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Flipping Coins, Kissing Mortogs & Tyranu

by zuniak


     There are two games in Neopia that are almost completely up to chance, and another game that mixes extreme chance with a bit of focus. Some of my favorite games are those that go by quick and have large rewards with little upfront risks. You can lose everything at the slots, or wager all your money away at Krawps, and end up broke with tiny rewards!! But there are three very, very simple games that can reward some massive prizes (well, two bigger than the other). I wanted to write up a guide but realized they are all pretty easy to pick up, so I thought why not combine all three into one mega-guide!?

     All three of these games offer avatars and trophies, which makes them even more exciting. They are really great games to play with a tiny cost, I doubt there is anyone out there who can't afford at least a couple rounds of each! I like these games because you can get larger rewards quickly, where other low-gamble games like Dice-A-Roo only give giant bonuses with a lot of modifiers and losses.

     Starting with the easiest...

     Double or Nothing!

     Double or Nothing is putting your fate into the flip of a coin. Literally. You have to find a suspicious Skeith inside Meridell Castle and he will wager all his fortunes if you are able to predict the way his coin will fall. Your goal is to always have it land on heads, landing on tails will make you lose everything.

     The game is as easy as clicking your mouse and letting your anxiety shoot through the roof as you climb up every level. Why is it so anxiety inducing? Well, the more you land on heads, the more you stand to win!

     An initial wager of 10 neopoints is made, almost nothing. For every heads, your prize pool will double. So after the first heads you stand to win 20 NP, then 40 NP, and it keeps increasing. After 15 times of the coin landing on heads you could win 163,840 NP! All for a tiny gamble of 10 NP. If you win over 320 NP, you'll earn yourself an avatar. Obviously this is a very tough game, and very few people will a ton, but just imagine...theoretically, with a ton of luck, you could win millions in a matter of minutes. But if at any point you land on tails, your prize pool disappears and the Skeith pockets the original 10 NP for himself.

     I'm not sure how high the prize pool could go, but it isn't very common to win more than just a few thousand. Maybe you'll be the first to win tens of millions!!

     Tyranu Evavu

     To mix a little bit of skill into the gamble, Tyranu Evavu is a game of prediction. You have a deck of cards and you flip a card over, and you try to guess if the next card will be higher (Tyranu) or lower (Evavu). Ace runs high in this game, so it is the highest value, while 2 is the lowest value.

     While it is almost random what card will get pulled, you can make some educated guesses. There are 52 cards in the deck, and if you've already seen four Aces, then you know when you pull a King that the next card must be evavu! It's a good idea to write down the cards as you pull them, because it will help you better predict your probabilities with each guess. It isn't a foolproof method but will help you get farther.

     A common strategy is to always pick Evavu if the card is a 10, Jack, Queen, King, or Ace. Or to always pick Tyranu if the card is a 2, 3, 4, or 5. The other cards it is up to your discretion, and what has been drawn before to figure out which way has the best odds. Be careful when guessing, the Tyranu and Evavu buttons like to swap positions, so always take an extra second to read which one you are guessing!

     If you correctly make it through the whole deck you'll will 12,000 NP. Pretty nice for an initial bet of 30 NP! If you make it past 15 guesses, you'll earn an avatar!

     It'll take you a few rounds to get used to the flow of the game and to get used to using a chart of what cards have been drawn, but this is a very fun game to play. It is such a low-risk game that you almost always end up winning NP at the end of it.

     Kiss The Mortog

     Kissing Mortogs is pretty gross, but it could yield a very large prize if you are able to correctly predict which Mortog will turn into a prince or princess!

     The game starts with two Mortogs and adds one for every round you make it through. You wager 50 NP and could win 100 NP for getting through the first round, and 300 NP for the second, and it keeps growing from there. If you are able to get to round 8 you stand to win a whopping 18,000,000 NP. Insane!! There is no real strategy here except trusting your gut and hoping to get lucky.

     There are two avatars you can win also, one for beating round four and another for winning a large sum. At least a few times a month someone will win 250,000 NP, and occasionally people win millions. It could happen to you, but you have to get out there and try!

     I like to always stick to the same positioned frog in every round, so if I pick the second frog in round one, then I continue to pick the second frog through all the rounds. I think this game is totally random, but having some consistency while playing always makes me feel a little bit better and a little bit luckier.

     Theoretically you could win billions of NP with a ton of luck in this game, but the chances of winning even 18,000,000 NP is somewhere around 0.00028%. Not great odds, but you have about a 50% chance of doubling your initial bet! If you know how to control yourself then it might be worthwhile to just play through the first round or two and collect from there.


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