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A Definitive List of the Top 10 NC Mall Collectibles

by cinnamonraisinbread


The NC Mall Collectibles is a monthly tradition that started in August of 2009. Every month, the NC Mall features a Limited Edition wearable item for 250 NC. You can always count on these collectibles to be unique Neopia-inspired items that really tie the NC Mall to the lore of the site. These items are part of a themed series and the series changes every five months. If all five items in a series are bought, you receive an *awesome* bonus item (although this article will not be covering the bonuses). There have been 27 Collectible Series so far and the current one (at the time of this article) is Tricksters & Troublemakers! We look forward to seeing what the new item is next month...but let’s get down to the good stuff! Here are the Top 10 NC Mall Collectibles of all time (in order of release date):

     Fyora Collectors Staff

     The Fyora Collectors Staff is an OG NC Mall Collectible from the Heroes & Villains Collection and there aren’t many collectibles that have topped it since. Released in September of 2009, this simple yet elegant staff excels because of the clean lines, easy-to-match colour scheme and unique animation. It is an almost exact replica of the staff featured in images of Fyora across the site and can turn any Neopet into this regal queen. Some of the most beloved handhelds are those which include a cool effect, and this one is no exception. It twinkles and emits beautiful purple rays, adding whimsy and brightness to whatever background you pair it with.

     Looks best on: Krawks – the size is just right (the staff can dwarf some pets) and they look fierce and powerful with this staff in their hand.

     Looks worst on: Jubjubs –sorry, Jubjubs holding things with their feet has always been strange. Especially this behemoth of a staff.


Hannah and the Ice Caves Collectors Coat

     This coat was released more than a decade ago but has stood the test of time. Hannah and the Ice Caves Collectors Coat is sure to keep your pet warm no matter the season! This coat ensures that your pet is bundled up with style. Don't know how to clothe your pet? This coat has you covered. It works as ~both~ a head covering and a full-body covering. All you have to add to the outfit are some shoes!

     Looks best on: Grarrls - the coat combined with the classic grarrl grimace makes for a fitting combination. Throw on a wintery background and this customization will tell a STORY.

     Looks worst on: Kacheeks – Kacheeks are known for their cute teardrop-shaped ears. When wearing this particular coat however, kacheek ears poke out in an undesirable manner. The hood part of the coat ends up looking like a random piece of fabric affixed to their heads.


The Three Collectors Cloak

     The Three Collectors Cloak is a collectible from way back in March of 2011, a member of the Menace & Mischief Collection. This simple, black hooded cloak features a light-pink animation on the chest of what can only be assumed to be a beating heart. On most pets, the right arm is a little too big, which is an eccentric touch. There isn’t much Neopian lore about ‘The Three’ except that they are a group of mysterious and spectral beings that represent revenge, greed and ambition. It seems as if this cloak is based on the skeith member of ‘The Three,’ based on its jagged edges. This cloak is best for spooky customisations or if you want your pet to fit in at Hogwarts!

     Looks best on: Aishas – turns them into a spooky lil’ creature with only their tail, ears and antenna poking out!

     Looks worst on: Quiggles – The jagged triangle on the forehead part of the hood sits right between Quiggles’ eyes and makes them look wonkier than ever (sorry, Quiggle lovers!).


Healing Springs Collectors Wig

     This wig allows your pet to channel its inner Marina (the faerie who oversees the Healing Springs). Marina's flowing golden-blonde locks, along with the signature pink seashell she wears above her left ear, are perfectly captured in this wig. The power of this wig… it can transform even the plainest of pets into a supermodel prepared for the runway.

     Looks best on: Draiks – The pink seashell sits right above their eyes, bringing attention to their loveliest feature!

     Looks worst on: When worn by a Gnorbu, the majesticness of the Healing Springs Wig is barely visible. Gnorbu neck ruffs cover the majority of the wig, with only a tiny wisp of hair peeking out near the torso.


Captain Tuans Collectors Telescope

     This telescope is a one-of-a-kind wearable made for all species! Part of the Mr. Neopia Collection, it is the only wearable telescope available in all of Neopia that is not species-specific. Captain Tuans Telescope can be paired with night backgrounds, indoor backgrounds, space-themed backgrounds, … the list goes on. It enables your Neopet to explore lands beyond Neopia while ensuring that your pet is still fashionable.

