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5 Ways to Celebrate Symol Day

by mellody_sou_10


Symol Day is a date designated on the Neopian calendar to celebrate one of the most iconic Petpets of all. As the name itself says, it is dedicated to Symol - a medieval Petpet species that hails from the kingdom of Meridell and is known to love burrowing (even in locations they should probably not be). This holiday takes place yearly on the 23rd of the Month of Collecting (October 23rd).

     No one knows for sure the exact time that the Symol species originated, or why October 23rd was chosen as the date for their holiday. However, it seems most Neopians do not care, as the importance lays on the fact the Symols are AWESOME!

     As a Petpet is a Neopet's best friend, this holiday should be celebrated with your Neopets (and, of course, with you, the owner!). Here are five suggestions on how to spend your Symol day:

     1. Go to Meridell and visit the Symol Hole

     No one knows exactly the origin of this hole. Was it created by the first Symol in Neopia? Or was it the first hole a Neopian saw a Symol digging? Either way, it's surprising how it became famous, as Symols digging up holes is such a common thing.

     Although its' history has become lost, this hole's fame lives on. It is considered a landmark of Meridell, and many petpets of all species are brought by their Neopets from all over Neopia for the chance of an adventure.

     Rumour has it, petpets can find interesting things exploring the hole at random such as the book 'Dig Down, Dig Deep', and the toy 'Symol Puppet', among many others! Perhaps your petpet will find a few neopoints, mysteriously have their level increased, or even get a shiny new avatar for you to use on the Neoboards! So, how about testing your luck?

      It is open for visits all year round, but it certainly feels special visiting it on Symol Day! And if that wasn't enough, you can also explore it as many times as you'd like in a day (even though it implies that it can be visited only once in a day - ignore that and go all in!).

     2. Go shopping throughout Neopia for Symol-inspired items

     Who doesn't love to go shopping, right? There are many different items available in all of Neopia that are related to Symols in one way or another. From furniture to food, from books to toys there are plenty of Symol themed items!

      Do your Neopets like cheese? Then they should try out 'Symol Extra Cheesy Cheese Ball'! Or maybe they are into sugary treats? If that's the case, they will love the 'Symol Lolly'. If they're book lovers, then 'The Symol Scientist' should be a good read. (No Symols are harmed in the making of the Symol-related foods.)

     Symol-related items can cost anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand neopoints, and can be purchased from several different official stores around Neopia (particularly Meridell). You can also always find these items in user shops, the trading post and the auction house.

     And if you eventually find yourself obsessed with Symols (careful! this happens very easily), you can always set up a gallery with your favorite Symol-inspired items - and even choose a Symol to be your gallery keeper! Here are some of my favourites: 'Symol Miner', 'Symol Plushie', 'Symol Thief', 'Symol Playing', 'Symol Sale!', 'Dung Symol', 'Plushie Symol', 'Plushie Symol Waving', 'Starry Symol Gazing', 'Darigan Symol Plotting', and 'Tyrannian Symol Thinking.' It might be a difficult choice, as they are all so cute!

     3. Take your Symol to the Rainbow Puddle in Neopia Central

     If you already own a Symol, why not give it a full makeover? There are plenty of colours to choose from, in fact, there are more than forty options! All you need is a special Petpet Paint Brush, which you can buy in shops, at the trading post or the auction house.

     The Rainbow Puddle is located in Neopia Central, the heart of Neopia. Although it is a bit distant from Symol's homeland, the medieval kingdom of Meridell, they're sure to be welcomed there just as all Petpets always are!

     Also, new Symol colours are often introduced for this particular holiday, so make sure to check them out! A new look will definitely make your Symol happy. Those are usually announced on the New Features page on the holiday date.

     If you ever change your mind and just want a regular Symol, you can always use a Brown Petpet Paint Brush to bring it back to its' classic form.

     4. Buy your Neopet a Symol! (Or plenty!)

     If none of your Neopets owns a Symol yet, then what are you waiting for? These lovely little creatures will definitely bring joy to your household (NeoHome)! They're loyal, fun, energetic companions (and maybe a little chaotic, but let's not delve into that for now - get it?! delve?! ha!), and therefore should be the perfect choice for your Neopet's new friend.

     If you already have one or more Symols, why aren't you buying some more Symols already?! Symols, symols, symols!!!

     They can be bought for a few thousand neopoints from user shops or from 'Ye Olde Petpets', a store specialized in medieval petpets located at the kingdom of Meridell. Besides those, you might also want to check out the trading post and the auction house.

     5. Take your non-Symol Petpet to Turmaculus

     Turmaculus is a giant Turmac that sleeps nearly all day long in Meridell. It is known to be not only a heavy sleeper, but also a heavy eater... if you find yourself having trouble managing to find space for a new Symol to your Neopet, maybe take the current Petpet to Turmaculus, where it might be *conveniently* eaten by the giant...

     So, are you ready to have a good time? Are you ready for SYMOL?!

     Enjoy the holiday, have a happy Symol Day!

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