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Holiday Backgrounds: Suggestions for the Fashionable

by _razcalz_



     ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a--

     Record scratch--

     Just kidding, I’ll spare you yet another cheesy Christmassy opening, I know you’ve been saturated by bad Yuletide poetry by now.


     Taelia the Snow Faerie here to present you with fabulous holiday background finds, to make sure you’re gussied up and ready to hit the holidays with some GLAM! What better way to celebrate the holidays than to put yourself in the middle of the action, among the candy canes and wrapping paper, surrounded by the most festive of sceneries? I am not responsible for shopping sprees that ensue from perusing this list! Ready your wallets, my darlings.


     Holiday Staircase Background

     Luxurious, elegant, slightly judgmental -- just like me. A suggestion for the pet with a propensity for pretentiousness. Or, in more neopets terms, this is a fancy staircase to go with your fancy top. Mind you don’t spill anything on that rug, dears, it’s pure Alkenore wool.


     Christmas at the Beach

     If you’re on the Nice list this year, maybe your owner has plans to take you somewhere awesome (not to say that the Cockroach Towers aren’t awesome, but change is nice). Let me tell you, children, when you get old and crotchety like me, white Christmases only mean shovelling, unexpected snow days, and too much traffic in Neopia Central. The snow also turns brown when it melts. And I’m the Snow Faerie. Tropical beach getaways on Mystery Island are where it’s at. Look, this white sand beach is so white, if you squint you can pretend it’s snow! Santa hat included.


     Christmas Shop Window Display Background

     Charming, vintage, probably overpriced -- all words that come to mind upon seeing this lovely background. A great option for the compulsive shopper and those with a penchant for tacky tourist traps. There WILL be hot chocolate and it WILL include hipstery things like avocado mousse, and you WILL enjoy it and take photos for your Petpagegram. That’ll be 350,000 Neopoints, please. Hashtag HolidaySpirit.

          Holiday Decorated Money Tree


     ‘Tis the season of giving, so if your plans involve donating some things at the Money Tree for other Neopians to enjoy, might as well do it in style. With my Money Tree experiences to date, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised that there are still gifts under the tree, because when I walk by, it’s usually empty. Odds are high that these presents are all Old Rotten Left Boots, but at least they are festively wrapped and look vaguely stocking-shaped from far away!


     Holiday Party Background

     You’ve got your crackling fireplace, your cozy vibe, drinks on the table. Out of frame: your friends and family, being a little too loud and asking too many questions, such as whether the current poinsettia shortage in Neopia is your fault since you appear to have purchased a small greenhouse’s worth? (If asked whether you should purchase more festive plants, the answer is always yes.) When the party becomes too much, you can escape to:


     Beautiful Wintery Street Background

     Ahh. Close the door behind you. The sound of the party grows muffled. Breathe in the cool air. Gently, snow starts falling around you. A serene moment, captured in pixels. My personal favourite.


     Magical Ice Town Background

     Ice Town is a lovely place. We heard they’re looking for a new mayor. If you’re not in it for the politics, strap on a pair of ice skates and enjoy cruising around this magical place. Make sure you bundle up, it’s cold out there!


     Holiday Striped Path Background

     A delectable holiday classic! This pepperminty part of Terror Mountain is a hidden treasure that only the locals know about, and boy, would they like to keep it that way. It’s a scenic trail and a snack station all in one. Watch out for falling branches - they’re sharp, but on the plus side, they’re delicious! PS: the white bushes under trees are actually edible too (cotton candy), but I don’t advise munching on anything that close to the ground, even if it is candy.


     Visiting the Advent Calendar Background

     What if I told you… you could visit the Advent Calendar all year round? You can if you’re wearing this! Mostly. In spirit. You don’t actually get gifts on the daily. But you CAN watch the last year’s animations and be just as riveted as the first time you watched them. I’m just going to warn you now that some baby pets have weirdly deep voices.


     Underground Christmas Workshop Background

     This is where I go when I don’t want to talk to any more questers. I commissioned a vacation cabin from the Crafting Faerie, and it was worth every penny. It’s also super well-insulated!! My place of peace and solitude. I hang all the lights myself. The gifts by the patio are from the Negg Faerie, bless her - I bet they’re all Icy Neggs.


     Winter Wonderland Sunset Background

     This here is the gem of all winter backgrounds, and you simply must have it for your closet. The river turns a dusky amethyst in the light of the setting sun. In this moment, the world is so quiet that you can hear your own breaths. Don’t forget to pack a headlamp for the return hike to Happy Valley, where a hot cup of cocoa will surely be the best you’ve ever tasted :)


     And that’s a wrap (gift pun unintended!) on my Christmas background suggestions. This list is far from exhaustive and creative Neopians will find hundreds of ways to customize these and make them personal, which I can’t wait to see in my travels.

     Next year, I shall put together a list of aesthetically compatible foregrounds for all the backgrounds recommended here.

     While I’m at it, I wish you and yours all the best this holiday season!



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