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Usuki Singing Stars #47: Greg Come By to Visit!

by downrightdude


     Dedicated to my dear friend, Neoskulltula!< Hope you enjoy your NT cameo, Greg!!

     “He’s coming! He’s coming soon!” Snaw ran around the house, broom in hand.

     Sparkles adjusted two round cushions on the living room sofa. “Who’s coming again, Snaw?” asked the pink Bruce.

     “It’s name is Greg, and he’s one of my closest friends and enemies!” Snaw jumped onto the table and started dancing. “He may not look great or knows how to style his hair, but he’s still okay. In fact, he’s so much fun to hate and play with!”

     Scary rolled her eyes. “If he’s a friend of yours, then he’s automatically a freak,” the purple Bruce scoffed from the couch. “Just like that weirdo who introduced you to fire.”

     “I like Miss Jenn,” said Sparkles, placing two coasters on the table after Snaw had jumped off. “Her fire blowing trick was so cool.”

     “All of Snaw's friends are freaks,” Scary declared, “and this new one’s probably one of the worst.”

     The doorbell rang, and with Snaw busy dancing around the living room, Sparkles left to answer it. When she returned, Greg was standing behind her, and Snaw immediately ran towards him. “GREG!!” Snaw hugged his friend close before pushing him back. “I see you didn’t bring those lemon squares you said you’d bring. What an unbelievable liar you are!”

     Greg chuckled. “It’s nice to see you too, Snaw. So, are these two Sprinkles and Scarlet?”

     “I dunno.” Snaw went back on the table.

     “And where are the other two?” asked Greg, looking around.

     “Unfortunately, they won’t be able to join us today,” said Sparkles. “But do take a seat, and I’ll get refreshments.”

     After Greg finished his half cookie—Snaw had taken the other half, believing Greg was plotting to steal all the cookies for nefarious deeds—the four-some began a lively game of charades. Things quickly became awkward, though, when Greg struggled to guess what Snaw was doing. “Uh, are you falling from the sky?” he asked, watching Snaw wave his arms while jumping. “Or are you some type of Pteri?”

     Scary groaned and slid down from the sofa. “That idiot's been jumping for ten minutes!! Can’t anybody hurry up and end this agony already??”

     Snaw stopped and threw a coaster at Greg. “You’re a terrible guesser, Greg! Just like I thought you'd be!”

     “Then what were you supposed to be?” asked Greg, snickering.

     “Obviously, I was an Emerald Queen Usuki exploring the Faerieland woods,” Snaw explained matter-of-factly. “Mess up again GREG and I shall throw more things at you!”

     Things became even more awkward when Snaw cut the game short to roll on the ground, proclaiming, “I AM THE MAGICAL SNAW!”

     Scary facepalmed. “Will this torture ever end?”

     “Greg, would you like more juice?” asked Sparkles, straining to smile as she picked up the jug. After setting the jug back down, she turned and saw Snaw was now skipping around the living room. “Well ...at least somebody's having fun.”

     Snaw stopped skipping. “Oh! I need to go get the dinner stuff.”

     “I thought you got the groceries earlier,” said Sparkles. “Didn't you go to the Bazaar today?”

     “What I do during the day is not the concern of any possible spies!” With a huff, Snaw headed to the front door. “I’ll be off, dear strangers. While I’m gone, be certain Greg doesn't receive any more nourishment. He shall pay for what he did three months and five years ago in a place I don’t know!” Grabbing his purse from a hook, Snaw slammed the door shut.

          Scary rolled her eyes. “Finally that disgrace decided to leave,” she snorted. “Now to hope Snaw will never return.”

     “I’m surprised Snaw has a purse,” said Greg, smirking.

     “Snaw says purses make good defense weapons,” Sparkles explained.

     Greg chuckled. “Yeah, that definitely sounds like something Snaw would say.” He looked at Sparkles and Scary. “So, uh, which one’s ‘Sprinkles’ and ‘Scarlet’?”

     “Wrong house, n00b.” Scary groaned and threw a cushion at Greg. “Why must that moronic Snaw always invite his equally idiotic friends over? I have better things to do than hang around here with a bunch of freaks!”

