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The Burden of Being Evil

by hamdrax

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Jhudaberry Soup: Part One
"Just because our owner's working all day doesn't mean you have to cook. We could have bought eggs, or bacon, or chocolate milkā€¦" her voice trailed off dreamily, "but nooo, we had to have soggy old omelette, with gross off veggies."

by sky___phoenix


Erratic Abnormalitys
They're here!

by erratic_abnormality


15 Things: What Happens When You Don't Get Published
Rejection. Sadly, it happens to most of us who submit their work to the Neopian Times for submission but rest assured if this happens to you, you are definitely not alone.

by alyndasgallery


What so Ever
So that's what cloths are good for!

by rubia_flame

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