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Brightvale Insists On Eliminating Uneducated Neopets

by elle_alev


BRIGHTVALE - In a vulgar attempt to get rid of less intelligent Neopets in Neopia, the region of Brightvale, bordering Meridell, has placed a very large sign outside the entrance of its area reading, "All uneducated Neopets will be fed to the Lupes". The sign was discovered earlier today by a group of visiting JubJubs, who reported the obscene sign to the Neopian authorities.

However, frightening and intimidating this sign may be, it has not stopped a regular visitor, elle_alev. This Neopian visits the region of knowledge as often as she can or sees fit and states, "I know my pets aren't brilliant, but that's why I visit Brightvale. This sign is ridiculous and so discriminatory. It's bad for Brightvale business, too." Many other Neopians have backed her up on her statement and feel very strongly about this issue. A movement regarding such offensive statements has since begun, triggered by the sign.

Two Lupes were seen placing the sign outside the entrance of Brightvale two days ago in the dead of night, strangely enough. Both of the Lupes were ghosts. A witness says they appeared to be joking around and laughing, and not taking their work very seriously.

One of the Brightvale spokespeople has recently stated, “We Brightvalians take responsibility for this sign and accept it. We agree that uneducated Neopets should not be allowed to roam free around Neopia causing havoc.” There has been a huge uproar from regular Brightvalians who disagree with the statement, feeling it does not best represent their opinions and views on the matter.

Brightvale was established not long ago, and has since become a popular escape for both unintelligent and intelligent Neopets and their masters. There, they are able to spin The Wheel of Knowledge, which gives out such prizes as increased intelligence and delicious food items such as the Brightvale Berry. Brightvale also contains many shops such as The Scrollery, which is almost always out of stock due to its huge popularity. However, the daily number of visitors to Brightvale has diminished quite considerably since the discriminatory sign was placed at its entrance. In actual fact, business has dropped a landslide amount of 23%, which Hagan the Wise has denied.

Hagan the Wise, who is also known as King Skarl’s brother, had been informed of the sign late in the afternoon on the day it was discovered. He does not seem to mind, simply stating that the sign should not be placed just in Brightvale, but in every single nook and cranny of Neopia.

Brightvale, which is known for its peaceful ways, has since become a bloody battleground. Uneducated Neopets compete with intelligent Neopets in what has become a severe crisis. 76 Neopets have been injured since the sign was put up. Thankfully, there have been no fatalities as of yet, but there is a terrible danger of this occurring. Of the 76 Neopets injured in the carnage, 49 were deemed “uneducated” by Hagan the Wise. How the king has reached this discriminatory conclusion is not yet known. Families of the injured Neopets are appalled, saddened, and disgusted at the King’s judgment of the injured Neopets. The father of an injured Wocky has said in response to this, “Despite the fact that my little Wocky has been seriously hurt, it does not give others permission to insult her, especially in such times.”

Many conspiracy theories which have been created by regular Neopians have emerged regarding the shocking and unexpected sign, however the most popular one seems to be a rumor that circles around King Skarl, who resides in the nearby region of Meridell. Some Neopians believe that the two ghost Lupes were sent to Brightvale from Meridell and were his personal assistants. Neopians believe the jealous King placed the sign there due to the fact that ever since Brightvale was established, business for Meridell was going rapidly downhill.

King Skarl has denied such allegations, claiming that he is very happy for his brother and that business is going on as per normal in Meridell. He also claims that it has actually flourished since the establishment of Brightvale. However, a study conducted by Intelligence Pty. Ltd. has shown that business has indeed dropped extremely dramatically in Meridell ever since the discriminatory sign was placed up in Brightvale.

The Neopian authorities however, want the sign to be removed as soon as possible. This is because it has caused a horrific amount of terror, bloodshed, hurt feelings, and ridiculous conspiracy theories amongst the many other negative things. It has not brought about any positive attributes for both Brightvale and Meridell.

The Neopian authorities are planning to send a squad of their finest officers to remove the sign from Brightvale. The officers will also be accompanied by armed guards, as there is a danger of an attack from citizens of Brightvale. This operation will most likely be occurring in the next few weeks, although Neopians are hoping it will be completed sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, citizens of Brightvale and Meridell are attempting to create a strong bond of peace between the two regions. Schemes to begin a sport competition have been put in place. However, it is not known whether a “friendly” competition will occur as planned.

Trading, which has ceased since the sign was placed up in fair Brightvale, will hopefully resume again as per normal next week. Meridell and Brightvale are important trading partners and although neither of the regions will admit to it, they are crucial for each other’s survival. Meridell relies heavily on Brightvale for decorative windows, which the region of intelligence is extremely famous for. Without these windows, Meridell cannot build new houses and buildings. Without new buildings and houses, population in Meridell will not grow, and neither will the number of shops and tourist attractions.

Brightvale relies on Meridell for berries, which are grown on a farm by a Gelert. Berries are a primary food source for Brightvalians. The Brightvale berry is a popular delicacy prepared in the region and is consumed quite regularly, in actual fact on a daily basis.

Apart from these links, the stark but completely true reality remains that that Meridell and Brightvale border each other and will find it difficult to ignore each other because they are so close to each other

The sign will most likely be removed soon in an attempt to end the terror and conflict it has brought about in Meridell and Brightvale.

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