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Mutant Morphology Vol. 3

by hamster_wolf


Welcome back to the final issue of Mutant Morphology! In this issue we’re covering species O through Z, including the final Mutant added to Neopia: the Vandagyre! Let’s get to it:

      Ogrin- Mutant Ogrins are quite an eyeful! Of course, they have three eyes with some interesting-shaped irises. Interestingly their tails are almost a whole creature in and of themselves, they turn into something like a carnivorous flower. That being said, they still eat their greens like any other Ogrin does. Their front toes get sticky suction pads on the fingers -- and interestingly, their ears -- which allows them to balance on cliffs and rocks easier as they graze around. Mutant Ogrins always come in light, washed out shades in a mix of blues, reds, and green. The only constant with them is their spikes and horns are always yellow.

     Peophin- One of the most vibrantly coloured Mutants, mutated Peophins are true sea monsters. Instead of the typical paddle tail, they have a mass of tentacles they use to propel themselves around underwater with. No hooves here, either, only Crabula claws! Not to mention their manes turn from hair into things not unlike jellyfish tentacles. As with quite a few other mutants, they also grow a third eye on their forehead, altho all theirs are a striking bright green. Mutant Peophins are underwater scavengers and omnivores, not afraid to pick on leftovers from other pets alongside munching on seaweed. Their colours don’t stray much from bright yellow, purple and blue, which helps them hide in coral reefs.

     Poogle- Now here is a very odd-looking Mutant. Like Acaras, mutated Poogles don’t really bring “Mutant” to mind so much as “interdimensional monster”. Mutant Poogles always come in shades of red and brown, which contrasts wonderfully with their bright blue glow. Nobody is really sure how or why the insides of their bodies glow, but they wouldn’t look out of place in a Tyrannian volcano at all. The glow actually changes colour depending on their emotion, becoming green when sick and red when angry. Of course, they also grow lots of jagged spines, claws, and horns, along with a long tail, but it doesn’t slow down this characteristically speedy Neopet at all.

     Pteri- Almost too cool to be called a Mutant, the Mutant Pteri is an extremely striking Neopet. Unlike their non-Mutant cousins, they are built for running instead of flying, and their slim build lets them reach unbelievable speeds. Almost their entire bodies are covered with smooth scales instead of feathers. Instead of fully formed wings, they have half-formed arms with wickedly long claws at the ends, while their beaks are jagged like the Mutant Eyrie’s. Three eyes round out their mutations and give them extremely keen eyesight. They come in very bright hues of blue and turquoise, with shocks of red on their faces and tails.

     Quiggle- Mutant Quiggles are much more compact than your typical Quiggle, and their most visible feature is their three bright yellow eyes. They may look silly, but that constantly drooling mouth hides rows of very sharp teeth! Of course, they join the many, many Mutants who grow claws. They do keep the characteristic Quiggle stripes, and mutating turns their skin various shades of purple.

     Ruki- You know how a lot of Mutants grow extra limbs? Mutant Rukis are the opposite: They only have one pair of legs compared to the normal Ruki’s two pairs. They’re one of the more low-key Mutants, without much that’s too different from normal Rukis (besides the leg thing). They do grow spikes on different parts of their body, plus a ferocious-looking set of mandibles and a stinger. Mutant Rukis come in very drab colours, with their bodies turning yellow, brown, or green with slightly darker spots.

     Scorchio- These guys have an almost “alien” appearance, rather than “mutated”. Their wings turn into what almost looks like a mix of feathers and leather wings, and their eyes increase in size while their brows point upwards. They do get very large claws, and longer spikes, but there’s really not much that really makes them feel like they should be hiding in a sewer or something. Mutant Scorchios are usually blue or grey, with drab beige or brown underbellies.

     Shoyru- Mutant Shoyrus are very simple little creatures. Their defining feature is their enormous jaws and bottom teeth. They grow two pincer-like claws on each hand, and typically have a few bumps on the top of their heads. Aside from this though, they don’t look too different from normal Shoyrus. They come in light blue and purple tones, with some appearing more grey or lavender.

     Skeith- Mutant Skeiths somehow have even more of an appetite than normal Skeiths; their mutation allows them to eat all kinds of otherwise “dangerous” objects with ease. Not to mention, their even bigger teeth than usual can really help them take a bite out of anything! Of course, they grow a backful of spikes and bigger claws, but they’re not as drastically different as other Mutants are. Their ears do grow out and they gain the ability to see in the dark, perfect for hunting at night. Mutant Skeiths come in red to orange, with green or yellow underbellies and spikes.

     Techo- One of the more vibrantly coloured Mutants, Techos have a wild appearance. Almost everything about them is “pointy”. They grow spikes on their shoulders and legs, their fingers turn into long claws, and they have a tail tip like a mace. Oddly their eye sockets even grow large and pointy, but this has no effect on their vision. Mutant Techos have extremely long tongues and drool slime, so watch where you step! They come in shades of blue on top, and red or orange on their bellies. This lets them hide in the trees of Mystery Island oddly well, as they can blend into the colourful fruits.

