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The Giant Squid Looks For a Friend

by _polonius_


Deep in the waters off the coast of Krawk Island Larry the Giant Squid was bored. There were plenty of fish down here to munch on. The water was warm and the view was nice. He should have had nothing to complain about. Larry tried to keep his spirits up and say positive affirmations when he remembered to keep away the doldrums. He felt a little ungrateful to be honest since he knew that he had a good life in the seas of Neopia. There was fairly good entertainment when push came to shove too. He got a lot of visitors, but they didn’t seem a very nice sort. They definitely didn’t seem to want to be friends either. He kept trying to make some conversation and cultivate relationships with them, but sadly all that happened is that they would fire cannons at him or they would run away. Larry had tried to strike up a friendship. He would have loved to have a friend - a true friend. He gave each person a gift anyway in hopes that perhaps they would return and stay a little longer (and honestly not fire cannonballs at him) - and even though some came back - their behaviour didn’t change. Larry so wished for a friend - someone to talk to.

     Jazz the Pirate Grundo had travelled far from Kreludor on his quest for a friend. He was looking for someone to really connect with. He’d met some very nice Neopians, Neopets, and Petpets along the way, but was really struggling to find someone that seemed to want to be friends with him. Jazz knew he was a unique Grundo and he had always felt a little left out. He had no interest in living on Kreludor, mining, or Dr. Sloth - the other Grundos just couldn’t understand his view at all and had no interest in finding out anything else. When Jazz had left Kreludor he had really searched each land to find a new place to fit in. He’d gone to Mystery Island first and visited the Island Mystic, stuck his toes in the sand, played some volleyball and done an island tour with the Tiki Tours. He talked with the island inhabitants and tried to get to know them by doing some quests and training. He had even done some snorkelling and scuba diving - which he really enjoyed. Unfortunately, Jazz didn’t think that he fit well into island life so he moved on and tried his luck in Faerieland.

     Faerieland was a beautiful place. So sparkly and lots of different colours than Jazz was used to. It was nothing like Kreludor - which Jazz could appreciate. Jazz spent a lot of time there looking in the shops and talking to the Neopians that lived in Faerieland. He even spun the Wheel of Excitement and felt his heart give a little gasp at the appropriate places. Jazz went to the Poogle Races a few too many times and then tried his luck at the Faerie Caverns too. All-in-all Jazz could see how he could get lost in Faerieland and he ended up staying a little too long and spent a little too many neopoints, but he didn’t find a friend so Jazz decided that he needed to try Roo Island after looking at a travel brochure.

     Roo Island was everything the brochure promised. It was an island paradise and Jazz’s favourite spot in Neopia so far. Jazz had a lot of fun playing Dice-A-Roo in the Tournament Hall and riding on the Merry Go Round. He ate a lot of fair food too and held a balloon for the first time. Jazz felt like his friend was waiting for him though and closer than ever. Jazz just knew as he was walking along by the boats that he was getting closer to finding a friend. He wasn’t sure how he knew … but something was telling him as he was watching the waves lap up against the hulls of the sailboats and he could smell the brine from the saltwater that a friend was waiting for him. As Jazz laid down to sleep that night he studied his map of Neopia. He thought about his feelings earlier that day as he studied the map. He could go up in Terror Mountain and the snow, or to the Lost Desert and the sands, or to Neopia Central (which was very close by and the next logical choice), or to the Haunted Woods (Jazz shivered … he hoped his friend wasn’t there … Haunted Woods seemed a little scary), but something about the sea was speaking to him … Krawk Island maybe or Maraqua? Jazz felt something in his tummy stir. Or maybe he was just hungry. No - he was sure it was something about the sea. One of those two places - neither was very convenient or logical to where he was right now, but he was confident that was where he’d find his friend. Krawk Island he decided - that’d be his next step. As he laid his head on his pillow he fell into a deep sleep of dark oceans, shadowy caves, a deep chuckle, and sparkling mischievous eyes. Jazz woke up feeling happy and sure that he was doing the right thing as he travelled towards Krawk Island. He was warned ahead of time that Krawk Island residents were a little on the peculiar side and could be a little cantankerous, but Jazz knew he could handle it - after all, he was from Kreludor and was used to Neopians that were a little reticent and quirky.

