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The Bounciest Game Around...Hasee Bounce!!!

by beautyisrare


GAMES ROOM - You’re in the games room, wondering whether you should play a puzzle game, a luck and chance game, an action game or the featured game. You decide to choose to play an action game. You click. You wait for the screen to come up. You scroll down the screen, browsing for the perfect game. That’s when you see it. That’s when you feel your heart thumping harder and faster… you click hastily…you know that this is going to be the game for you. The screen appears. You click on the Hasee Bounce picture. A separate screen comes up. The game is loading…you twiddle your thumbs…waiting…waiting for it to load. It’s loaded, you grab the mouse and click…you feel the adrenaline rushing through your body…the challenge is on. The countdown starts…3…2…1…GO!

It’s now official… Hasee Bounce is addictive. It’s something about that game, something that you can’t describe... It’s like an unwritten law, that once you’ve started playing Hasee Bounce you will NEVER be able to stop. As far as I know there aren’t any special cheats, but with practise, you’ll soon be an expert.

Maybe it’s the fact that the Hasees are unbelievably cute; maybe it’s the excitement wondering whether the Hasee will get the doughnutfruit; maybe it’s the nervousness of whether your time will run out, maybe it’s the pressure of desperately trying to catch that all-important fish doughnutfruit…or maybe you just like to watch Hasees bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down…

Yeah, it can be infuriating when you’re just about to jump off the branch to get a Fish Doughnutfruit and your time runs out, but that’s not the point! Hasee Bounce is the best game ever!

Some very basic basics about Hasee Bounce:

- First of all, it’s an action game, which means (to many people’s delight) that it requires a minimal amount of brainpower!

- It features two adorable little Hasees called Woogy and Jimmi. Woogy is the orange one and Jimmi is the purple one. I have absolutely no idea whether they are boys or girls, so just to keep things simple, I’ll make them boys.

- The aim of the game is to collect as many of the very yummy (or maybe not) Doughnutfruit as possible before your time runs out. Make sure to avoid yucky dung and items like that which make the Hasee sick!

Simple, eh?!

How to move the Hasees:

OK. Woogy stands on the branch on the left of your screen, and Jimmi stands on the branch on the right of your screen. Below them is a seesaw. When one of the Hasees jump down from their branch, they land on the seesaw, and the Hasee on the other side of the seesaw is flung back up on to their branch. This might sound complicated but it’s really simple when you see it on the screen – honest!

To make the Hasee Bounce you quite simply click your mouse button or press the spacebar – very simple.

What to Collect:

Obviously the aim of the game is to collect as many Doughnutfruits as possible. But there are more than just one type of Doughnutfruit; in fact, there are seven types:

Yellow Doughnutfruits: Worth 1 point

Blue Doughnutfruits: Worth 3 points

Green Doughnutfruits: Worth 4 points

Silver Doughnutfruits: Worth 5 points

Gold Doughnutfruits: Worth 10 points

Rainbow Doughnutfruits: Worth 20 points

Fish Doughnutfruits: Worth 50 points

Simple! I hear you say, but that is not so! This is where it gets complicated! One jump can be considered as one Hasee going down and the other coming up – that’s one jump. The first Doughnutfruit that you collect will always be worth its original value. For example, if the first Doughnutfruit you collected was green, it would still be worth 4 points. However, if you collected two Doughnutfruits in a jump, the first one would be worth the usual amount, and the second one would be worth twice its usual amount. For example, if you collected a gold Doughnutfruit, then a yellow Doughnutfruit, the gold one would be worth 10 points and the yellow one would be worth 2 points. If this carried on, then the third Doughnutfruit would be worth three times its usual amount, the fourth one worth four times its amount etc. You can use this to help yourself earn lots more points. What I mean by that is that you can try to collect as many Doughnutfruits as possible in your jump. Also, if you see a valuable Doughnutfruit, try and collect other Doughnutfruits in that jump before getting that one. This means that your fish Doughnutfruit could end up getting you 200 points instead of 50!

- The Doughnutfruits that appear are totally random. One day you might only get yellow and blue ones, and the next you might get loads of fish, rainbow and gold ones!

- Avoid the dung and the other things (they usually look like…I dunno, but they’re yuck) that make the Hasees sick. If you pick up one of them, your Hasee won’t be able to collect Doughnutfruits for up to five seconds.

- The whole game lasts for about two minutes, but you can boost your time. You do this by collecting the orange and purple letters. Every time you get a letter, you get 2 seconds extra time, and if you collect all the letters to spell Hasee, you get an extra 20 seconds. If all the letters that you spell Hasee with are the same colour you get 40 seconds. However, only the orange Hasee can get the orange letters, and only the purple Hasee can get purple letters.

Some Extra Tips:

- If you have a slow computer, this game will not run well because although the Doughnutfruits move slower, so do the Hasees.

- This game is best played in the smallest screen mode.

- Relax. If you worry and get stressed about it, you’ll miss the Doughnutfruits.


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