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Usukicon: A Guide With Lawyerbot

by roxi2rox


     Usukicon is one of the most celebrated conventions in the land of Neopia. On the 20th day of Hiding, many little pets and their owners line up for hours outside of Usuki Land just to get a glimpse at, and hopefully purchase, their own brand new Usuki dolls. For those who are first-timers is it essential to have a plan of attack, defence and perfect navigation of the stalls. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to get all the helpful tips and tricks from one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable Usuki collectors in the land, Lawyerbot.

     Below we will list some of the tips and tricks that Lawyerbot has given us. He has asked us explicitly to mention that he will not be held legally accountable if these tips and tricks do not work for you. They are simply from his experience and their helpfulness may vary for others. He insists that many of these tips and tricks will be focused on preparing you for the day ahead so that you can withstand the longevity of the convention.

     Ensure you are well oiled and recently serviced

     Well, he is a robot after all. On clarification, he states that the equivalent of this would be to make sure that you are well-rested and have eaten a substantial breakfast. This will help ensure that you do not get hungry pre-maturely. Many pets and their owners will arrive extremely early in order to nab a good spot in line, ensuring that they will be able to have first choice in stalls when they are able to enter the Annual Usuki Doll Convention. However, many people find that by nine they must go eat breakfast, as their stomach is growling uncontrollably. It is an unspoken rule that people will not save your spot in line, and so you must line up again at the end if you leave. This is to prevent people from plonking their stuff there day’s ahead just to ensure that they get to be first. It has caused issues in the past and is a nuisance for the staff. Ensuring that you are well rested will also mean that you are alert and ready to pounce on stock as soon as it is released.

     Empty your tanks right before you line up, and don’t drink too much oil!

     Lawyerbot encourages everyone to stay hydrated, but don’t indulge too much! As mentioned previously, once you’re in the line you have to stay there. This has stopped people being able to camp and cue for weeks before the beginning of the day. So maybe just for this one morning, put that Bottomless Coffee Mug aside, and opt for a smaller size instead (perhaps using your Usuki Tea Set to pump you up for the day).

     Extra oil for top ups

     Snacks, guys. SNACKS! It’s going to be a huge day. Yes, there will be a chance to get proper meals on the day, but why bother lining up for food when you can spend that time lining up to see the newest and most exclusive Usuki dolls. You want to spy every detail, spend every minute oooo’ing and ahhhhh’ing over the unveiling of everything Usuki. So make sure to pack your snack and drinks of choice (Those who may be experiencing caffeine withdrawals from the lack of coffee in the morning may want to take note, bring those flasks full of caffeinated beverages). Every neopoint saved is another neopoint that can be spent on merchandise, so think ahead!

     Withdrawing your neopoints from the bank so nothing slows your purchases

     We’ve all made this mistake, we’ve seen an item stock and not had enough neopoints on hand to purchase what we’ve had our eye on. By the time we get back from the bank, the item has been snatched up by someone more prepared than you! ‘It is usually recommendable to keep the bulk of your neopoints in the bank’, states lawyerbot, ‘But on this occasion, exceptions can be made’. Lawyerbot will not be held legally liable for any loss of neopoints due to unfortunate random events, do this at your own risk.

     Be kind to the staff

     The staff at Usukicon have worked for weeks, if not months to ensure that you will have the best day you possibly can. They bend over backwards to make sure that you are kept comfortable, safe and can have a chance at purchasing everything you want! Lawyerbot may have also hinted that those who are kind to the staff can receive little extras, such as goodie bags to take home. But most rewarding of all, you will feel good about providing a safe and kind space for the people who are sharing this experience with you.

     Study the map

     While you’re in line you will have plenty of time to study the pamphlet that will be given out on the day. This will contain a map of all the stalls in the area and what they will broadly stock. This is how you can spend your time in the line, and plan the hours ahead. It will also help you to write down what you want to do first and prioritise strategically. There’s no point barging in through the left-hand entrance if everything you’ve prioritised is on the right-hand side!

     Once you’re in, have fun!

     Do you feel the butterflies in your stomach, the mix of anxiousness and excitement? Don’t fret! Zoom in and follow your plan of attack, darting straight for your first stall. Make sure to chat with other people in the line, share your experiences and show off your favourite dolls new and old! You’re sure to find some new friends that share your passion.

     We’d just like to thank Lawyerbot for taking the time out of his busy schedule to share with us these essential tips and tricks for Usukicon. Lawyerbot has told us that as of last Monday he has taken two weeks of annual leave to prep and plan his day. Wow, that’s commitment! No wonder he is considered one of Neopia’s biggest fans of the Usuki Doll franchise. Can’t wait to see you there!


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