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Avatar Goldmine

by wizzkid_


Dr Sloth chuckled as he stared down at Harry who was trying to flap his wings to flee from the scene. Hew then turned his head towards Rysony and spoke in a deep voice..

     ‘Hello there, my friend. I’ve been looking for you for a while now.’ Dr Sloth chuckled. ‘I may know the location of your sister, Meggily.'

     Never mind the fact Dr Sloth was twice as tall, Rysony leapt up to his feet to face Dr Sloth and demanded Sloth tell him more.

      Dr Sloth continued to speak in his ever-dark voice ‘Yes, I was the one who kidnapped your sweet little sister.’ You should’ve seen her face when I kidnapped her!’ Dr Sloth continued crackling away.

     Rysony’s blood boiled as he thought of the many things he’d like to do to Dr Sloth, but he restrained himself as he knew this could be his best opportunity to learn of Meggily's whereabouts. Rysony had hundreds of questions ‘Why are you doing this to me and my family? What have we ever done to upset you?’ Dr Sloth listened carefully then explained ‘I thought you might ask. Well, the truth is, the Neopets community is a dying breed. We need more new top avatar collectors. Get yourself in the top 50 by 8:30 AM on by the 1st and I’ll release her back to you and your family. Understood?' Dr Sloth swooped down to Rysony. ‘Ye…Yes!’ Rysony stuttered.

     ‘Very well. Now you know what you need to do. But you’ll have to find out where the Award ceremony takes place. That’s the secret’

     Rysony nodded nervously.

     ‘However, before I go, I’d like to give you a little something as I’ve been impressed by your efforts so far.’ Dr Sloth explained in a slightly friendlier tone. Dr Sloth handed over Rysony yet another familiar little square icon. It was an avatar with Dr Sloth’s face on it.

     ‘Thanks, I appreciate it’ Rysony thanked Dr Sloth gratefully.

     ‘Very well. I now must be going’ Dr Sloth turned his cloak and gradually vanished into the mist.

     ‘Well he seemed nice’ Harry squawked sarcastically.

     Rysony checked the date and avatar count on his watch. The time read 3:02 AM Sunday 31st August. Dr Sloth’s avatar was Rysony’s 350th avatar. Rysony had been so focused on his task, he hadn’t realised how long he’d been on this adventure and just how many avatars he had managed to gain in such a short space of time.

     ‘We’ve got just under 24 hours to find out where the ceremony takes place, Harry. We can do this!’ He spoke determinedly. The pair decided to stay at their spot for the night and make their way to Haunted woods in the morning.

     Several hours later, they were awoken by a loud singing cuckoo that sung good morning from the central of Altador. It was a beautiful warm Sunday morning, and the morning sun shone into Rysony’s eyes. I’m not going to miss this when this adventure comes to an end Rysony grumbled to himself.

     Rysony woke Harry from his deep sleep ‘Let’s go Harry! We haven’t got much time to waste.’ Alert as ever, Harry instantly stood up and spread his wings. Soon Rysony and he were on their way east to lands of Haunted Woods.

     Rysony and Harry appreciated the clear breeze hitting their face as they rose through the clear sky, especially after their foggy and wet ride last night. Within 40 minutes the clear sky gradually became darker and colder as they drew closer and closer to Haunted Woods. Rysony felt a shudder, the place was starting to give him goosebumps. Harry landed on the ground in front of a large arch gate that read ‘Haunted Wood’. Waking up in sunny Altador an hour ago now seemed like a distant memory as Rysony rubbed his hands together in an attempt to warm himself up.

     Rysony waved goodbye to Harry and Harry flew off to re-join his friends.

     Ry walked through the arch that entered him into the lands of ‘Haunted Woods’. He then strolled past a few strange looking mutant Blumaroos. Rysony recognised some of the people, who he’d read stories about, from the Espophagor who seemed like a stick in the mud trying to escape to the infamous Hubrid Nox, who was trying to cast a spell by lighting up a torch in his hands.

     Rysony shuddered as he walked past the Game Graveyard, if he hadn’t bumped into Dr Sloth he probably would’ve been fearing for the worst by now.

     As Rysony was about to walk away from yet another historical building, Edna’s Tower, he felt like he was being deafened by 2 dancing MSPs who shouted, ‘MSP party!!’ Ry looked towards to the direction of the MSP's to see what the fuss was, when he saw a medium-sized Neopian sporting a slick black hair admiring his warm fuzzy socks. He was also holding tightly onto a Haunted Wood Avatar. The second he caught Rysony glaring at him, he turned off the music that was blaring on his phone, putting an end to their MSP party ‘Enough please!’ The Neopian approached Rysony to ask how he could help him. Rysony explained about his quest, and his discussion with Dr Sloth.

     ‘Oh yes. Dr Sloth.’ The Neopet paused for several seconds before continuing, ‘Nasty, nasty monster I tell you. Oh! But I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Willy and these are my 2 MSP Poogles. Come with us, we’re also inspiring Avatar collectors’

     ‘Nice to meet you Willy, I’m Ry’.

     Well, what are you waiting for, come on! We’re off to the fairground.’ Willy gestured Rysony to follow him.

     They spent the afternoon throwing custards at clowns at Carnival of Terror and trying different spooky foods. They had so much fun that it almost helped Rysony put things off his mind for few hours.

     They then approached the Coconut shy, and Willy gestured to his MSPs for them to sit and stay still. Willy bent his arms and shoulders backwards, before giving Leeroy the Quiggle 100 Neopoints. Leeroy glared at Rysony as Willy was aiming his shot. Rysony looked around the area, trying to avoid eye contact with this strange character.

     On Willy’s first attempt he missed the target by several centimetres. Out of frustration, Willy handed over Leeroy 1,000 Neopoints for another 10 goes at the game. The first 7 coconuts all went flying through the gaps between the curtain behind the coconuts. Just as Willy took his 8th go, Rysony whispered ‘Why don’t you try going for the middle coconut’ Willy nodded and to his surprise, he managed to make minimal contact. On his 9th attempt, he managed to knock over the coconut! Leeroy grumbled as he handed over Willy his coconut and avatar.

     ‘Excellent that’s my no #351. I shall be heading for the Avatar collector’s ceremony tomorrow with you. It takes place in Neopian Central, in between the Money Tree and Rainbow pool.’ Willy explained.

     Willy, his two MSP’s, and Rysony walked away from the fairground to find somewhere to stay for the night. They suddenly heard a message broadcasted over a loudspeaker. ‘Top Avatars we imploreeee you!’

     ‘Right, that’s our cue. We better be making our way down to Neopia Central soon as you’re ready’ Willy told Rysony.

     Rysony was about to call for Harry when Willy insisted on using his MSP’s. Rysony looked at Willy puzzled ‘Are you sure?’ Willy responded humbly ‘Yes of course. Hop on!’ Willy patted on his MSP Poogle and gently asked the MSP nearest to him, for a ride to Neopian Central. What’s the worst that could happen? shrugged Rysony. ‘Last person to arrive has to buy a NeoCola when we get there!’ joked Willy.

     Rysony held tightly on the MSP’s collar, as he could feel the wind hitting his face as the MSP rushed across the land. Ry thought to himself We must be going at least 100 kmph.

     After several hours of continuous rocking on back of the MSP he finally arrived in the promised land, also known as Neopian Central.

     To be continued…

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