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Getting that Ultimate Bullseye

by shadowcristal


GAMES ROOM – Beep! You are reading shadowcristal’s first in-depth game article. Now, the name is Ultimate Bullseye and the game is flash. If you don’t like it much, think avatar. Yes, this is another one of those how-to game articles. But hey, there haven’t been any articles totally dedicated to Ultimate Bullseye. If it isn’t Illusen and Skarl hogging the spotlight in Meridell, then it’s probably (Extreme) Potato Counter and Escape from Meridell. It’s time for poor little Ultimate Bullseye to stand in the limelight for a few seconds.

In order to play Ultimate Bullseye, you’ll need to have flash. If you don’t, then just read this for fun. Or go and play Dice-A-Roo. And no, King Roo didn’t pay me to put that in here. Oh, and it is strongly suggested that you have a working space bar and arrow keys. It’s that easy. Get Flash and a nice, clean keyboard and you’ll be fine.

Now, for all of you people who are able to play the games, Ultimate Bullseye is an action game. Now, there isn’t much action with a sluggish Turtum adjusting a big bow, is there? Anyway, it’s still in there. The rating indicates that the game is medium hard, which is pretty true. It is down there, so prepare for a minute of scrolling or two before you find it.

Onto the game! Not like other action games where you move around and shoot stuff, Ultimate Bullseye uses the arrows a lot. Double-check that these two are unstuck. (Don’t eat stuff while typing, or piece of it will get stuck and create lots of trouble.) Move up and down, according to the instructions. Hold in the space bar (look at the bar down there which fills up with orange color, for power) and release when you think it’s going to hit. Now, that wasn’t too hard, was it?

Onto the more complicated stuff… If you look closely at the board, it has five rings. The smallest one inside is worth 10 points. Following it are the 5, 3, 2, and finally 1-point areas. If you get a 10 (bull’s eye), you’ll get a nice bonus. Lady Luck and Mr. Chance gets to decide which bonus you receive.

Here are the bonuses and what they do:

B – The 10-point area starts having problems with sitting still. It will expand and then go back. The point here is to shoot and land it just when it gets big so you’ll get another 10 points instead of a measly 5. Not 100% reliable, especially if you aren’t good with moving targets.

C – Brings the whole thing closer. Good thing if it isn’t too close to the ground. Pretty good bonus to get, considering that it bumps up the chances of getting another 10.

F – The Fire Faerie has run amok! No, seriously, a fire ring magically appears in front of the board. Usually it’s all in the wrong place and if you shoot below the ring (on the pole) the arrow will break. It rarely ever gets into place. If you actually get the arrow through it, points will be doubled. This is the worst bonus out of them all, in my personal opinion.

P – Punchbag Bob makes a special appearance! There will be an apple on his head. That’s the equivalent of the 10-point thing. So this is an all-or-nothing deal. Send your arrow off, hit the apple and get a nice jump in your total. This is my personal favorite, since it’s easier to hit.

Of course, the bonuses can be combined. Most of them are pretty predictable. For example, if you combine C and B, the target will be closer and the middle will expand. If you combine B and P, they’ll create an incredibly funny effect. The apple will start having size issues. Sometimes it might get as big as Bob’s head. Try it out the next time you’re playing. Note: Don’t combine the same things (e.g. F and F), it’ll just waste it. Well, maybe two C’s will bring it to your nose…

I’m not the best player in this game (I’m not even on the highscore list!) but I can you give some tips about this. Obviously you should try to aim for a bull’s eye, but it doesn’t happen all the time. You know the basic deal. Here’s more:

Barometer down there – Around the fifth mark is a good average for shoots with the target being on the upper half of the window. (Low shoots require another strategy.)

Bonus – Try to combine different effects to make it easier to get another 10. Then you’ll have another bonus. Oops… another one again?

More than ten times – If you get a bonus the tenth time, you’ll get an eleventh time. If you get it again, then it moves you. Get it? That’s why some people can get over 200 points in this game. Also, save your bonuses to the last few arrows in order to shoot again.

Low targets – The target changes every time and it’s completely random. There are two ways to get low targets. The first one is to make the arrow fly in an arch. Aim up high and use less power than usual. This method is hard, but can get you a bull’s eye. You’ll need to fine-tune and learn. The other way is to aim it straight and use usual power. With this method, it’s harder to get 10 points. The most I’ve gotten was 5, and if you shoot too hard, you’ll get none at all.

That was pretty much what I had to offer. I’ve played Neopets for over 15 months and this is one of my all-time favorite games. It’s a good NP-bringer if you’re short on time. Five minutes should get the average player 1k NP.

As for the avatar, it’s incredibly hard to get. It’s probably up there with the highscore lists, (it isn’t based on the list like Math’s Nightmare though) and the average player should just play for the NP. If you’re really intent on getting the nice red avatar, prepare for a lot of work. Three words: Practice, practice and practice.

What more does Ultimate Bullseye have to offer? Well, it is sometimes the Featured Game, and may appear in Better than You. But it is a game worth playing for quick NP, three times a day. You don’t need to spend several minutes on it, be a fast typer, spell well or have a fast modem. A nice working keyboard, Flash Player and some hand-eye coordination is all that you need for this game.

It’s easy, fast and free. What more do you want? Try Ultimate Bullseye today. Good luck getting that bull’s eye.

Author’s Note: This article was initially written for week 68 or something. It was originally accepted, but never published. Hopefully this new and updated version will have better luck. Any questions, comments or concerns? The reader is welcome to Neomail the author. Thanks for reading!

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