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Dinner with the Scarlets: Abdication Aggravation

by june_scarlet

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All hat, no dragon
"L-lady Cecilia? Whatever is the meaning of this? Were we making too much noise?" Some of the Neovians in the more elaborate costumes had edged over to the dragon, whose head and neck still blocked the only door into the banquet hall.

by liouchan


Oh, like YOU immediately knew what it meant
Words can be tricky...

by alphachicky


BLACKOUT!! - The Master
An ancient evil returns to achieve his goals...

by krabbox


Queen Lyra: The Beginning
“Hello, Lyra. Thank you for coming.” The dark faerie with cropped hair walked into the Faerie Palace throne room slowly, her echoing footsteps the only sound for a few moments until Lyra stopped in front of the raised dais leading to the throne and curtseyed perfectly.

by precious_katuch14

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