     Tonu- Similar to the Techo, these guys are very sharp and very slimy. The Mutant Tonu is almost unrecognizable as its own species except for that big horn on its snout. Their most visible feature is that they are covered in spikes, and they drool slime -- they even leak it from their spikes if they’ve been broken off! Instead of a fluffy tail tuft, they’ve grown a club-like tail, and their bodies are completely hairless. To complement how tough the rest of their bodies are, Mutant Tonus have a row of protective scales down their bellies. A mouthful of sharp teeth tops off their very pointy appearance. Mutant Tonus are almost always green, but some can have more blue or grey skin.

     Tuskaninny- Mutant Tuskaninnies, of course, have very very big tusks, like their Tyrannian colour. They’re also about twice the size of a normal Tuskaninny, and extremely strong. They gain a lure on their heads -- because they’re very deep-sea creatures -- and a skinny little tail, but on the surface, they’re not too different; just less “cute”. They are almost completely hairless though. Mutant Tuskaninnies come in shades of yellow to orange, with green spots. This helps them blend into the seafloor so they can hunt.

     Uni- In contrast to your everyday Uni, Mutant Unis are very jarring. The first thing you’ll probably notice is their bat wings, but it’s not too surprising when compared to their Darigan version. Now their legs are completely different, with clawed feet instead of hooves. Interestingly their leg structure seems to be built like a Lupe or a Gelert’s instead of a Uni, and to go along with this they have a nice big set of very sharp teeth. Like the Mutant Ixi, these guys are carnivores! One big eye and four ears round it off, giving them a dragon-like appearance. Mutant Unis are always green, but some have a more turquoise hue to their body, or yellow highlights instead of lime green.

     Usul- When you think of Usuls, the very last colour on your mind will be Mutant. Structurally, they’re really not too different from non-mutated ones! The only major difference is that of course, Mutants have three eyes. They do get scales on the underside of their tails to help grip tree branches, and bigger claws, but they wouldn’t be out of place as an Usuki Doll. Mutating turns the Usul’s colour to a single shade of purple, which can range from dull to bright on individuals, with a black ruff. Despite their bizarre appearance, they love to groom themselves as much as any Usul.

     Vandagyre- Vandagyres were the final species to have a Mutant variation, and they’re quite an oddball. The colours are more suited for bright jungle environments than somewhere like The Haunted Woods, coming in vibrant shades of purple and green. Their tailfeather split up into several different tentacles, which they use along with their long, spindly fingers to climb trees like a Mynci. To round things off, they grow a third eye, which helps them see in the dark. Notably, they grow long strands of hair on their heads, which can usually be found turned into little decorative braids (because they like to keep themselves well-groomed!)

     Wocky- What a long tongue you have? The defining feature of the Mutant Wocky is, without a doubt, their long tongue and giant, sharp teeth. As gross as it is, they tend to use this tongue like a fifth limb (and for stealing snacks from their friends when they’re not looking!). Their eyes are solid red and their normally fluffy mane is replaced by a mass of tentacles. But one of the oddest features of the Mutant Wocky is their ears, which are split at the end and almost look like little rows of teeth. Perhaps this helps enhance their already excellent sense of hearing? And of course, they come in a mishmash of dull greens and yellows, with their tails having a shock of red and purple.

     Xweetok- Now when you think of Mutants, you probably think they all live in the sewers of Neopia. Here is one that DEFINITELY lives up to that reputation. Unlike normal Xweetoks with their soft, huggable fur, Mutant Xweetoks are scraggly and almost completely hairless, except for the mane on their head and shoulders. Instead of the light brown and colourful manes that non-Mutants have, these guys are all pink, blue, and green, in various shades of turquoise and teal. Their eyes are almost always yellow or orange, and unfortunately, this also applies to their teeth.

     Yurble- Squishy, slimy, and very colourful, the Mutant Yurble is a stand-out Mutant! The main thing you’ll notice about them is their arms and horns have been replaced by some very handy tentacles. Instead of the luxurious mane normal Yurbles have, mutated ones have a smaller, patchier mane, but make up for it with their bright colours. They come in bubblegum blue and pink, with individuals having more or less spots on their tentacles and heads. They usually have quite the overbite, giving their teeth a long gnarly appearance, but they’re not very fearsome and will happily eat anything normal Yurbles will.

     Zafara- The final Neopet on our list! When a Zafara mutates, they become covered in extremely short fur, giving them almost a smooth appearance. Their bellies and ears (and eyebrows) grow scales like a Draik, and most interestingly of all the tips of their tails turn into stingers. Each one also grows a fearsome set of claws, although they keep the jolly nature of their non-Mutant brethren and only fight as a last resort. Mutant Zafaras are well-suited for Lost Desert life, and their powerful legs let them hop across the hot sand with great speed. They come in bright blue hues, sometimes even turning violet or purple, but their eyes are always red.

     We hope you enjoyed our guide! And remember, even though they look scary, Mutants deserve love and respect as much as any other pet!


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