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Neocash Backgrounds and Foregrounds for the Spring

by berzerkturtlez


     My Favorite Spring Neocash Backgrounds and Foregrounds

     Snow is melting and flowers are blooming! It’s springtime again, and that means it’s time to dress your Neopet up to match the season. Here’s a list of my own personal favorite backgrounds/foregrounds for the spring season!

     1. Babaa with Flowers and Neggs

     This item was a prize from Mysterious Magical Neggs in Y19, and as such, it is pretty hard to find, valued at ~ 10 capsules. It is popular because it features an extremely cute Babaa hunting for some Neggs. It fits into many customs, especially any outdoors background or Negg-centric custom. This may be a hard item to find if you didn’t get it in the original event, but if you do get it, it’s worth it just because of how versatile and cute it is.

     2. Rose Gold Vases with Flowers

     This item was awarded from the 8th Birthday Rose Gold Gala Wish Candle which was released in summer of 2015. It is also hard to find, and arguably you could say it is more of a summer item. However, blooming flowers always makes me think of spring, so I’m putting it here. This goes well with any indoor custom, or even outdoor if you want. It pairs especially well with Window with Twinkling Lights Background Item or Fireplace Zen Background (the background has the same flowers and vases). And if you can’t afford/find the more expensive original, there are several dyeworks to choose from as well!

     3. Wildflower Foreground

     This item was originally released at 150NC in 2017, but it is also another popular item. It adds some pretty flowers to any outdoors custom, but isn’t overbearing at all so it is perfect if you don’t want to detract from the rest of your custom. The flowers are in a variety of colors so it can match many customs. As it is buyable, there’s also a good chance it’ll be re-released in the future.

     4. Pretty Spring Flower Foreground

     Depending on the background you are pairing with, this might fit better into your custom. It was also released in a Festival of Neggs event in Y14, so it is a bit older and valued a bit higher, at 3-4 capsules. I like this foreground because of the different variety of flowers, in both color and size. Like the Wildflower Foreground, this can go into many different customs.

     5. Pastel Springtime Decor

     Like the Babaas, this was released in the Mysterious Magical Neggs Event, but in Y20. This can also fit into many springtime customs, but especially those with other Neggs or flowers. I especially like pairing this with Vintage Valentine Flower Vendor Background. Although it is not very highly sought after, I still like it for how many different customs you can put it in.

     6. Rainy Spring Day Background

     This was released about a year ago in 2018 in the NC Mall for 200 NC. It’s worth around 1-2 capsules, and also has a good chance at getting re-released. This is a great background, pairing well with items like Cherry Blossom Garland, Enchanted Vines and Red Flowers Foreground, or Field of Ombre Peonies. The pink petals are the perfect shade and best of all, it even comes with its own rain effects so you don’t need to find Rain Shower or MME2-S1: Mystical Rain Shower if you don’t have them.

     7. MiniMME6-S2: Golden Outdoor Background

     If pink is too much for you, then how about gold? This was a very old item from a MiniMME back in 2011. This pairs well with items like Golden Vines Garland, Dyeworks Yellow: Field of Flowers/Peaceful Tree Garland, and many other items. If you can’t get enough gold/yellow, there are many gold/yellow dyeworks that pair perfectly with this item. This was re-released in the MME capsule, and is now worth around 10 capsules. (Side note: I remember trading for one of these back then, hard to believe how fast 8 years have gone by!)

     8. Enter the Garden Background

     This was released 1 year ago in the Burst of Spring Mystery Capsule. It’s relatively simple, but very well drawn. The blend of pink and green means you can use many different foregrounds with it, including Babaas or even the Gorgeous Sequin Springtime Table if you want to go for an outdoor garden party type of look. It also looks really pretty even when you use something like Window with Twinkling Lights Background Item with it. It is not surprising to see how it’s already valued at 3-4 only one year after release.

     9. Great Big Outdoors Background

     My list probably wouldn’t be complete without this background, as it is a very popular and hard to find background. Its value varies and it has gotten higher recently, but as of writing, trades for around 30 capsules. If you want to surround your Neopet with all that is “Spring”, then look no further, because your pet will be immersed amongst the flowers.

     10. Flower Market Background

     I’ve already listed a lot of popular/higher value backgrounds that most people probably already know about, but there are also a lot of cheaper/easier to find items that look great too! This is a great background just because of how simple and well-drawn it is. The flowers have some subtle movement and it’s easy to pair many different foregrounds, higher foreground items, and dresses with it.

     11. Warrior Glade Background

     An old background that was in the mall for a while before being retired. It is also another simple background – just some swaying flowers, grass, and a river surrounded by mountains. It is simple enough that you can add whatever you want in terms of foregrounds/background items to create a custom with a unique feel.

     12. Premium Collectible: Peaceful Water Fountain Background

     Spring doesn’t have to necessarily mean flowers! This background was released as a premium collectible to Premium users 6 years ago in 2013. I like this background for its simplicity and also how easy it can be to find. The background is also general enough that it can be used in any season, not just spring. Perfect if you want a spring custom, but don’t necessarily want to overload on the flowers.

     And there you have it, some of my favorite Neocash backgrounds and lower foreground items for the spring. I’ll be back soon with some of my favorite spring wearable items!


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