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Interview with the Hungry Meerca

by samschelfhout2


NEOPIAN GAMEROOM - How does he do it? The ability to eat dozens of neggs in one minute is quite an appetite. That's why I decided to interview the hungry Meerca from the new game "Meerca Chase II". We will be asking him Meerca Chase questions and a couple of "personal" questions. I was lucky enough to interview him before the official release of the new game. Without further ado, I present to you the Meerca Chase II Meerca!

smaschelfhout2: Hello, hungry Meerca!

Hungry Meerca: Hi! You just got me out of a really good game of Meerca Chase II. I got really hungry, and now I'm really tired.

samschelfhout2: Which reminds me, when you eat all those Neggs, wouldn't you get any heavier?

Hungry Meerca: Actually, Neggs are very healthy. Have you ever tried a Negg? You actually feel a lot better, and that's why I eat them. If they were junk food, I wouldn't get any heavier because I run a lot. I've been running the same speed for a whole Meerca Chase game! That's a lot of running! I have to play the game about 900 thousand times a day, which is really a workout!

samschelfhout2: I see, I hear Fish Neggs are worth a lot of points in your new game. Are they tastier than the other Neggs?

Hungry Meerca: The more points they're worth, the tastier they are! I also enjoy power neggs. The healthiest Neggs are the happy Neggs, but they're not very tasty.

samschelfhout2: Why weren't Power Neggs released in the first game?

Hungry Meerca: This seems kind of silly, but a couple of weeks after the first game was released, Neopian farmers actually discovered Power Neggs. The Neopets Team didn't add them to the game though... which surprised me. Actually the first time I tried a Power Negg was the first day the Meerca Chase II came out!

samschelfhout2: Do you ever wish to be a normal Meerca and not a game star?

Hungry Meerca: Yes, I wish I was a normal neopet at some times, but eating all this food is heavenly? It's the greatest game. But still I wish to be normal.

samschelfhout2: What are Red Neggs? What's so bad about them?

Hungry Meerca: Well, for Neopians, they end your game of Meerca Chase. For me, they're really bad for my health. I get little headaches. So for all of you Neopians reading this, don't get the Red Neggs!

samschelfhout2: Are you still working for Meerca Chase I?

Hungry Meerca: What Neopians don't know is... that's not me, that's another yellow Meerca. Once I got the job offering for Meerca Chase II, they hired another yellow Meerca. The good thing is that Neopians can't tell the difference between two different yellow Meercas!

samschelfhout2: What are the average number of Neggs you eat daily?

Hungry Meerca: Millions and millions! The first day my game came out I had eaten about 50 million neggs! I felt sick the next day, but it was totally worth it!

samschelfhout2: Will you be featured in any other games except Meerca Chase II?

Hungry Meerca: Nope, I like my job now, eating and exercising. It's a perfect way to spend my life.

samschelfhout2: Many Meercas want to be just like you. Do you have any words of advice to all of your fans?

Hungry Meerca: Practice eating and exercising! My first day on Meerca Chase I was the toughest day of my life. Even though there were a couple thousand people playing the game it felt like it was the longest day of my life. Meercas, if your not yellow you cannot take the job for Meerca Chase II!

samschelfhout2: Will there ever be a Meerca Chase III?

Hungry Meerca: You never know. It would be hard, but maybe I'll discuss it with the Neopets Team later. Then they'll have to hire another Meerca (if you know what I mean!)

samschelfhout2: There are still tons of Neggs out there in Neopia. Are there any of them you want to try?

Hungry Meerca: Oh yes, the magical Cool Negg. I have never gotten my hands on one though, because I'm always working. Maybe I could take a small break from the game and actually buy one of those from the Negg Faerie!

samschelfhout2: Have you ever had a regular Negg?

Hungry Meerca: Before Meerca Chase I was released, I had to practice eating Neggs. I was in heaven. All the neggs I ever wanted were right in front of me. There were plenty of Brown Neggs and I actually liked them.

samschelfhout2: How many Neopoints do you make a day?

Hungry Meerca: I make 10 Neopoints every game of Meerca Chase II. So I guess I make millions of Neopoints in a typical day.

samschelfhout2: Are you worried about the game going broke?

Hungry Meerca: Not at all. I don't care if the game doesn't make any money, I love my job.

samschelfhout2: With all of those Neopoints, have you ever considered changing your color or species? Neopians are getting bored of a yellow Meerca.

Hungry Meerca: I might consider on changing my color, but never species. Who would want to play a game called Meerca Chase II with a different species? What if I was a Lupe? Would they call it Lupe Chase? So forget about the species, but I would want to be a Maraquan Meerca.

samschelfhout2: How in the world do Meercas run? I thought they used their tails to transport themselves.

Hungry Meerca: Actually, we do use our tails. In the Meerca Chase II game, I use my tail to move but the Neopets Team edits the game before it comes out, and it actually looks like I'm running.

samschelfhout2: Thank you Hungry Meerca! It was a pleasure having you.

Hungry Meerca: No, thank you! If you excuse me, thousands of people are waiting for me!

So there you have it. The Hungry Meerca himself. To some he is a legend. To others... a Meerca. He must return to his game, but for me, I have to find another Neopian celebrity to interview.

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