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Lily the Invisible Acara: Part Two

by thegalaxy_goddess


More than ever Lily wanted to help this, Carlin, as his name was. And this evil Elbert made her mad. "How dare his use Carlin to spread rumors!" Lily thought. She left the hut and sat outside on a stump.

     "But how can I help? I'm invisible, and no one will see me or even hear me if they're not concentrating on her. And I can't just run in and say 'oh by the way, this guy I just followed and stalked is trying to make you hate your brother.' How believable" Lily sighed miserably. "And why do I suddenly feel this way about Carlin? Honestly…" Lily mulled in thought.

     Lily made a decision. She'd help best by finding out Elbert's secrets and giving them to Carlin, who seemed to be Hagan's advisor. She'd FIND a way to get the message to him. She just HAD to.

     Lily snuck back in the hut and sat in a little unused corner and watched the Lenny worked. She paid as close attention to him as she could. When Elbert fell asleep she started flipping through his books.

     "A Lenny who snores…" Lily laughed to herself. His snoring about drove her crazy but at least he couldn't hear her through it and it kept her from dozing off before she could find what she wanted.

     Lily went back to her corner and fell asleep. In the morning she'd sort this all out.

          Little birds chirping woke Lily from her sleep. She sleepily rubbed her eyes and was about to call for Missy when she realized where she was, and all that had happened. Lily was sad as she thought of her old owner. She wondered if Missy actually missed her, she did spend all her money on Lily's new 'color'.

     Lily decided to find Missy, but after she stopped Elbert. "Elbert!" Where did he go?!" though Lily. She ran outside and heard a weird chirping noise. Following the noise, Lily found Elbert bathing in a stream.

     Lily went back to the hut and found some bottles of water and some bread and she hate them before he got back. She sat and waited. Today she would read his books, and tomorrow she would follow him.

     So she waited. After what seemed like a years worth of self cleaning rituals, Elbert finally donned his cloak and went out. Lily thought about his arm and how carefully he cleaned it. He cleaned it about a thousand times before he seemed happy, then he carefully wrapped it up and chanted over it.

     It made her wonder why he didn't just heal it magically, or maybe go to the Healing Faerie.

     After he was well away from the hut, Lily went to work, most of the books were just basic spell books, and some even looked familiar to her. She began sorting through the books she saw him use last night. Most of them were shape changing books. All of it temporary but some worried her, like, 'How to look and sound like anyone, anywhere, anytime.', or 'Enchanting the minds of others for your bidding'.

     She noticed a box under the edge of his bed. She tugged it out and looked inside. Diaries! Lots of them! Lily began going from the oldest to newest. Most of them were from wizards' school. Elbert even learned under the Conundrum Lenny!! Some of the more recent ones something began to change, Elbert had become angry at someone for stealing his spot at the top. He was determined to get his spot back. He'd originally been chosen to be King Hagan's advisor because of his skill and intelligence, and then it was taken away from him… by Carlin!

     "No wonder he's angry…" Muttered Lily.

     Flipping through the next one it described a fight. Elbert wanted to prove he was better so Hagan proposed a duel of magic. The two agreed, and the fight began. Elbert had gotten the better of Carlin at first but by, in Elbert's words, "trickery" Carlin got in a winning shot and injured Elbert's arm. Elbert got so enraged that he tried to "force" Elbert into battling him again, this time he used Hagan as a hostage. Even if he did not get the advisor spot, he WOULD prove he was better than Carlin at all costs!!

     Again he lost to Carlin, but this time Carlin uttered a curse so that Elbert's arm would never heal, and Elbert couldn't use advanced magic without the use of both of his hands. Hagan then banished Elbert outside of Brightvale territory lines and is never allowed to show his face again!

     Lily closed the book and sat on the bed. She pushed the box back with her foot and sat there. "Now what do I do?" Lily laid her head back and started at the thatched ceiling. Without realizing it, she dozed off.

          A noise at the window made her bolt out of bed. She scrabbled to the door to see Elbert returning. She then ran to her corner and stayed perfectly still. She had to potty, and BAD.

     Elbert seemed to be taking his own sweet time opening the door. Lily wiggled and squirmed. This was the worst reason ever to wait for someone to open the door. Elbert stopped and turned around. "Who's there?!" He screeched.

     "I am here bird!" Carlin stepped from behind the trees.

     Lily looked up in awe. It was him! Really him!! She stared and forgot why she was wiggling.

     Carlin walked close to the Elbert. "Have you left this glen?" Carlin questioned, looking the Lenny up and down with disgust. "Do you have to be held here by magic?"

     "I went to wash in the river over there! I have not left this glen and I do NOT wish to see that wretched Brightvale again!"

     "You better not bird! Or I shall banish you here properly like I should have before. I do not wish trouble to happen in Brightvale, or Meridell."

     With that Carlin got back on his Uni and rode back towards Brightvale. Elbert stormed in the house muttering to himself, and Lily ran out the door in his wake.

     When Lily came back, Elbert was ranting and throwing things about. "Where is it?! Where is it?!! Someone's been in my house!!!!" Elbert screeched and threw things about.

     Lily didn't have a clue what he was going on about but she knew she'd put things back where she found them.

     Elbert sat down in a puff. He reached under himself and pulled out a charm. "Oh, it must have fallen in the floor. I sat on it… how funny…" He muttered.

     Lily breathed softly. This time she slept outside on a bed of moss.

          She was brought out of her slumber the next morning by Elbert throwing things again. "I need a maid! I need this cleaned up!! I don't like using my spells and wasting what little magic I have!!" Elbert spoke some strange words and waved a wand, and his house was clean and orderly.

     Flipping through a book the Lenny fluffed his feathers and scratched his head. He went out for his usual cleaning routine and came back in. He flipped through a book, happy with his work.

     Speaking a few magic words, he looked like an Aisha. He grabbed his cloak, and spoke more words and it looked like a pretty blue dress. Lily felt kind of jealous, remembering the clothes Missy tried to buy her when ever she had spare NP. "A dress would loo…" and it dawned on her.

     That's how she could be seen!! Clothes!! But, then… her face… Lily just sighed. Being invisible had perks, but it drove her crazy. And Carlin wouldn't like her either. Might think she was an abomination… or maybe… maybe he could fix it!!! Lily was overjoyed at the thought.

     Elbert began his journey through the woods, and Lily Followed, she'd make a difference she was sure of it!!

     Lily followed him though town, this time making sure she knew where she was just in case she stayed behind in Brightvale. He stopped at a stream and adjusted his dress. Lily was amazed at how vain this bird really was. He constantly checked himself, or cleaned himself. It was ridiculous. Lily was beginning to feel stupid for being upset she was invisible.

     Now she could go a year without brushing her fur and no one would notice or care. She did still take a bath in the stream so she wouldn't smell. She didn't know how well a Lenny could smell but she knew any other kind of canine would smell her, and maybe changing into different animals gave Elbert their skills.

     Lily was sure Aishas had good hearing, but so far, Elbert wasn't showing he could hear her any better.

     They got to town and the whole place was decorated. A masquerade was taking place at the castle and everyone was invited! Vendor where set up with masks and costumes. Elbert bought a feathery mask and headed to the castle.

     Lily found the perfect opportunity. She stole a full-face feathery mask, a wig and a dress from a cart and hid in the bushes. She put on the dress and the wig; she carefully adjusted the mask and beamed. She looked down to check her dress and realized her hands were still invisible!!

     She walked to a vendor and grabbed a pair of gloves without him noticing. And away she was to the castle. She must find Carlin and warn him… she MUST!!

To be continued...

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