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Neo Meme

by butterflybandage

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Something has happened!
I wish it didn't happen

by raymanrabbids


Poor Neopian's versions of popular wearables:
We have all been there. You wander around Neopia, doing your thing, while you stumble across a pet that is just beautifully customized. The look is so awesome, you realize that you simply must find whatever it is their pet is wearing. Of course, almost without fail, you learn that the wearable in question is either crazy expensive or retired and hard to come by. This phenomenon is well known by customization addicts.

by hottendott


The Sisters of Pillar Grove:Part Eleven
“Carefully, set him down right here,” Lumin spoke with both urgency and composure.

by blueys45


Ferny and the Amazing Juiceland Adventure
Anyone who sees princess Fernypoo nowadays would never think that, one day, she was a sweet, kind and charming child. Her competitive personality and selfish behavior are due tom many things, including years of etiquette classes, constant pressure from her parents, and people reminding her that she will rule the kingdom one day.

in collaboration with _annefrank_ and mimy_fofinha

by _aragorn_

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