming on to the Kadoatery to try and feed these Kadoaties. (Or Coyote as someone mentioned before) While some experienced Kadoatie-heads feed their way smoothly to the avatar benchmark, others send hate mails to these people to accuse them of depriving others a chance to feed the cats. That is not a very clever thing to do.

So for the benefit of all in Neopia, I’ve came up with the “Dummy guide to feed your way to an avatar”

Step 1:

Open 3 windows to get ready for the fight against other eager Kadoatie-Heads. One is the Kadoatery, second is the shop wiz and third is the SDB. Be used to the commands Ctrl+C (Copy), Ctrl + V (Paste) and always choose a very weird and rare item, hopefully above 1k to try and buy in the shop wiz. Otherwise, you will definitely miss the chance to someone else that had the item in their inventory or their SDB.

Step 2:

Golden rule, whatever you buy, do not sell them right away. Keep for future use as the food the Kadoaties want do repeat itself. You can check out ebil_girl ‘s petpage for the time being to realize that many food items repeat itself and some repeats a lot more than others.

Step 3:

Prepare a clock with the time set to NST time exactly with the same seconds. Be prepared to start with sitting at the Kadoatery for 30-50 min as the longest I have ever seen now is around 50 min. You never know when the Kadoaties just refreshed, so keep trying at every minute SHARP to see if the new refresh is up. Once you get the exact timing of the last refresh, you’ll be able to leave the Kadoatery and come back around 28 min later to start refreshing again.

Step 4:

Take note of tips given by other Kadoatie-Heads. You can see a few links in Mary_dancer‘s petpage. They can recommend you the really common items to prepare at the Kadoatery. You just need to store about 48 of those common items in your inventory just in case you need to make your way down to the shop wiz.

Step 5:

Taking note of the last refresh is going to help. The usual refresh time range is from 30-35 min. However, occasionally you will get a range of 35-50min. So do be prepared at least 28min later for the battle.

Step 6:

Lastly, at the Kadoatery itself, all you need to do is to refresh exactly at the minute for around 10s. Once you see the food you have in your inventory, quickly click all of them in case someone else is faster. (Everyone has that common item you know)

Step 7:

And if after scanning and you have none of them, go to your shop wizard, use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V button (Don’t forget to choose that very rare item which no one will have in their inventory) and get your item from the shops in the fastest time ever. Click on that food again to feed and there! You have fed your 1st ever Kadoatie. Don’t forget to go and visit that beautiful bronze trophy in your lookup.

Step 8: (For avatar pursuers only)

For those avatar craze Neopians, be prepared to stay at least 2 days straight to try and get that pretty avatar. Why 2 days? That is because you can only feed about 2 per hour. That means one day if you do not sleep eat and get a life, you can feed a maximum of 48 Kadoaties. So that leaves you with 27 Kadoaties (13.5 hours) more to feed the next day and 10.5 hours to sleep through the night. However, you are strongly not advisable to try that stunt. Just distribute the load to 3 days and you can get your avatar.

Some interesting facts about The Kadoatery:

• The editorials said YOU CAN WIN A KADOATIE IF YOU FEED ENOUGH! No records yet to show how much we need to earn the Kadoatie yet. But the following I am sure. Once you feed your first ever Kadoatie, you immediately get a bronze trophy in your lookup. For feeding 1-9 of them you will be a bronze trophy. You get a silver one for 10-24 Kadoaties fed. You feed 25 or more for the gold trophy and LASTLY you get an avatar at 75! Good Luck with that. You need A LOT of dedication.

• If you have ever dropped by the Kadoatery around NST midnight, you will see those poor kitties crying their hearts out. Even though they are FED! The answer is revealed. Read the Neopedia article regarding The Kadoatery.

Abstracted, “Uninspired by her owner's strange sounds, the Kadoatie continued to scream loudly and cry as if it were night already.”

Kadoaties ARE AFRAID OF THE DARK. That is why they are crying no matter how hard we try to feed those poor Kadoaties. But seriously, I pity the owner of the Kadoatery more. Your eardrums must have already burst by now.

• If you are a die hard fan of Adam and Donna, be sure to feed those Kadoaties named “Borovan”, “Adam”, “Donna” and “Poptart”. I’ve only managed to catch Adam, Donna and Borovan for now. Also to those jazz fans, if you want to be funny, be sure to feed Cindy and drop him a Neomail. Don’t you just love those names of the Kadoaties? I even had a friend saying that she had to feed Tim since that was her husband’s name.

• What is a Kadoatie-Head you ask? Well, that is just a title given to all those Kadoatie feeders by some friend of mine. And hey, it does sound really good. It is a very respectable title given to every Kadoatie feeder in Neopia for their great efforts to feed these Kadoaties which do not even belongs to them.

A note to all Kadoatie-Heads wannabes. Do not ever despair if you do not get to feed any Kadoaties at the Kadoatery. It’s always the perseverance that gets you the chance. I myself have missed the chance to feed the Kadoatery for many times. But because I keep trying, I GOT my avatar!

And beware people. The Kadoatery is STRONGLY ADDICTIVE! Once you get to feed one, YOU CAN NEVER STOP. So unless you have a strong will, I’ll see you at the Kadoatery A LOT then. Good Luck everyone and hope all of you gets to feed at least one Kadoatie.

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