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Top 6 Most Underrated Korbat-Themed Items

by eggfruit


Hello, Neopia! We’re very pleased to announce that Korbat Day is finally upon us. After a year-long wait, the day to celebrate and cherish our exquisite little bats is finally here!

     In order to properly pay homage, we’ve decided to list 6 items that most Korbat owners may not be aware of, but are definitely useful and necessary! With that in mind, we invite you to get in the celebratory spirit and check our list. Maybe you can find something nice to gift your Korbat! Without further ado, let’s get into it!

     1. Don’t Splat the Korbat! (Toy)

     Just like its description states, “Don’t Splat the Korbat!” is a “fun, team-oriented board game”. Considering this is a team game, you can obviously play it with all your pets at the same time. By doing that, you’re not only having a nice sociable interaction with your beloved companions but also making sure that none of your pets gets jealous of each other. They can’t be jealous if you’re playing with all of them at once, can they?

     It’s also noteworthy that unlike the largely known flash game “Splat-A-Sloth”, in this game you have to NOT splat the Korbats! That being said, you don’t have to worry about looking straight at the same spot continuously. Also, no more scaring yourself when the Sloth plushie finally comes out! How convenient, huh? If you’re going for a fun and relaxed Korbat Day, this is your go-to item.

     2. Eau de Korbat (Grooming Item)

     First of all, we have to mention how luxurious and elegant the name of this item is! When your Korbat reads “Eau”, he/she will definitely feel international right away.

     After this point was made, we also have to state that this item can be used not only by Korbats, but also by Korbats’ owners. “Why would you say that?”, the reader might ask. Well, according to the item description, this perfume will make the individual “smell just like a Korbat”. With that in mind, what better way to remember your adorable little bat if not having their scent on you? It’s definitely a new way of cherishing Korbats!

     It’s also important to say that this absolutely gorgeous grooming feature costs less than 100 NP in the Shop Wizard. So why not buy 2? Or even 3? Whatever your budget is, “Eau de Korbat” is with no doubt a gift with low investment and high qualities.

     3. Frillkin Korbat Dress (Wearable)

     Basically, this wearable consists of a skirt with a pumpkin face printed on it. How cool, right?! Everybody knows that Korbat Day (26th of the Month of Collecting) is really close to Halloween (31st of the Month of Collecting). And these dates are not that close for no reason. Korbats themselves fit perfectly in the Halloween theme because no matter how cute you make them look, they are bats after all!

     With this skirt, your Korbat will look just right and appropriate when the Halloween celebrations come. Even better: your pet will feel fitting AND fashionable at the same time. Isn’t it terrific? So, if you want to celebrate Korbat Day and also begin preparations for the 31st of the month, this wearable is exactly what you’re looking for!

     4. Full Korbat Armour (Defence Magic)

     Tired of always losing at the Battledome? Bored of always having a “red” HP bar after fights? Your problems are over! With this shiny piece of armour, the defence skills of your Korbat will greatly increase. Also, just like the name suggests, the armour is really a full-body one: it even includes much-needed tail protection!

     The description clearly states that the armour is “incredibly flexible”, which leads us to assume that the protection does not prevent your pet from flying properly! Obviously, there are no excuses to not wear it! If you’re looking for something to increase your pet’s safety, this armour is what you want to go with.

     5. Golden Korbat Charm (Battle Magic)

     This item is officially meant to be a weapon, but we personally think it’s just absolutely adorable as an accessory. The question is: why not let it do both functions? Fashion AND power at the same time? With the Golden Korbat Charm, this dream can come true.

     As a weapon, the description promises that the item will turn your Korbat into “a true champion”. It provides offensive and defensive symbols at once, which means you’ll not only deal damage but also help prevent incoming harm!

     As an accessory, the description says the item is meant to be worn around the neck, which can lead us to safely believe that this item is a necklace, even if its name just states “charm”.

     6. How To Keep Korbats Happy (Book)

     Well, this item’s name is pretty self-explanatory. What more do we need to say? If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Korbat owner and you want your lovely bat to be happy, don’t you? At least you should! Anyway, in order to do the best Korbat parenting ever, why not read a complete guide about the subject?

     This book includes various curiosities about Korbats, including the fact that they have to spend daily periods of time in complete darkness. Darkness is not exactly what most owners are into, but your Korbat needs it to be healthy! Another curious fact is that Korbats like sleeping upside down! So, if you have a neohome with beds in it, you’ll know exactly what is happening if your Korbat just refuses to sleep on it!

     This book is a must for any current and future Korbat owners. Please, do yourself a favour and go buy a copy as soon as possible!


     Sadly, that’s all we have for today, folks. Our list has absolutely no intention of being definitive, especially considering how many cool Korbat-themed items exist out there!

     Remember that taking good care of your pet is a daily obligation and Korbat Day is just a date to remember how fortunate we’re to have Korbats in our lives. Also, keep in mind that Korbat Day is all about having loads of fun and enjoying your pet, which is why we would like to wish you a very happy Korbat Day! See you!

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