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Challenge Yourself – Word Puzzle

by xlorally


     Do you think that you know ALL the characters that exists in Neopia World? Do you know WHICH part of Neopia they comes from? Do you REMEMBER in which plot they are starring? Fear not, because I guaranteed that you don’t remember them anymore or worst, don’t know that they exists in the first place. One of the major reason that I can think off, because there are thousands of them out there. Most of the characters are from major plot events dates back to 2000 until the latest one in 2019. So no wonder why you haven’t remember them at all. Though in my case, I entered hibernating mode for a couple of years before deciding to make a comeback. Be as it may, all those characters can be seen in trading cards, merchandises and items.

     If you’re up to challenge yourself, why don’t you try to answer the crossword below? All the answers already provided with some information explaining about the characters. And for variety reason, let have some crossword challenge as there are too many quizzes laying around here. *trying to breath fresh air through an abundance amount of quizzes*

     Also, this puzzle is only a piece of cake. Remember, no peeking for an answer before you complete them all. Good luck.



     1. Wise Gnorbu star pupil

     3. A former general who succeed Lord Darigan

     4. In charge of Trading Post

     6. Former captain of Krawk island

     8. A shadow creature

     10. An evil warlock

     13. A doctor onboard Cyodrake's Gaze

     14. The King of Petpet

     15. The female kyrii who loves to cheat

     17. Female mercenary

     18. Ruler of Qasala


     1. Sister to Isca

     2. Represent dancer constellation

     3. The gentleman in Tale of Woe

     5. One of the famous monster hunter

     7. Has PhD in Horribleness

     9. Leader of the Seekers

     11. A faerie with foresight abilities

     12. Sorceress of Altador

     16. Eldest daughter of King Coltzan III



     • Clara Chatham is the assistant to the Wise Gnorbu of the Lunar Temple. She join Roxton and his assistant, Jordie in the Atlas of Ancients to save the planet. She originally from Brightvale.

     • General Kass is the former general of Darigan that take over the Citadel throne after the first war of Meridell. He was under the Three influenced when he attacked Meridell again. The Three also vaporized him into thin air after his defeat.

     • Jhuidah is the faerie that responsible to run the Cooking Pot in Mystery Island and one of the five guardian of the island. She also operate the trading post and has an exclusive deal with PD Secure Storage.

     • Dasher Soley is the former captain of Krawk Island and played as a forward. He passed his captainship to the current captain, Garvin Hale. He’s active during 2006 – 2010 Altador Cup tournaments.

     • Wraith is the shadow creatures that appears in Neopia after the faeries turned into stones. Their first appearance is during the Faeries’ Ruin event. In The Wraith Resurgence, the wraith appeared are only neopets altered by the Darkest Faerie.

     • Hubrid Nox is an evil warlock that have strong contender in rivaling Dr. Sloth for ruling Neopia. He also the arch-enemy of Magax. He was killed by Xandra after she framed him in order to cover her track during the Faerie’s Ruin plot. He was also an honorary member of the faction; the Awakened.

     • Anshu is the Cyodrake’s Gaze ship doctor. He also runs the Remarkable Restoratives shop in Shenkuu and like to collect stamps. He also has his picture made into stamps; called Anshu Fishing Stamp and Anshu Stamp.

     • Turmaculus is the King of Petpets that has an enormous appetite that he grew so large, making him unable to move. Nowadays he like to sleep and only able to be wake for an hour a day. He also can give you an avatar when your petpet able to wake him up by eating them.

     • Capara is the fellow player of Cheat and friend with Brucey B and Princess Fernypoo. She also has a role in the plot; Brucey B and the Lucky Coin, that consequently leading to the discovery of the Lost Desert. She is the worst player in Cheat and has an avatar dedicated to her, showcasing her failure playing that game.

     • Ylana Skyfire is the female mercenary that was hired by Dr. Sloth to track and capture the Cybunny Scout. She originally name Ylana Claymore and she’s born rich.

     • King Jazan is the son to Emperor Razul. After his proposal of marriage to Princess Amira was rejected, he married Nabile after she fell in love with him. As Nabile have a royal lineage, he finally able to break the ancient curse placed upon his people.


     • Caylis is the sister to Isca. She was treated as an outcast and was banished from Maraqua because of her prophetic nightmares. Although she finally able to make peace with Maraqua, she chose to live alone elsewhere.

     • Sasha is one of the Twelve Protectors of Altador. Her hope and inspirations to her villagers during a fierce storm has King Altador welcomed her as a protector. Dancer constellation show her significance.

     • Mr. Krawley is the gentleman who offered Bruno an elixir of Hissi Oil to make him stronger. He was the main antagonist and mastermind in the Tale of Woe. He has a strong magic and has the ability to personate another people by using transformation potions.

     • Corbin is one of the monster hunter that exposed the true nature of Scarlet in the Spooky Food Eating Contest alongside his brother, Kell.

     • Dr. Sloth or Dr. Frank Sloth is the misunderstood evil genius that multiple times has failed to take over Neopia. He also the founder of the Virtupets Space Stations. He has an allegiance with his famous legions of meepit’s army. His greatest creation is the transmogrification potion that able to turn your pet mutant and the enslavement of Grundo.

     • Professor Lambert is the leader of the Seeker, an intellectual society that has involvement in the War for the Obelisk. He has a niece, Katie and they are currently living in Brightvale.

     • Kaia is the new faerie under Queen Fyora tutelage. She played a major role in the Wraith Resurgence plot, though that was the Darkest Faerie that impersonate her during the entire times she was abducted and unconscious.

     • Jerdana is a powerful sorceress of Altador that cast the memory removing spell to protect the people of Altador and hide Altador in time-bubble for 1000 years. She also responsible for the entrapment of the Darkest Faerie in a stone by using an amulet she has made.

     • Princess Amira of Sakhmet is the eldest daughter of King Coltzan III. She ascended the throne after her father was murdered. She has lot of suitors asking for her hand in marriage because of her beauty and intelligence.

     Congratulations for enabling yourself to spend sometimes answering this word puzzle. It’s been a blast for me having to navigate all around Neopia searching for answers while creating this puzzle. I hope you enjoyed them, just as much as I enjoyed making them. Until next times folks.


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