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5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Tyrannian Victory Day

by mellody_sou_10


The 12th day of the Month of Hunting is the official date for celebrating Tyrannian Victory Day. The holiday emerged in year 3 after Tyrannians successfully won over various enemy forces that had planned to take over the territory. Although a promise of revenge was made, those same villains have not returned ever since.

     Some would think this would lead to tension amongst Tyrannian citizens, but the truth is Tyrannian has been prosperous and enjoying a long period of peace (if you exclude the War Of The Obelisk, of course, but that is a story for another issue of the Neopian Times).

     For this holiday, we all know the usual fun options to celebrate: visiting the city hall, trying out your luck at the Wheel Of Monotony, taking a small piece of the Giant Omelette for yourself, and so on.

     In this article, however, we list 5 unique, new ways for you and your pets to celebrate Tyrannian Victory Day this year.

      5. Collecting Omelettes

     One of Tyrannia’s most famous attributes is the local cuisine, especially the omelettes, thanks to a Giant Omelette they have laying around in the middle of the Plateau for… whatever reason.

     Showing that pre-historical culture and people are not any less creative than anyone else, an array of exotic flavours has been made for the once simplistic egg recipe; notorious examples are the Clay Omelette and the Honey Blossom Omelette – the latter known to be one of the most expensive of its culinary category.

     If you build up a collection, with a significant number of items, you might even want to show them off in your personal gallery – after all, that is definitely an outstanding feat to achieve. By doing so, it will be accessible to anyone who comes to your user lookup.

     You can start it out with a visit to the Giant Omelette, and then travel all the way to Mystery Island for the Trading Post. You can also look for auctions in Central Neopia, or have a vast search of Neopian shops through the Shop Wizard.

     4. Adopt a Chomby

     Chombies are pets that originated exclusively in Tyrannia, even though we can see them elsewhere in Neopia.

     Who else would know better about the culture and the history of the country if not a Chomby?

     Although you might have already adopted one on Chomby Day a few weeks ago, you can still have a shot at finding them at the

     Neopian Pound throughout the rest of the year (including Tyrannian Victory Day, of course), where countless pets are waiting for a new home and a loving owner.

     As friendly as Chombies are, they will surely be more than happy to share with you and your others pets all the ancient native tales of Tyrannia, and answer all doubts you might have about the peculiar country.

     3. Play Some Rounds of Tyranu Evavu

     Often overlooked and underappreciated, Tyranu Evavu is a simplistic yet interesting guessing game in which there is the usage of cards as the main feature.

     The rules and overall logic are simple to understand: a card will be shown to you, and beside it, there will be another one hidden; you must then guess whether the hidden card is higher (Tyranu) or lower (Evavu) than the card you can see.

     Lucky players who win round after round might be eligible for a brand new and shiny trophy to show off on their user lookups. What a better way to celebrate Tyrannian Victory Day than becoming a victor of a Tyrannian game?

     2. Playing older incarnations of Destruct-O-Match

     Probably the most well-known Tyrannia-based game of the Neopian world, it is a fun and addictive game in which you basically have to clean up the colourful blocks on the screen. It is currently in its third version. However, have you ever actually played the former versions?

     The original and first Destruct-O-Match had its discontinuation in year 6, in favour of Destruct-O-Match II; the former was eventually discontinued as well around year 10.

     If you are a user who first joined the world of Neopia in year 10 or later, you might not be familiar with the older versions of the game, which means this is a good opportunity to try them out. Alternatively, maybe, if you have been around before year 10, or even before year 6, why not have a nostalgic moment in this incredible holiday?

     They are still available as a part of the Game Graveyard in the Haunted Woods. Although far away from Tyrannia, you can still feel the holiday’s spirit as you have some fun with the classics.

     And without further ado, the number one suggestion is:

     1. Learning Tyrannian Language

     It is widely known that Tyrannia still has a language of their own, thanks to years of isolation from the outside world. Although it still sounds pre-historic to the average person or pet, it actually is an intricate conversational system, with a diverse vocabulary.

     To immerse yourself into the depths of Tyrannian culture this holiday, why not start learning their language? In fact, the book Speak Tyrannian is available in all Neopian bookstores for a fair price. Your pet is definitely going to love learning a new language!

     To expand further your knowledge in the language, you might as well buy your pet other titles originating from Tyrannian authors, such as The Secret of Tyrannias Success, Tyrannian Time Travel, and Tyrannia Travels.

     You can also use the Neoboards to practice your ‘uggas’ with fellow Neopians. Just make sure not to spam, and to find someone who can also speak Tyrannian.

     As we reach the end of the list, hopefully now you have a way to celebrate this holiday with an activity you have never done before. Enjoy!

     However, all in all, the real point of Tyrannian Victory Day is to celebrate peace. Let’s hope for another peaceful year in Tyrannia, and remember all of those who fought bravely in the past wars, as well as everyone who somehow assisted in the search for freedom amidst difficult times.

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