     Jazz arrived at Krawk Island late in the afternoon the next day and felt more excited than he had in a while. He loved the feel of the island and the briny smell of the sea. It smelt different than Mystery Island for some reason - Jazz couldn’t quite figure out why. Not as tropical perhaps. He couldn’t wait to explore and figure out all the different areas that it had to offer. He went down to Warf Wharf to talk to the inhabitants of Krawk Island and explore the docks. The residents were friendly and many were also pirates like Jazz - which made Jazz feel like he finally fit in somewhere. He even got invited over to play Krawps - where he didn’t understand the game at all, but had fun anyway and won 600 neopoints. Apparently, he could train his skills up at the Academy so he could get stronger - so he was looking forward to that as well. As he went to sleep at the lodging he had secured for the evening he was content. He had more to explore tomorrow and he felt positive.

     Deep under the waves Larry stirred. He had been feeling restless - still bored, but restless. He had been waiting, and waiting … but today felt … different. No visitors had come yet - but typically this was the time of day that they did. Larry stretched out one long tentacle and then another and another and gave a yawn. As a giant squid, he did have a reputation to uphold and he was quite large so he tried to keep up appearances. Even if he was sleepy it didn’t do to be sleepy when visitors came - he should try to be fearsome and GIANT. However, as the afternoon went on Larry became more and more sleepy despite all his stretching and his eyes drooped and he drifted off underneath the waves into a deep sleep.

     Jazz spent the next day exploring more of the island and was entranced by all of it. By afternoon he had decided to try scuba diving off a rented boat offshore. He had tried it in Mystery Island and had really liked being under the waves. It took some dubloons, but Jazz secured all his gear and despite the reticence of the crew - was finally able to get set up and ready to get into the sea. The crew looked at him doubtfully. They had all expressed that they thought there was something not quite right about the whole venture - perhaps there were creatures that might eat him or harm him. Jazz was up for an adventure though and he didn’t believe in that nonsense. He did respect that pirates were a superstitious lot though so he was careful not to hurt feelings. Not to mention - they did have the boat and he didn’t want to have to swim to shore.

     As Jazz sank into the water he felt calm and happy. He loved the way that the lights and the shadows shinned in the blue of the water. He could see the shadow of the boat as he swam carefully down into the depths of the sea. Jazz had decided he wouldn’t explore too far as he didn’t have a buddy to go with him. He wished he did - but none of the pirates could swim apparently, which Jazz had pondered a little on - why would that be if they were pirates and spent their life on the water? It was a little bit of a mystery. Jazz spotted an odd sight ahead - there were chains leading down to a spot and it looked like something was curled around them?? Could that be right? He swam down carefully to investigate.

     As he got closer he could see cannonballs scattered about on the seafloor - hundreds of them at least. Next to them and down into a small valley of the seafloor was a large … octopus? No that wasn’t right … monster? No … it must be a giant squid Jazz decided finally after examining it more carefully. It was sound asleep. How fascinating. Jazz wondered if it was friendly. He wondered what interesting things it could do with all those suckers on its tentacles. He wondered if it could squeeze its body into tight spaces. Jazz wondered so many things.

     “Hello?” Jazz said tentatively. Larry didn’t move.

     “Hello!” Jazz said a little louder. Larry still didn’t move.

     “HELLO!” Jazz said very loudly (he really wanted to talk to the squid). Larry woke with a start and a snort.

     “What? Oh my goodness? What’s all the hub-bub? Who’s there?” Larry asked, trying to blink and wake himself up. How embarrassing - he fell asleep. Was someone talking to him? Weird.

     “Hi!” Jazz said in a chirp. “I’m Jazz. Are you a squid? I was trying to work it out. I think you must be. How interesting. What’s your name?”

     Larry squinted at the Neopet. He was a Pirate something. Larry wasn’t sure he’d ever seen a Neopet like this. However, he was talking to Larry. Larry liked that. Was this being friendly? Larry was sure that being friendly was NOT firing a cannonball at him. Larry peered at the Neopet again. This Neopet wasn’t firing a cannonball at him - so that was good. Perhaps this was a … dare he hope … a friend?

     “My name is Larry.”

     “Hi Larry.” Jazz waved. “That’s a good name. How long have you been here? Do you swim around? Where do you go? Have you always been here at Krawk Island? I just got here yesterday. It’s AMAZING. I’m from Kreludor - I didn’t like it there.” Jazz said all this in a rush. He was excited. Larry was the most interesting Neopian he’d met in ages and he wanted more than anything to keep talking to him.

     “Well, I’ve been here a long time. It’s been a little lonely to tell the truth … but it’s looking up and Larry gave him a smile.” Jazz gave him a smile back. He was so happy - he had found his friend after all.

     The End.

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