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It's a Garden Palooza!

by absol_wolf


     Springtime Gardening is in full swing!

      That's right, springtime has arrived and with it, it's time to get to work on crafting your own personal NeoGarden. There's no better time than now to get started livening up the back yard of your NeoHome with beautiful flowers or even vegetable gardens! There's no limit (besides back yard space) to what you could do this year to spruce up your little home space to make it even more fun to play in. Here's some recommended things you could do with your garden this spring season!

      Small Neohome? Never fear – there's plenty we can do to make your garden beautiful! Larger NeoHome? Let's make use of that space and make it a sight to remember! There's plenty of plants, flowers and even fruits or vegetables you can grow in your own back yard, even ones that grow well in the shade! Let's start off with some flowers.

      • Gardenias – a hardy flower that will grow pretty much anywhere.

      • Poppies – Perfect for adding a splash of color to your garden. They come in all sorts of colors!

      • Bluebells – A lovely lavender flower that makes sounds when you shake them!

      • Tulips – A springtime favorite. They come in different colors and sometimes even change colors!

      • Cyclamen – A very tenacious flower. They grow very quickly, so keep an eye on them!

      • Pebeanjay Flowers – A beautiful purple flower that is fantastic for beginners!

      • Crocus – They bloom only in the early spring. They're sure to add some charm to your NeoGarden!

      • Rowzez – They're a little bit harder to take care of, but they're a wonderful way to tell someone your true feelings.

      • Sunflowers – What better sunny flower to grow than this? Little or mammoth sized, sunflowers are always beautiful to look at!

      And these are just a few of the wonderful flowers that can be found from the Neopia Garden Centre! But now that you have a few ideas on what flowers you might want to plant in your garden, how about some vegetables or fruits? Some options depend a lot on where you live, but there's some great choices that will grow next to anywhere (except maybe Terror Mountain.).

      • Potatoes – A staple of some diets! Potatoes are starchy and filling root vegetables. They'll even be a great accent to your garden because the main body of the plant will blossom beautifully!

      • Strawberries – Have you ever had a home-grown strawberry? They're the sweetest and most delicious thing you can imagine! You'll need at least two plants for the fruit to grow, but they're worth it!

      • Asparagus – They aren't exactly tasty most of the time, but they are really healthy! If you're someone who wants to eat healthy more often, Asparagus is the way to go.

      • Carrots – They help your vision out! These are a Cybunny's favorite snack; why not see why?

      • Watermelon – What summer is complete without having watermelon? You can grow smaller sized watermelons that don't need as much space as their larger counterparts and still have them be just as sweet!

      • Tomatoes – Not everyone loves tomatoes, but if you're someone who does, why not grow your own? Freshly grown tomatoes are even tastier than the ones you can buy in the store! You can put them in salads, make tomato sauce – you can even dice them up and use them in all sorts of recipes!

      • Broccoli/Cauliflower – They're similar, but pretty different at the same time. Not everyone likes to eat them, but they're another really healthy thing you can grow this year! There's plenty of delicious recipes you can make with them and you can even eat them raw if you want!

      • Pumpkins – Grow your own personal Jack-o-Lantern (carving not included)! Pumpkins take a while to grow and need a little bit of space, but during the fall you can carve them and bake all the seeds inside, too. Then once you're all done with your jack-o-lantern, you can even eat the rest of it, too!

      Aren't there a lot of options you can choose from this year for your NeoGarden? But we've only just gotten started! Aside from being able to plant vibrant and beautiful flowers, or wonderful fruits and vegetables that just keep on giving all the way until winter, there's also decorations to think about! Now what's a NeoGarden without at least a few decorations to give it that final touch?

      Depending on the look you're going for, there's a lot of different options you can choose from! Here are some of my top favorite picks for this spring season.

      • Angelpuss Birdhouse – It's adorable, what more can I say? Birds will love settling in here!

     Curved Pond – Though it's a little bit expensive, it's sure to add a wonderful, calm atmosphere to your garden! Plus, who doesn't enjoy splashing around in a pond every once in a while?

      • Gnomes – They're kind of silly little things, but they're also said to protect Neopets from harm while out in their garden! It couldn't hurt, right?

      • Decorated Gazebo – Definitely one for the larger NeoHomes. They're a luxurious addition to any yard!

      • Deluxe Treehouse – Who DOESN'T want a treehouse? Now you can have one! Let yourself have that treehouse you always wanted, overlooking all your hard work on your garden below. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

      • Barbecue – Nothing says spring or summer evening like barbecuing. Toss some hotdogs on the grill and enjoy a nice quiet night outdoors!

      • Floral Garden Swing – There's definitely no better swing that will blend in with all the flowers you'll be planting! It'll be a fantastic addition to any garden that chooses a purple theme this spring.

      • Mosiac Paving Stones – The final addition; paving stones. Sure you can walk around anywhere you want and that's just fine, but paving stones give that final touch of accomplishment at the end of everything!

      These are all just a few ideas for what you could do with your NeoGarden this year. There are so many different ways you can choose to decorate and model your garden, no one garden will look the same. So, let's get to work making this spring the most memorable and also the most beautiful!

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