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10 Favorite Food Club Pirates

by venom_creep


     One of our favorite things to do in all of Neopia is to play Food Club. Not only is it one of the best money makers there is, but it's a ton of fun to make your own bets and win big. Throughout our many years of making bets, we have learned all about the various pirates, and we thought it would be a fun idea to share our top 10 favorites here today.



     Without a doubt, our absolute favorite pirate is Stuff. Everything about him is lovable. His design is incredibly adorable, he has a very cute name, and he is the true underdog in Food Club with the lowest win rate in FC history. He's almost constantly at 13:1 and you will rarely ever see him win, but when he does, we're always happy for him. Even if he causes an upset and makes everyone bust, you just can't stay mad. He deserves it after all!


     Buck Cutlass

     Buck has always been our favorite of the stronger pirates, coming in with the third highest win rate. He's a force to be reckoned with and is very often reliable. Every time we need him to pull through, he almost always does. Plus who doesn't love a Lupe? And just look at him! He's possibly the coolest Lupe in all of Neopia (move over, Jeran). Also, you got to love a pirate whose favorite food is candy and who also hates vegetables. Interestingly, due to the high amount of vegetables in the food served at the Food Club, Buck almost always has a negative food adjustment, but he never lets that keep him down. In fact, he seems to win most often with a FA of -1.


     Franchisco and Federismo Corvallio

     We decided to put these two together as they are both brothers and we think that's a very neat concept with these guys. Their designs are also pretty clever with them being color swapped and facing opposite directions. Not only that, they share very similar win rates with Fed being just slightly ahead with 36% over Fran's 35%, making both of them very fearsome competitors placing 4th and 5th. However, what we love most about them is when they both win on the same day! We always enjoy pairing them up together when we make our bets, plus they have brought us some really nice wins.


     Gooblah the Grarrl

     Gooblah is, without a doubt, the king of Food Club. With an astonishing 65% win rate, no other pirate can come close to him. He is certainly the "fearsome eating machine" he's described as. We couldn't imagine a Food Club world without him. He has single-handedly brought many, many people so many good wins in his lifetime, and that's something you just have to respect. When the odds are terrible, people will say "ten-bet Goobs" simply because of how reliable he is. Sadly, we think he may go a little underappreciated at times, as many people will take him for granted. On the days that Gooblah does end up losing, lots of people will get angry and call him names, but that isn't very fair. There's so much pressure for him to perform well, so it's okay if he loses now and again. Maybe he even feels bad for the other pirates being so much weaker than him, and he will simply let them win! Yes it's sad when he can cause so many people to bust, but can you imagine a life without Goobs?


     Bonnie Pip Culliford

     To us, Bonnie Pip is the wild card pirate. Placing right in the middle at 10th place in terms of win rate, it's easy to see why he's a mixed bag. We can never quite trust him at 2:1, but he often causes big upsets when he opens with higher odds, making him a very fun pirate to bet on if you're going risky. Whenever we see him with opening odds of 3:1-9:1, we will always try to use him in some way -- a safety or stacking him with other pirates. We've gotten some great wins that way, and as risky bettors we can't help but put him on this list. Plus he's such a "bonnie" lad with his long, slicked-back hair!


     Admiral Blackbeard

     When we think of a typical pirate, we think of Blackbeard. He's got the pirate hat with the skull and crossbones, and of course the lovely beard itself. Plus he's an actual Admiral of a pirate ship, commanding the dreaded Jolly Chomby. All he really needs is a parrot and then he would probably fit the theme of Food Club better than anyone else. His stats aren't great, but he always puts up a tough fight, making him a very admirable Admiral.


     Captain Crossblades

     Crossblades is most certainly the cutest pirate after Stuff-A-Roo (these two really need plushies). Just look at that little bow and his tiny wooden sword! He tries to look fearsome, which makes him seem even cuter to us. Although, it was once told that he hit a Jetsam straight in the nose. But unfortunately he's not much of an eater, making him one of the weakest pirates, but we still can't help but love the little guy!


     Orvinn the First Mate

     The chubbiest member of the Food Club team, we originally weren't sure how to feel about Orvinn because his FA (food adjustment) is always so incredibly high (lots of favorite foods) but he would very rarely seem to win, but we've grown to appreciate him over time. His description says it best: "How could someone so large be so weak? At least with those odds, if he does win you can expect quite a payoff." When Orvinn does hit, he hits big! Plus there's something to admire about a pirate that can eat a whopping +7 FA, even if sometimes it doesn't quite work out.


     Lucky McKyriggan

     Lucky might be the ugliest pirate in Food Club, and his taste in food is rather odd (he loves gross food and hates pizza), but it's hard not to like the guy. He's the 4th strongest pirate with a really good win rate, so he can be pretty trustworthy. He performs nicely as both a 2:1 pirate as well as an upsetter that can give good pay days. That must be why he's called "Lucky"! We can't help but wonder how much better he might do if he still had both of his eyes and his hands.


     Special mention: Food Club Bookie

     We couldn't possibly end this list without mentioning the Bookie himself! This guy has been tirelessly keeping track of all the pirates and stats for years, and he is always there to greet us with a smile every time we bet. We often wonder how he has the time and neopoints to give out, but we are always thankful for his contribution and showing every new bettor the ropes.

     Well, we hope you enjoyed reading about our ten favorite Food Club pirates, and maybe you even learned a thing or two about the guys behind Neopia's favorite gambling game. Of course we appreciate all twenty of them, even those that seem to make us bust more often than others. They gorge themselves every day just for competition and so we can place bets on the outcome. We hope they can keep it up for many years to come!

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