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Neopia: Enter the Ninjas!

by gloss_frozen


(NOW LESS) SECRET NINJA TRAINING SCHOOL – Only a few days ago a new training school has been discovered and ninjas turned out to be the latest trend. But ninjas are fighters with finely honed backstabbing and assassination skills. One may wonder if they’re fighting for good, truth, Christmas and puppies or for their own evil deeds that will lead to Neopia’s destruction.

But most Neopians forget that there has already been a ninja among us for a long time:

Ryshu, the Nimmo from the Mystery Island Training School

I personally knew that he is special from the beginning and decided that this famous fighter would surely know more about the possible ninja threat. And although I’m a Ryshu fan and even named my pet GrandMaster_Ryshu after him, I’m unbiased here. Trust me.

My search led me through the lush forests of Neopia’s most tropical island right to a few palm trees next to the Mystery Island Training School, where the famous red Nimmo sat in a meditation pose. As I silently approached, I could see his body tensing. Always aware of his surrounding, even with eyes closed, and ready for a possible attack.

Ryshu: What do you want?

Me: My name is Ken and I’m a Neopian Times reporter. Lately there was a big fuzz about ninjas after the new ninja training school opened. But my question is: What are the ninjas’ intentions?

He slowly opened his left eye and took a glance at my face.

Ryshu: What’s your point, boy?

Ken: You know, ninjas are known for backstabbing, assassinating and lots of other stuff similar to what the Thieves Guild does.

He opened the other eye, left his meditation pose and gave me a harsh glare.

Ryshu: The difference between thieves and ninjas is honour. We have it, at least among ourselves, they don’t. Betrayal between ninjas cannot be tolerated. If you’re searching for a threat in Neopia, I’d recommend the Thieves Guild and those nasty pirates on Krawk Island. Drinking fruit grog, gambling, singing stupid pirate songs. They are surely up to no good.

Ken: But why don’t they let everyone into their school? That doesn’t seem very trustworthy. I mean this training school does it and so does the Swashbuckling Academy!

Ryshu: Ninja training is not that easy. You already have to be very experienced before you can hope to pass the easiest tests. So we ninjas keep inexperienced Neopets from harming themselves while training.

Ken: But still, don’t you think level 250 is a bit high?

Ryshu: Don’t you think the dubloons that Cap'n Threelegs demands are way too expensive?

Ken: Actually they’re cheaper than the codestones the other two training schools-

Ryshu: That’s not the point. You’re not here to mock the Techo Master’s school, but the Swashbuckling Academy.

Ken: Oh, yeah. For a moment I totally forgot- Hey wait a minute! That’s not what I’m here for!

Ryshu: Too bad. I have to get back to training now. And you better don’t try to follow me. For the last time: Ninjas are here to help Neopia, not destroy it.

He takes out a throwing star to show me that he’s serious.

Ken: Alright, alright. Ninjas are great. Pirates stink. I’ll be looking forward to meeting you again. ^^;

After a two miles dash I felt safe enough to stop and catch some breath. So much for getting information by interviewing a real ninja! But he seemed to awfully dislike he Krawk Island pirates, and if that’s not a clue then I’m a chatspykn n00b! And off I swam to Krawk Island for an interview with Captain Threelegs.

Ken: Captain Threelegs, may I have a word?

Threelegs: Aye matey, ye may even have a sentence if yer quick.

Ken: A new training school run by ninjas opened its porches, at least for some Neopians. So I interviewed a ninja and he seemed to hold a serious grudge against pirates. Do you know why? And what do you think the ninjas want in Neopia? Are they friend or foe?

Threelegs: Ye’ve been talkin’ to that landlubbin’ Ryshu, haven’t you? The ninjas have always been in Neopia, although they’re very sneaky so hardly anybody noticed ‘em until now. They be mocking us pirates for quite a while now, ‘cause they don’t understand our way of life, ye heard me?

Ken: And the differences between your lifestyles would be?

Threelegs: Well matey, we be known for sometimes being a bit rude, plundering and rough language, while they are the same but be acting all superior to everyone else.

Ken: So they’re just big show-offs? Seems a lot like pirates too me.

I get a lot of harsh glares from all across the room.

Ken: I mean… I really can’t stand that. Those ninjas must be truly an incarnation of evil.

Threelegs: Now ye be talkin’.

Ken: Got anything else to say about this topic?

Threelegs: Train at me Swashbuckling Academy if ye want to be a real lad or lass! And dubloons are a lot cheaper too!

Ken: This was supposed to be an article, not an advertisement.

We got two, I have to admit not very neutral opinions, now. And as I have the urge to get chased by a horde of wild ninjas for trying to sneak into their school, we’ll have to stick to other sources of information and random facts known about ninjas.

-Ninjas use all kinds of weapons! Even a simple fan or a bamboo stick can become fierce weapons in a ninja’s hand. Watch out for palm fans and Oak Wish Sticks!

-Black clothing is used for hiding in the shadows. And you know that only evil things like the Shadow Usul or Hubrid Nox lurk in the dark.

-Niten Hiroru is a ninja that freed the town of Kokajuko from a gang of Grundos. (So there are good ninjas!) He also has his own avatar!

In conclusion you might say: Ninjas seem very menacing, but if one ninja is a hero, chances are high that so are the others. Ninjas are friends not food - I mean foes!

This was Ken, with a completely unbiased article about ninjas (and pirates). See you again next time when we discover more, yet unknown, facts of Neopia. Bye!

*puts on the black hood and heads to the ninja headquarters*

What?! You’re still here? Darn. So much for appearing unprejudiced on this. But you got the message: Ninjas pwn, pirates stink.

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