     Looks best on: Kougras, Unis, other four-legged neopets species – since these species cannot hold handhelds on their own, the telescope is propped up by a tripod stand and looks like an actual telescope that would be used by Neo-astronomers.

     Looks the worst on: Bi-pedal Neopet species - it is more difficult to tell what this item is when your Neopet is holding it, as it looks more like a random chunk of rectangular metal, instead of a refined telescope.


The Duchesss Collectors Crokabek

     The Duchesss Collectors Crokabek is one of the most unique wearables available. This item features the Crokabek, a beloved Medieval Petpet, flying in to rest on your Neopet's arm. If your pet does not have a free arm for the Crokabek to land on, never fear! All non-bipedal species can rely on an intricate and classy stand appearing for the crokabek to rest on. This "handheld" item is the perfect finishing touch, especially for autumn and spooky-themed customizations.

     Looks best on: Bruces, Chias, Usuls – the Crokabek rests on these Neopets species’ arms naturally due to their generously outstretched hands. Other bipedal species have hands positioned closer to their faces, which results in the Crokabek being awkwardly situated with respect to the Neopet.

     Looks worst on: Draiks – it covers nearly half of Draiks’ faces due to their short arms relative to their larger bodies.


Armin Collectors Contacts

     Armin Collectors Contacts are a newer item, from May of 2017, and part of the Sidekick Squad Collection. Armin (and these contacts) brings up some good ol’ nostalgia from playing hours of Hannah and the Ice Caves as a kid (R.I.P. Shockwave). They are a lovely light shade of blue and look great on almost every Neopet (unfortunately, they are quite underwhelming on Blumaroos and Kacheeks) because they adapt well to the existing eye shape and improve upon the existing colour.

     Looks best on: Boris – turn any pet into a present-day version of Hannah’s sidekick!

     Looks worst on: Lupes – instead of turning the iris blue, as they do on most pets, they fill up the entire sclera (yes, we looked this word up) with blue. Honestly frightening.


Sophies Collectors Lantern Staff

     Sophies Collectors Lantern Staff is the fourth instalment in the Family Ties series. This gorgeous item is a prime example showcasing all the elements that make up a great NC item. It is not gaudy, it is a perfectly elegant and versatile item that is sure to be a closet staple for those who own it. The lantern is a brilliant yellow colour and also has a cool ebbing and glowing effect. This animation, as well as the delicate imperfections etched into the staff itself, adds a nice level of detail to the item. The lantern’s particular shade of yellow is one that can be paired with any type of background, making it a more versatile option than other staffs such as the Paper Lantern Staff (which only works well with red-based outfits).

     Looks best on: All species!! (It’s super versatile!)


Attack of the Krawken

     This lower foreground collectible is from December of 2018, part of the Pirate Adventures Collection. Krawkens are a legendary Neo-pun and this foreground gives off major Anchor Management (also legendary) vibes. This item has a detailed animation, the water is a lovely shade of blue, and the hooks and chains are a really unique feature of a lower foreground. The three rays of light coming from the top are a nice touch, and even show up in the static image, almost like a less-yellow Sun Shower.

     Looks best on: Krawks – as it’s a foreground, it looks okay on most pets, but Krawks were the obvious choice to stay on the pirate theme.

     Looks worst on: Techos – one of the anchor ropes falls directly over their eyeballs.


Hobans Collectors Ensemble

     Hobans Ensemble is the newest item on this list, from May of 2019 and the Lost Returned Collection. It looks exactly like Hoban’s outfit and consists of a matching brown shirt and pants, a green striped scarf and a bag with a compass and map. The simple, muted colours are great and it includes all the necessary accessories for your pet to go on an awesome adventure. This is one of the more underrated collectibles, but it’s cute, fits well on most pets and has a map (we love maps)!

     Looks best on: Shoyrus – they look so adorable in scarves and any Shoyru in this ensemble looks ready to fly off onto their next adventure!

     Looks worst on: Kikos – they don’t exactly have a torso, so you lose the effect of the whole outfit. Plus, the bag hangs awkwardly low.

     Not only collectors, but all Neopians who enjoy customization, can look forward to an exciting and new collectible every month. With over 100 diverse collectibles to choose from, there is no doubt that there will be something for everyone to enjoy.


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