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Getting Ready in the Morning All Over Neopia

by thedancing


     What do you feel about waking up in the morning? Do you like to sleep in? Are you an early riser? Or are you somewhere in between. Well, here I am, about to give you a rundown on how Neopets get ready in the morning in different parts of Neopia.

     1.) Altador

     In Altador, Neopets mainly wake up naturally, although those who need to wake up at a certain time generally train a petpet to ring a bell every morning. Shopkeepers wake up around 6:30 AM and start work around seven. Waking up is generally followed by a bath and then a bit of grooming, which varies depending on the species (for instance, Grarrls don't have any fur to brush but they do need to brush their teeth). After they're fully-groomed, they put their clothes on (nearly all Altadorians wear clothes) and eat breakfast. Employed Neopets set off to work, while younglings are sent off to be taught in a school in the Park District.

     2.) Brightvale

     In Brightvale, King Hagan and his servants all wake up promptly at seven, while everyone else wakes up between the hours of six and eight in the morning depending on their job. After they wake up, they groom themselves and put on clothes (like in Altador, nearly everyone in Brightvale wears clothes). Afterwards, they eat breakfast, and in Brightvale, it's traditional to recite one philosophical quotation at breakfast every morning. After breakfast, they generally start work, school, or university (in Brightvale, Neopets start their education at as young as three).

     3.) Darigan Citadel

     Darigan Neopets don't have as organised a wake-up schedule as Brightvaleans and Altadorians, judging by the fact their ruler is a Korbat, who are mostly nocturnal. They generally just sleep and wake up whenever they want, although if they have a schedule (such as students and shopkeepers) they train themselves to wake up at around eight. They don't necessarily groom themselves first thing in the morning, though despite rumours to the contrary, they keep themselves pretty clean.

     4.) Faerieland

     Faeries only need about four hours of sleep per night, so they wake up at about three in the morning, followed by washing themselves, fixing their hair, and getting dressed, after which their duties begin. Faerie Neopets, however, still need eight hours of sleep, so they sleep until about seven thirty. in the morning. Faerie Neopets generally bathe every morning after breakfast and put on clothes if they wear any. Young Neopets are taught in schools (which usually start around nine), while young faeries are usually tutored by older faeries.

     5.) Haunted Woods

     Since the Haunted Woods have the eerie appearance of it always being night, they don't generally have a strict morning routine; they just sleep when they want to and wake up when they want to. This applies even to the ones who are students or employed, so school and work schedules are pretty unpredictable.

     6.) Kiko Lake

     Kikos start a new day at about seven and start business and school at around eight. They don't take too much time cleaning themselves in the morning as the water washes most of the dirt off. They tend to replace their band-aids every morning.

     7.) Krawk Island

     Pirates don't generally have strict schedules, so like the Haunted Woods, the school and work schedules can be unpredictable, although most local businesses are generally open by ten o'clock at the latest. Some pirates groom themselves in the morning, while some are very scruffy. Nearly every pirate's morning routine involves putting on pirate clothing and having a large, salty breakfast.

     8.) Kreludor

     Since there is no day/night cycle in space, Kreludorians tend to wake up at the same time the rock creatures do. They then eat breakfast and go to school or work.

     9.) Lost Desert

     Residents of the Lost Desert tend to wake up at sunrise, which is followed by putting their clothes on and eating breakfast (usually with a glass of juice with sand in it). In Sakhmet, the school and work day starts at around eight in the morning, while in Qasala, it starts around nine.

     10.) Lutari Island

     Nobody knows what goes on in the morning on Lutari Island because of all the storms and mists, but seeing as its residents are all Lutaris, they probably don't need to bathe in the morning as they spend so much time in the water.

     11.) Maraqua

     In Maraqua, Neopets usually train petpets to wake them up at around seven in the morning. Being underwater, they don't need to clean themselves. They generally eat a large meal (usually containing sea plants) for breakfast and business hours start at around nine AM.

     12.) Meridell

     In Meridell, King Skarl usually sleeps and wakes up whenever he wants, but everyone else generally follows a schedule: farmers get up and ready to start work at sunrise, while shopkeepers start their work at around seven, and schools start at around nine. Being a faerie, Illusen wakes up at about three in the morning and starts work in the glade soon after. It's customary for Meridellians to state their gratitude for their food at breakfast.

     13.) Moltara

     Moltarans have created their own time cycle, which they measure with clocks and watches and generally start the day at around seven. Though Moltara doesn't have any schools per se, children are educated fairly well in a section of the Arcanium. Work and education hours usually start at around eight thirty AM.

     14.) Mystery Island

     On Mystery Island, the different tribes have different school and work hours, though the shopkeepers and people like the Tiki Tack Man generally wake up pretty early so that they have less chance of being asleep when tourists arrive. It's considered traditional amongst all the tribes to eat at least one piece of fruit at breakfast. Most of the Neopets bathe in the morning, although I can't speak for the coconut men...

     15.) Neopia Central

     Neopets in Neopia Central tend to either awaken naturally or wake up with the use of alarm clocks. They then bathe or take showers, do whatever grooming their species requires, eat breakfast, and possibly get dressed, although there about as many pets who wear clothes as pets who don't in Neopia Central. Shops tend to open at around seven o'clock (which is also when the Shop Wizard starts his work), although a few are open 24 hours. School starts at nine in the morning, and because it's run by a faerie, the Soup Kitchen opens at three thirty AM.

     16.) Roo Island

     Roo Island's school hours start at about twenty past nine in the morning, the Merry-Go-Round opens at sunrise, and the Art Centre opens at seven in the morning. Morning routines vary from Neopet to Neopet, although in households of two or more, it's customary for each Neopet to tell a joke at the breakfast table.

     17.) Shenkuu

     Most Shenkuuvians wake up at around six in the morning, since many of them work in shops, which open at around seven. Due to the tradition of waking up early, school hours start earlier than in most worlds, beginning at around eight. Before setting off for work, Shenkuuvians traditionally look up at the sky. If the moon is visible, it's said to bring good luck.

     18.) Virtupets Space Station

     On Virtupets, everyone is woken up at 0:700 hours (via their time table) through an announcement over a loudspeaker. While this may sound annoying, most citizens of Virtupets are used to it. After being awoken, the Neopets eat breakfast, groom themselves, and the un-adopted Grundoes make their way to the adoption centre, the workers go to work, and the children go down to the Education Deck to begin their schooling.

     19.) Terror Mountain

     On Terror Mountain, there's a tradition that once the Snow Beasts are awake, the Neopets should be awake too. In the morning, Neopets groom themselves, put on their snow boots, pants, and parkas, and eat their breakfast. School starts at about nine AM and shops open at about seven thirty AM.

     20.) Tyrannia

     Tyrannians generally don't have separate nightwear and daywear, but if their clothes are dirty or smell bad, they wash them. Tyrannians who need to wake up at a certain time usually train petpets to ring a gong in the morning. Shops generally open at around eight and school starts at about nine thirty. Sabre-X gets up at about six in the morning to stop pesky thieves getting more than their fair share of omelette!

     And that concludes my piece on mornings in Neopia. If you're reading this in the morning, then good morning! Bye for now.

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