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A Faerie's Guide to Magic and Mischief

by katniss_66


     Hello, Neopian Times reader! Glad you could make it here today. My name is Seiche of the Glittering Glade, and I am a faerie Yurble. Not just any faerie Yurble, however. All across Faerieland, I am known as the trickiest little prankster you'll ever meet. Remember the time you lost your keys, just when you were running late? Or the time you began to eat a sandwich in Faerie City and the lettuce turned into dirt? Or the time you spun the Wheel of Excitement, and it just wouldn't stop spinning, and no one could figure out why? It was all me. I pulled each and every one of those pranks, and you never noticed.

     Before you get all caught up in praising me for my genius (because let me tell you, I'm certainly a genius) I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Anyone can prank like me. If you have the motivation to cause a little chaos, you can make that dream a reality.

     I have such an exciting day in store for you, because I'm going to teach you all my little hacks for causing chaos. What fun you'll have once you've learned all these secrets! But don't worry, human, some of my secrets are for me to know and you to never find out. How else would I stay the cleverest faerie in the land?

     I'm going to be guiding you through how I prank people in the most comprehensive way possible. There will be tips, warnings, and all sorts of other fun things. So, let's get started!

     Phase One: Generating Ideas

     I generate ideas for pranks just like writers brainstorm ideas for stories. Like a genius. I have a little list in the back of my head at all times for pranks I'm going to try, just in case I get stuck, but really, it's all about feeling what the right prank is in the moment.

     Here's an example. Say you've found a beautiful, lush garden of flowers, vegetables, and fruit. You know the gardener works very hard keeping it in tip top condition. So! You feel it's just the right time to pull a harmless prank. This is when you have to really feel out the area and discover all the little things that could go wrong. Look around. Notice the details. Watering cans, birdbaths, hoses, bags of birdseed and fertilizer. These are all things you can use.

     For example, think about what could go into the watering can instead of water. If you have magic, like I do, the sky's the limit. You can turn that water into Rejuvenating Negg Serum if you so choose, and make those roses grow all the way up to the sky every time they're watered. Or you can cause a tsunami in the birdbath. That's always fun.

     See, it's all about just brainstorming like a mad Yurble. And then you can move onto phase two once you know what prank you're going to pull.

     Warning! Never brainstorm on an empty stomach. This will leave your mind full of cobwebs and clutter. Your mind is like soil with tiny seeds of ideas inside. You need to water the soil and fertilize it with good nutrients, just like a garden.

     Phase Two: Waiting for the Right Time

     This step is often overlooked, but with pranks, timing is everything. If you want to make a tsunami in the birdbath, don't just make one when nobody's around. I know you're so excited to pull your clever prank, but you really have to wait for the perfect time.

     You could wait for the gardener to come out and check on his plants, BUT you could also wait for the gardener's annual garden tea party with all his friends and neighbors. The one he's been planning all year. Which is better, instant gratification, or waiting just a little longer for something incredible?

     Tip: Waiting can be hard, so why not fill that time with something fun? I always try eating cake and berries, sleeping in hollow trees, admiring my reflection, or pulling other pranks in the meantime. There's always something fun to do!

     Phase Three: Pulling the Prank

     You've brainstormed and come up with the right prank. You've waited for just the right time. Now you're ready to pull the prank! This is the best part of the process, but there are many things that can go wrong, so be careful. Heed my words of advice in this stage.

     Now, how I typically start my pranks is to hide. You don't want anyone to see you just yet. And (surprise!) this step includes more waiting. You're at the garden party, hiding in a tree, and now it's up to you to find the perfect time to make the tsunami in the birdbath. It's your call, but I'd say do it when everyone's already arrived, so not at the very beginning.

     Use your magic from up in the tree. Concentrate. It's not hard to pull a prank with magic. Anyone can do it. Start out with just a little tiny disturbance in the water. One that's almost unnoticeable. Then a slightly bigger one. People will take notice, but think nothing of it. Once they've started to point out what's happening, that's when you know the time is right.

     Make your tsunami, you empowered prankster, you! Relish in the joy of watching that giant wave crash down on the guests and soak through their food, their fancy hats, and their designer shoes. Watch them scream in terror and confusion as they try to blame someone for what happened.

     Let's have some fun! You don't have to just make a tsunami. You can also combine some other fun things. Whatever you can think of! Try sending a swarm of Springabees their way. Don't worry. They don't sting, but they do cause quite the commotion.

     After that, why not get your own party started? Make all the flowers and vegetable pants get up from the ground and dance the Xweetok Shuffle. By this time, everyone will have started to run away, but never fear. There's still time for the grand finale.

     Show yourself! Make it known that you are the prankster behind this madness. Hop down from that tree dressed in a fancy hat or cape. There are some cheap magic items you can buy for this step. Smile a mischievous grin, and make lighting flash behind you. I'd use a Basic Lightning Beam. Then say some ominous words. Just before they catch you, use an Exploding Snowball (you can get them for free at Healing Springs if you stop by enough times) to create a flash of light. Then you can disappear without being seen.

     If You Get Caught...

     Of course, I've been caught many, many times, but there are ways to break free. Use your magic to create a diversion. Maybe make another tsunami behind them. If you're really stuck, turn them into a Kadoatie (temporarily). You'll be fine!


     And that, my friends, is how you prank like a master. Use these tips on your friends and neighbors, but just remember, it's all in fun. Never do anything that could put you or anyone you know in danger. I may be a prankster, but I always say "Safety first!" Also, make sure you don't permanently damage others' property. After all my pranks, I use my magic to put everything back the way it was before. Pranks can be good fun, but you have to make sure everyone else is having fun too.

     For more laughs and tricks, visit Seiche's petpage! /~Seiche_Madea


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