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Customization Guide for your Jetsam

by kontinaru1


The Jetsam is a very special species with a long-standing history in Neopia. In fact, they are so special that they are a limited edition pet, meaning they cannot simply be created! They must be morphed by a morphing potion, zapped by the secret laboratory ray, or created on their special pet day (October 16th)! I would highly recommend owning a Jetsam as they are a fiercely loyal friend. According to Neopets, "Jetsams are Neopia's mean fighting fish. They are mostly unfriendly and vicious but if you can befriend a Jetsam then you have a powerful ally."

     Now that you know all about Jetsams, I'm sure that you have run off to adopt one of your own! Or, you may have already known about these wonderful qualities and already own a Jetsam of your own. Either way, this guide is for all Jetsam lovers! Jetsams can be painted many magical colours such as Darigan, Baby and Water. They can also eat many delicious foods and enjoy spending time in many areas of Neopia such as Maraqua and Mystery Island. They enjoy playing with toys and fighting in the Battledome. Just don't bring them too close to your Flotsam friends!

     With your Jetsam by your side, you are ready to take on the world! But how do you customize your fierce new companion? Many Jetsams owners find it difficult to accent the strength and power of the Jetsam. Well, this guide is here to help you make your Jetsam look better than ever!

     First, you will have to go and find a background for your finned friend. Their background is their home and should show off their personality without overpowering their whole look. I would recommend looking at underwater scenes as Jetsams love swimming around and are their happiest in the sea. Some great examples are:

     The Underwater Background (NP) - Perfect for a Jetsam with a sunny disposition! The sun beams down warmly on this background, illuminating the sea.

     Floating at the Beach Background (NC) - Treat your Jetsam to a lovely beach day! Your Jetsam will love the soft waves and sand that surround them as they splash around.

     Sunken Ship Background (NC) - For the Jetsam explorer, I would recommend the Sunken Ship Background! Your Jetsam will love all the glimmering gold and mysteries that await within the ship. They will happily swim around for hours, exploring every nook and cranny for the alluring treasure that hides within.

     Once you find a background suited to your pet, you will have to provide them with something to wear! It may not seem like it at first glance, but Jetsams are very sleek and stylish. No matter the occasion, they will always show up clean and appropriately dressed. They may seem a little rough around the edges, but they will always dress to impress!

     Now, for a sleek and chic look for your Jetsam, here are my personal recommendations:

     Cool Jetsam Jacket (NP) - This item will keep your Jetsam feeling cool and confident! Just like the uniqueness of the species, this item is unique in that it can only be worn by a Jetsam! The classic design will accentuate your Jetsam perfectly.

     Jetsam Maractite Armoured Tail Guard (NP) - Stylish and protective? Count us in! This tail guard will protect your pet from anything that may come their way. The beautiful blue of this armour will look fantastic on any of the Jetsam colours and glimmer lightly in the sea as they swim.

     Jetsam Warrior Top (NP) - For the elegant and demure feminine Jetsam, I would highly recommend the Jetsam Warrior Top. This top is very soft and feminine, yet modern and stylish. It can be worn for a lovely daytime look or dressed up and worn out to the Kelp Restaurant!

     Dark Battle Armour (NC) - This piece is a lovely NC item for your strong and brave Jetsam! Not only is it perfect to show off their fierce nature, but it looks amazing on them! Not only is this piece complimentary, but it can be changed with a Dye Works potion so that you can have one in many colours!

     Now that you have an outfit planned, your look is almost complete! However, it does feel like you're missing something. Of course! You will need some items to decorate around your Jetsam. They are not boring Neopets so the space they occupy must be exciting as well! Here are some examples:

     Bubbling Clam Shell Foreground (NC) - This foreground will make your Jetsam feel at home in the sea! They will feel very comfortable in their new home with you as long as you accommodate their love for the ocean!

     Inside a Sandcastle Foreground (NP) - Jetsams are very playful and are amazing sandcastle builders! Make your Jetsam feel on top of the world by providing them with their own Sandcastle foreground. They will feel like the king of the castle and spend hours playing around.

     Fishing Net Garland (NP) - Elegant and stylish, this Fishing Net Garland is a nice nod to the home of the Jetsam. They are quite used to seeing fisherman in their daily life in the sea. This is a nostalgic piece that will make your Jetsam feel appreciated.

      So there you have it! With these suggestions and guidelines, you have an amazing baseline customization to work with. Now, the work doesn't stop here! There will always be an opportunity to add more to this look. Items such as foregrounds, accessories and trinkets will add more delight to your look and to your pets life. There are many amazing options both in clothing stores and available in the NC Mall.

      Follow your instincts and listen to your pet to know which items will suit them best. There will be many to choose from and it is so much fun to play dress-up with your pet! Although you can choose one outfit, it may be fun to try new things. Treat them to something special this Jetsam day and dress to impress!

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