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First Story: The Bridge

by esmiraldel


     Go, go, go, but look who's here. Welcome to my humble abode, I am Zecura and I will be your host for tonight. They want a cup of spyder coffee, desert beetle cookies or centipede cake ... Ju ju ju ju, come closer, take a seat, get comfortable and hold on to your souls because it's time for a tragic story.

     First Story: The Bridge

     This story begins in a picturesque and touristy place, the Kiko lake home of all the neopia Kikos, well most of them. On a sunny day, a very lively young Kacheek named Evescence started a long journey from Altador to Lake Kiko to take a few weeks of vacation and rest from her grueling post office job - How boring in my opinion it would also take a vacation if it were her , ju ju ju.

     Upon arrival, Evescence marveled at the beautiful view that the place offered, there were many neopets of various species living together, in addition to the Kikos obviously. Many shops, places to see, entertainment sites to name a few. While walking I pass by an inn of a natural style, many plants, ambient music, its wooden furniture and a particularly sweet but soft aroma, then she said - This place is perfect, it was and I rent a room where I unpack her things and take A break before starting your activities. Inside the room Evescence lying on the bed looked towards the ceiling and the walls saw something in particular a small drawing of a hook figured remarkably in some places but it seemed nothing unusual in this place where fishing was abundant.

     After a few hours of rest it was time to start your first activity: Fishing! -Yes, although she seems very bored, she liked fishing a lot, although the same thing can be done in Altador, she decided to try other places ... Just maybe, maybe it would be different. Near there was a somewhat faded bridge with chopped and old boards but still it was strong and firm, just coming there to Evescence an old Kiko approached it was very very very old and wrinkled like a raisin, she told the young woman - Today there will be good fishing, to which she was much more excited by the message believing that she would fish many fish today. He took his equipment and ran off at the end of that bridge although perhaps the words of that old woman had ... a double meaning.

     At the end of the bridge on the lake she took out her fishing rod and threw the hook as far as she could while she sat on the shore to catch something ... Minutes passed, hours passed, but no fish stung the hook. It was already late stores were almost closed and the place began to be silent due to lack of people, Evescence tired of waiting decided to retire with empty hands but when he rolled the hook ... stopped halfway as if there were hooked something very very heavy, she thought it was had caught a big fish so pulling and pulling the rope even harder but did not move in fact the water was in total calm what seemed very rare when discussing a "fight" between her and what was hooked on the hook near the surface.

     Evescence shot again and again, but could not get what the hook had caught. At that moment Evescence was winged with force from the other end of the reed so strong that she had to release it or else she would have fallen into the lake ... -W-what ... was that? She wondered in fear as she looked in that direction something on the barely visible surface swallowed the cane to the bottom so fast that he felt chills on his back, immediately the young Kacheek turned around to return quickly to the ground but then something held her from the sleeve of the shirt ... It was the hook ... It was hooked with the same hook of its cane was unexpected. E-is-this is ...!, He turned his head slightly back and observed something unspeakable in the lake, could not be seen correctly as soon as googly and grotesque red eyes were staring at her. Fear took hold of her and began to run with all her strength, the thread of the cane unwound until it reached the limit and then that thing threw the rope back, Evescence before the tremendous force was winged back falling backwards, the hook tore her shirt but it was her chance to escape she got up to keep running but from the water emerged several direct hooks towards her caught her this time she could not escape anywhere, that thing slowly dragged her towards the end of the bridge to find her in the water and disappear, however, she was still clinging to the bridge as much as she could while sobbing for help, someone ... whoever ... looked at the surroundings but there was no one as if they had all disappeared the shops were closed it was A terrifying sight for a place that was full of life moving to a ghost town.

     The mysterious creature kept dragging her unfounded fear made her feel unable to react properly in addition to the wounds that had her skin being torn by the hooks, she looked up and between her sight clouded by tears she saw the old woman in front of her a few meters, he asked for help, to look for someone, but the old woman did not react as if she were not listening to her in the unchanging absolute, she only watched as the young and naive Kacheek was dragged to the end of the bridge falling into the lake to the depths. -Glu Glu Glu-

     The old woman prostrated on the bridge looking straight ahead at the lake what had swallowed Evescence, returned to the deep. The Elder said: It was a good fishing ... do not you think?


     Well guys, what do you think? Ju ju ju ju, the history of the bridge is real, yes, very real, Evescence was not the first or the last victim, but ... They believe that it was actually the kiko lake where she traveled or perhaps there was a small deviation towards its initial course ?. Let's see what really happened. Evescence coming out of the Altador took one of the transports to Lake Kiko. "Mmm, all good here." I arrive at the lake I observe the panorama and the places I enter the room I rent a room and ... –Wait, wait, wait a moment in the lake Kiko there is no inn of natural environment, at least not now we take a look at the past...

     17 years ago when the town was young there was an inn and guess who managed it ?, Ju ju ju, exactly was the old kiko !, but not only she but, that, next to her was another neopet that supplied food being these especially fish then he was a fisherman. One night the neopet went fishing but there was an incident where he was drowned in the lake, the old woman became so sad that she died days later without them the inn closed and with the years disappeared.

     Well at least we know that Evescence will be ... on the main course. Ju ju ju. And you ... Do you dare to go?

     The End.

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