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Seven Falltastic Looks For Your Pet

by imbitter


     Hello my fellow Neopians! The seasons are shifting and the leaves are changing. You know what that means - fall is almost upon us! There are so many ways to customise for Autumn, and with all the colors popping you’re sure to have plenty of outfit options. We’ve created six different looks to help you show off your love of what’s the best season! Ahem, in our personal opinion at least.

          Autumn Leaves


     Items Used: Autumn Stream Bridge Background, Rosy Cheeks Face Paint, Woollen Scarf, Autumn Handheld Lantern, Autumn Leaf Lamp Post, Autumn Sunflowers Wheelbarrow, Yellow Oversized Sweater, Maroon Winter Wear, Brown Fleece Lined Boots, Fuzzy Autumn Hat and Wig and Black Square Glasses.

     Taking a stroll through the forest to look at the changing colors, you want to both dress warm and comfortable. The Yellow Oversized Sweater and Maroon Winter wear keep you warm and what could be more comfortable than Brown Fleece Lined Boots? Heading over the bridge, the chilly breeze from the water means adding Rosy Cheeks Face Paint shows the perfect tint for cold cheeks and adding the Woollen Scarf ensures that your pet keeps warm. Adding the Fuzzy Autumn Hat and Wig and Black Square Glasses for a great aesthetic and carrying the Autumn Handheld Lantern in case you get lost in the views and it starts to get dark completes the perfect fall frolic look.

          Fall Festivities


     Items Used: Charming Fireplace, Terror Mountain Mansion Background, Brown Winter Scarf, Slate Blue Toggle Sweater, Explorer Aisha Glasses, Black Winter Wear, Brown Beanie with Wavy Locks, Harvest Apple Foreground and Autumn Pennant String Lights.

     You want a smart look for the annual Harvest Party? Then look no further. The Slate Blue Toggle Sweater, Black Winter Wear, Brown Winter Scarf and Brown Beanie with Wavy Locks give a stylish casual party look. Add the Explorer Aisha Glasses to add a bit of sophistication. Autumn Pennant String Lights give off a nice fall vibe and the Harvest Apple Foreground ensures that there’s an exciting activity that’ll have the town talking! Make your pets look the envy of all the socialites out there who want to engage in the Fall Festivities.

          Whimsy Fall Ride


     Items Used: Casual Ixi Scarf, Red and Black Color Block Skirt, Casual Ixi Jacket, Autumn Country Road Background, Gypsy Wagon, Dilapidated Fence Foreground, MiniMME17-S2b: Whimsical Governess Wig and Hat, Rosy Checks Face Paint and Harvest Frame.

     This classy lady is out enjoying taking advantage of the cool Autumn’s day, capturing photos in front of her Gypsy Wagon. Dressed in a Red and Black Colour Block Shirt, Casual Ixi Jacket, Casual Ixi Scarf and MiniMME17-S2b: Whimsical Governess Wig and Hat she’s sure to scream sophistication in her pictures. The Autumn Country Road Background is the perfect backdrop, while the Dilapidated Fence Foreground and Harvest Frame add the perfect touches for a Fall portrait to send to all your friends!

          Seasons Greetings


     Items Used: Welcome to Fall Background, Extra Plaid Scarf, Black Square Glasses, Lutari Aviator Jacket, Lutari Archaeologist Boots, Desert Lutari Pantaloons, Short Styled Wig, Lutari Aristocrat Cane, Hanging Lanterns and Leaves Garland and Autumn Shrubbery.

     This dashing fellow is ready for fall to begin! He’s decorated his front porch by adding Hanging Lanterns and Leaves Garland and Autumn Shrubbery. His Lutari Aviator Jacket and Extra Plaid Scarf ensures he’s warm for the chilly weather and the Lutari Aristocrat Cane gives him a look like he’s ready to talk a walk to view all the changing leaves. This look creates the perfect welcoming grandpa, come on up and say hello! You know he’d love a visit.

          Scarecrow Sally


     Items Used: Corn Maze Background, Playful Scarecrow Makeup, Farm Boots, Autumn Pumpkin Display Foreground, Red and White Plaid Shirt, Rolled Up Overalls, Snarkie Pigtail Wig and Dyeworks Yellow: Scattered Light Shower.

     This sweet cutie is already deep in celebrations. In a Corn Maze Background with her Playful Scarecrow Makeup, Red and White Plaid Shirt, Rolled Up Overalls and Farm Boots she’s ready for a hayride. Or perhaps add the Autumn Pumpkin Display Foreground and have a day pumpkin picking. Using the Dyeworks Yellow: Scattered Light Shower adds a splash of sunshine in a look you can practically feel. Just make sure not to scare the citizens when the lifelike scarecrow starts moving.

          Pumpkin Fun


     Items Used: Pumpkin Patch Background, Armin Collectors Contacts, Multi-Coloured Gourd Foreground, Layered Orange Wig, Adorable Freckles, Jack-O-Lantern Pail, Warm Button-Up Sweater, Basic Orange Trousers, Candy Corn Scarf and All Hallows Eve Backdrop.

     This little guy is ready to go Trick-or-Treating with his Jack-O-Lantern Pail. The festive Candy Corn Scarf matches the Button-Up Sweater, Basic Orange Trousers and Layered Orange Wig well and the Adorable Freckles give a youthful look to your pet. Add the Multi-Coloured Gourd Foreground to complete a look of a gathering of fall fans. Imagine the whole town at the Pumpkin Patch, giving candy and having fun and you can practically feel the excitement in the air.

          Autumn Night on the Farm


     Items Used: Carolling Coat and Scarf, Mad Tea Party Trousers, Gladiator Boots, Festive Holiday Mug, Windswept Wig and Hat, Farmhouse Background, Autumn Shrubbery, Desert Night Sky and Crokabek Garland.

What better way to enjoy the essence of fall than to spend the evening outside on the farm! Make sure to dress warm in your Carolling Coat and Scarf, Mad Tea Party Trousers and Gladiator Boots. The Windswept Wig and Hat will show everyone there’s a gentle breeze in the air on the Farmhouse Background. Add a Festive Holiday Mug to sip on while you look up at the beautiful views of the Desert Night Sky. The Autumn Shrubbery shows off the season and the Crokabek Garland is the perfect touch for a great night! This is a great look if you want to forego the traditional autumn background but still show off that your pets definitely know was season it is.

          These are our six looks to show your love for the Autumn Season. Hopefully you enjoyed these customisations and if not at least inspired you to make your own. There are hundreds of items that could come together to create the perfect, unique look for you. Flex your creativity and get to customising!

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