     “I loved hosting Jenn. She was so much fun,” said Sparkles.

     Greg burst out laughing. “It’s no wonder Snaw’s so crazy about wanting to set my house on fire: Jenn was probably the one to provoke him with the idea!”

     After Greg was done laughing, the three-some sat in an awkward silence once again. Sparkles refilled the jug. Scary, fed up with everything, left the room and headed upstairs. Greg admired the baton hanging over the fireplace and smiled. Minutes later Sparkles and Greg sat back down, Sparkles feeling even more uncomfortable in the quiet. “So ...um, how did you and Snaw meet?” she asked hesitantly.

     “We met through our mutual friends Zia and Brett,” Greg explained. He looked amused. “From the minute we met, Snaw was already screaming at me one minute and then inviting me to tea in the next. I was told this was normal and that Snaw didn’t have any known biting-related habits.”

     Sparkles facepalmed. “Oh no. I must apologize for ...uh, whatever that is.”

     “Yeah, I know Snaw’s not much of a biter,” said Greg. “Though he does like screaming, especially if it’s at me. Then again, Snaw has always been very expressive with his emotions.”

     Sparkles agreed, pleased they agreed on something. “I must also apologize for how the evening’s been going so far, though. Snaw can be a bit ...uh, ecstatic at times for sure. But he’s been looking forward to your visit all week, and I’m sure he’s trying his best to entertain you.”

     “Oh yeah, I know Snaw’s trying.” Greg laughed out loud. “He’s definitely a bit cuckoo and threatening at times, but I tend to just laugh it off and ‘go with the flow’, as Snaw would say if he was ever familiar with this saying. Still a little strange, though.”

     Sparkles beamed. She didn’t want to express how grateful she was for Greg’s consideration and understanding of her over-the-top owner. If Greg was willing to continue being patient with Snaw, Sparkles was certain they would be lifelong friends—that is, if Greg was serious about his feelings about their friendship.

     A few minutes later, Snaw burst through the front door with two full bags. “You would not believe it: the Grooming Parlour was having a humongous sale! Lucky for me, since I was out of all the creams I need to maintain my perfect appearance. I also ran into Hanna at the Bazaar, so she’s joining us for food!”

     Hanna waved at Greg. “We got you face cream! Snaw says you need it.” She turned to beam at Sparkles, who happily waved back.

     “Great. Thanks Snaw,” said Greg, chuckling. “But what about dinner? Couldn’t find the Food Shop again?”

     “Puh-lease Greg, like I’d ever buy food for you,” scoffed Snaw, rummaging through a bag. He pulled up a red hairbrush and handed it to Greg. “Since you’re hair is always the definition of ugly, I think you should keep it.”

     Greg smirked. “Oh Snaw, you’re such a kidder. As always.”

     “Don’t mock me, GREG! You don’t have the right!” gasped Snaw.

     “Now Snaw, try to keep calm and think about plushies and fancy clothes,” Hanna said encouragingly.

     Sparkles watched as Snaw continued shouting at Greg for random reasons. Hanna was trying to fuse the situation and was able to prevent Snaw from throwing a vase at Greg. Greg remained calm and acted as if this was all routine, and nothing serious was going to happen the longer the continued to spat. It was an odd exchange, but Sparkles was pleased when Greg offered to go out and get food for everyone. “Do you still like pepperoni on your pizza, Snaw?” he asked.

     Snaw beamed. "Ooh, I love exotic foods! You're such a kind Neopian Greg, and I'm so lucky to have you as a best friend forever!"

     "How sweet!" Hanna squished her friends. "I'll make some lemonade for us. Sparkles, would you go set the table?"

     Sparkles nodded. She hoped the rest of the night would remain as calm once Greg came back with food, but she wasn’t sure. At with Hanna around, there may not be anything too dramatic going on, no matter how Snaw tried to add excitement or random shouting. She smiled, remembering what Greg said about going with the flow in such chaotic situations. If Greg was going to survive this crazy visit, then so would Sparkles; even if meant just sitting back and watching all the chaos unfold.

     The end.

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