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Moving & Shaking: Animated Items!

by parshew


     The amount of items available in Neopia is starting to rival the numbers that exist in the real world. There are tens of thousands of items out there for us to consume, collect, and throw at the Money Tree. The endless expanse sometimes seems overwhelming when you are looking for a type of item to stock in your shop or a new gallery idea, there are literally limitless possibilities! An actual sea of items for you to swim through before you find exactly what you want. But that is one of the things that makes Neopets great, sure there are a lot of items YOU specifically may never use, but one person's trash is another person's treasure, and that Mechafish could be exactly what someone is looking for. There truly is something out there to satisfy anyone's taste and style.

     One of my favorite types of items are animated items. These are items who have a moving image, in GIF format, so they are very interesting to look at. It might be something as simple as a glittering sparkle on a gold trophy, but it is still quite mesmerizing. A large amount of NC items are animated, like mystery capsules and cool outfits, but I'm not going to be focusing on those today. It would be a really, really, really long list if I tried to dive into my favorite moving NC items (can I just say all of them)!! There are over 800 total items that are animated, so let's just focus on ones that can be purchased with Neopoints, there are around 200 of those.



This is a very, very old item as you can tell by the art style. It is a detailed jewel that emanates a red ring. It's description says it is useful in the Battledome, allowing the owner to foresee their opponent's attack before it actually happens. Bizarrely however, this item cannot be equipped. My thought on this is that perhaps the item is too powerful and could predict every single move, if it fell into the wrong hands (like Dr. Sloth) then it could do some serious damage to Neopia. For now it is just a pretty item to look at.

          Chocolate Chip Cookie Slushie


There are a lot of slushies that move, jiggle, flash with a blinking light, fade out and reappear, or just straight up float. These are very popular animated items and each has its own little quirk. This one specifically is shaking, which I think is showing you the sugar rush effect you'll get when you take even one sip! Man, this thing is SWEET.



There are a few fish out there that will turn into a tool, such as a Plierfish or Pizzacutterfish, but the Pillowfish is a personal favorite. After a long, long day at the fishing vortex there is nothing more relieving than pulling up a Pillowfish and having a place to rest my head! It goes from a normal, every day fish to a super comfortable pillow. Who wouldn't like that? Err, well, it might be a little wet and slimy...

          Pirate Ship Float Pen


This cool, thick pen has a whole ocean inside of it! It has water that moves as you move then pen and it causes the ship stored inside to bob up and down and all over the place. It is like you are sailing the high seas of Krawk Island on your own! The captain of the ship inside is clearly one of the most skilled sailors out there because no matter how much I shake the pen, he never seems to sink.


Rainbow Clockwork Grundo


These marching little soldiers come in many colors, but the rainbow is a personal favorite. They are a Battledome weapon that will waltz right over to your opponent and BAM, explode right in their face! Their animation shows their menacing walk, making this a popular buy because they show exactly how they'll scare the enemy. There is a part of me that believes these were made by Dr. Sloth and so I don't completely trust them...but so far nothing terrible has happened...yet...

          Dancing Neocola Can


Why does this Neocola can wear sunglasses and dance? Beats me, but I love it. He sways back and forth to the beat of any song and looks really cool doing it. In fact, he may have better moves than I do!

          Decorated Prison Cell Bench


In terms of weirdness, this item takes the cake. It is a bench designed for a prison cell, but whoever made it got a little festive and strung up holiday lights all over it. I'm not sure in what situation a prison would let you decorate your cell so much, but that is one of the great mysteries of Neopia. According to the item description, your fellow inmates aren't very amused by the decoration.

          Robot Moehog Plushie


This plushie goes above and beyond other plushies, having a transformative aspect. It goes from a tightly coiled ball you can toss around to a full Robot Moehog. It uses some time of magical plush that looks like cold, hard robot metal but is in fact soft and squishy and huggable. If you are a fan of robots OR Moehogs, this plushie is an absolute must have.


Game Changer


If you want to win the Altador Cup next year and you don't mind playing a little bit dirty, then this is the book for you. With a glowing Fire Yooyuball on the cover, it holds the secrets of dirty-play tips and tricks. It isn't the most admirable way to win the cup, but nothing in it is strictly against the rules. It just isn't the most sportman way to conduct yourself.

          Scrappy & Jade Bobbleheads


During the Altador Cup, every staff member had their bobblehead doll released and you can watch their heads swing back and forth as if there are watching a Yooyuball whiz about the field. I picked Scrappy and Jade because obviously I couldn't write an article for the Neopian Times without including the editors' own animated items!

     And with that we have a list of just some of the coolest animated items out there, but there are many more for you to discover! Head out and see what you can find!


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