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Guilds of Neopia: Homes For Every Lost Pet

by the_cutest_assassin


      There are countless guilds in Neopia, all unique and different in their own way. The upside to this is that anyone can find a guild that is perfect for them; the downside is that it is easy to overlook your potential dream guild. There are so many guilds that Neopians put so much work into that deserve some recognition. In this new series we will be looking at different guilds of Neopia to see what makes them special. And who knows? Maybe you'll find your dream guild!

      Since this is the first edition, what better to start with than my own guild? Today we will be looking at Homes For Every Lost Pet, or H.E.L.P. for short. In the first section I will give you a description of the guild. The second section will have interviews from various people who associate with H.E.L.P.

      H.E.L.P. is an adoption guild. That means that it is a guild that adopts out Neopets that have previously been adopted from the pound. More specifically, the members of H.E.L.P. adopt pets from the pound and zap them in the secret lab ray until they turn into a popular color. Then they are put up for adoption through the guild. With their nice new color they have a much better chance of being adopted into a forever home. The goal is to give these Neopets a permanent new home so they will never have to be abandoned again.

      I have a very positive opinion of H.E.L.P., as it is my guild, but instead of hearing all about it from me why not hear from some of the people involved with H.E.L.P.?

      First up we have newenglandquizzer, the President of H.E.L.P.

          What inspired you to start this guild?

      A few years ago, I actually ran an adoption page all on my own. I had a few friends who helped me zap pets, and then I would find homes for them. I kinda feel like HELP is a continuation of that! But this time there's a whole guild to hang out with.

          Running a guild is a lot of work, what motivates you?

      Honestly, there's no way I could run HELP alone. My Vice President, Pride, has stepped in while I dealt with real-life personal issues. Without Pride, HELP would have vanished while I was away! So what motivates me is the teamwork I see between members of the guild. Without one another, HELP couldn't exist.

          Do you have any future plans or hopes for HELP? If so what are they?

      I really hope HELP can continue on as a great place to adopt paintable pets. There's been a huge focus these past few years on unconverted pets, and sometimes "regular" pets get left out. So I want HELP to continue to fill the gap and provide adorable pets to people who want to adopt.

      Next up is 0o0pride0o0, the Vice president of H.E.L.P.

          Explain what the different jobs are that the guild members do.

      Most of our members are zappers, picking up pets from the pound to zap and rehome, but we also appreciate people who keep the board bumped and keep an eye on the PC for anyone seeking pets we have UFA or people looking to zap and rehome. And of course, we're open to anything our members may want to contribute!

          What makes this guild stand out from other adoption guilds?

      I don't know that anything really makes us stand out, per se. We're like most adoption guilds in that most of us just love to pick up pets from the pound to zap and rehome. We are, however, more like a collection of independent contractors so we're quite a bit less chatty than a normal guild, mostly all just happily focusing on our own foster pets. Of course, chatting is welcome! But I think because of our lack of membership requirements, we've definitely drawn a big crowd of zappers looking for the best and easiest way to rehome their pets with a no-fuss app-free process.

          How do you think HELP has made an impact?

      Haha, that's a hard question! I definitely think our members are happy to dust off their lab rays again and adopt some pets from the pound and zap them until they get loving new homes! I think, for an adoption agency, that's the best impact we can make!

          Next we have some randomly selected members of H.E.L.P.

          What made you join this guild over all the other guilds? (cindirr)

      I joined this guild because its mission appealed to me-- I like adopting out pets, but I don't have time to sort through applications and many potential owners don't have time to create them. There are also potential adopters who are great owners, but are overlooked when applications are the primary method of adopting out pets. HELP also has a presence on the Pound Chat, meaning it's fairly active and there are a lot of friendly members.

          What do you do in the guild? Do you enjoy it? Why? (xoxmandy300xox)

      The thing I love about Homes For Every Lost Pet (H.E.L.P) is that this guild approaches 'Neopets' not just a website that you can interact with a virtual pet - but as a sanctuary of real pets that we love to pamper and genuinely spend time caring for. HELP has unconditional love for every Neopet, despite the name, species, or customization. They believe that every abandoned Neopet will find the perfect owner. HELP strives to find homes for lonesome pets, whilst also helping fellow Neopet lovers achieve their goals and dreams of finding their 'dream Neopet' they've always wanted. When there's a guild this kind and helpful towards complete strangers, why wouldn't you want to jump aboard? The members are all kind and very open to helping others.

          How organized is HELP? What improvements do you think it could make? (araalcely)

      I think it is well organized. I think we should promote the up for adoption pets more, but I understand that the active members are already pretty busy. I feel that the only thing missing is the unity, we need more members involved. Other than that, I think HELP is great as is.

          What advice would you give to someone interested in joining HELP? (rings_of_the_lord)

      My advice would be to have some kind of theme in mind for the sort of Neopets you want to help. Also, be willing to be active and PATIENT. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months for a pet to be discovered by exactly the right owner for them.

      Last but not least, we have randomly selected people who have adopted from H.E.L.P.

      What has been your experience with HELP? (wrongs)

      I've had absolutely lovely experiences with HELP. They are kind, caring people who manage to combine due diligence in vetting adoptees with a laidback attitude that is rare in the PC. I have only the highest praise for the fine folks at HELP!

          Are there any improvements to the adoption process of HELP that you would recommend? (beyonchey)

      My experience with HELP was very successful and I can’t think of anything that could possibly make it any better! The adoption process was very simple; the owner messaged me back as quickly as possible and within days I had a dreamie! c: I like the no pressure application process. I personally find it much too stressful to apply for any pet. I’ve lost out on many dream pets simply because I was too shy/afraid to apply. :P There have been a few times I have applied for a pet ufa and the owner has either not applied or changed their mind. This wasn’t the case at all with HELP, it was completely stress free and easy.

          What made you decide to adopt from HELP? Was it one of your dreamies or was it just on a whim? (jaymie)

      I’ve seen HELP’s posts on the chat boards and I was impressed with the members’ friendliness and the guild’s uncomplicated adoption process. I’ve been looking for a pet to adopt in honor of my dog, Lucy, but I couldn’t find a name that I liked. I saw a HELP board last week and decided to look at their UFA pets. I’m sure glad that I did! One of the first pets I saw was an adorable baby Xweetok with the perfect name. Thanks to the HELP guild I now have the pet I’ve been looking for.

      HELP doesn’t require an application when adopting, it is completely up to the owner to decide if you get to adopt the Neopet or not. Do you consider this a positive or a negative thing? (fruitnfuzzy)

      I think that it’s a good thing and it should totally be up to the owner whether or not you get to adopt the pet.

      That concludes the first issue of Guilds of Neopia! I hope you found this helpful or at least enjoyable! If you know of a guild that you think deserves some recognition please don’t hesitate to neomail me telling me a little bit about it!


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