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Mutant Pets, Should You Have One?

by chincer


Mutants, what are they, are they dangerous? Should you have a mutant pet? What if they bite you? What are the social implications of owning this lovely monster?

      These are many of the common concerns one might have with these bizarre and genetically changed creatures but rest assured all your doubts will be answered in this article. And who knows? You might even want to get a mutant pet for yourself! (Mutant pet not included as part of this publication).

     Mutant pets are but the result of an alteration of their genetic code, this change created their strange sometimes scary appearances and characteristic aversion to wearing any clothes that don’t say mutant on them (such picky fashion sense). The origin of this mutation is varied, one reason your cute little baby uni might turn into a two-headed hissi is the use of the lab ray (map assembly required), which from time to time and lots of chance can transform your pet into one of these abominable creatures all for free!

     Another way to colour your basic none mutant boring pet into one of this fantastic beasts is completing one of Naia the fountain faerie quests. Then she will allow you to dip your pet into the water of the fountain and its magic will change your pet completely.

     The other source of the mutation comes from the “transmogrification potions” odd and foul-tasting brews created by mad warlocks or scientists, who knows maybe Dr.Sloth; there is one for each species and they will transform any pet into the corresponding mutant version of the potion.

     “As it reads on the can folks”

     The origin of these potions vary, from devious slot machines, to kauvara’s magic shop, they might even just drop from the sky on you if you are lucky; once you get it is all about feeding the “tasty” potion to the pet of your choice.

     But what about the consequences of this you might as? Well first than all, your pet will refuse to wear clothes that aren’t made just for them, tailor-made mutant exclusive clothing for his or her comfort, including pretty suits, and fancy wigs, or gangrenous wings if that’s your drift.

     But what about mutant petpets? Oh yes, there is more! Your fuzzy big monster can have a tiny monster of its own! You can have them wear matching clothes…oh wait no you can’t… but hey you can have them be mutants together; everything is better with a friend after all.

     And for mutant petpetpets? Ehh well sorry but that’s not a thing, but I’m sure your mutant petpet won’t mind catching some random petpetpet and feel all scratchy.

     Now let’s talk about other interesting mutant things in the world of neopia:

     We had discussed of course the fact that you will need special mutant clothes if you wish to dress your ugly ball of love and horror, but what about food?

     There are fruits and vegetables that have shown to mutate, like apples and asparagus and they are perfectly safe to eat too! (Except for the apple for kyriis, please don’t give apples to your kyrii) carrots, berries and even cheese can be mutant too, and there are plenty of interesting cooking options as well. Want a mutant cheese pizza? A mutant crepe? Even mutated pancakes for breakfast? You could feed your mutant pet entirely on mutant food for a full mutant theme if you wish.

     But there is even more, what about furniture and accessories? You can have your beloved mutant sleep on their own mutant bed (although it is a little creaky) as well as decorate their room with a mutant sofa and dresses and have mutant toys lay around so they feel just at home. Truly there is no way you can’t make a nice little nest for your monster to have sweet dreams or sweet nightmares at night.

     You are still not convinced? Let’s study some common concerns of people about owning a wonderful mutant companion.

     “What about their diet? “Mutant pets can eat anything a normal none mutant pet can

     “Do I have to wash and clean them more often?” Well some people actually prefer their mootix infested mutant lupe to have a “natural” scent, but nothing stops you from using some perfume and soap on them.

     “What about the smell?” see the pointer above.

     “Do they coexist with my other pets? Are they good friends?” More than good friends, they are the perfect companion, rest assured you can safely leave your baby pteri with your mutant mynci and not find a single crack or omelette being cooked when you come back home.

     “what about walking them?” Oh, they love to walk, or slither, or fly, or….you get my point, just make sure to select a good route away from angry villagers carrying torches and pitchforks, it could get ugly…for them that is, you don’t want to mess with a mutant pet.

     “Do they carry diseases?” Short answer no, long answer, no more than your other pets.

     “If a mutant pet bites me do I turn mutant?” Hahaha no… but please don’t put your hand too close to their mouth, and if you happen to get bitten, consider investing in a doctor’s visit.

     “Will they love me?” I don’t know, will YOU love them? It is a both ways deal pal.

     “Are they dangerous?” Of course… for everyone else but their owner that is, mutant pets can be very protective of their beloved owner and their petpets, they make the perfect bodyguard and night companion when taking a walk through the haunted forest or buying some late dinner in kiko lake.

     “Are there any advantages to owning a mutant pet?” You will look cool, want to be cool? Next question.

     “Are mutant pets extra strong in the battledome?” Nope, but they will LOOK extra strong, intimidation always helps.

     Are you still there or rushing to your nearest shop to get a fancy transmogrification potion? Not convinced yet about a mutant pet? What can I say? A lovely monster isn’t for everyone but rest assure if you do choose to pick one you won’t regret your choice (and if you do you might end buying one of those less fancy morphing potions or paint brush)


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