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13 Ways to Ring In Spring!

by stars4ever33


     Guess what, Neopians?! Spring is just around the corner! Here are some ways you can celebrate the up and coming season! The idea of Springtime has given me a lot of ideas, ideas that I wish to pass along o you so you can have a wonderful springtime!

          1) Garden!

     Gardening is a favorite hobby amongst many Neopians. Since the ground will no longer be frozen or covered in snow, now is a good time to pick up those tools and plant some flower buds, vegetables, anything that tickles your fancy!

     Make sure you have the following:




     -Your seeds are very important


     2) Clean!

     If gardening isn't your schtick, you could always clean up your house! I would bet that everyone has a few spare items they no longer have a use for. So, you could pack those items up in boxes and donate them to the money tree! Or you can sell them and put those Neopoints up towards that new book that just came out!

     Be sure that you have the following supplies:


     -Feather Duster’s





     -Dish Soap

          3) Picnic!

     This activity is great by yourself or with friends! Simply bring a checkered blanket and a basket filled with wonderful treats!

     Ideas for treats:

     Extra Cheesy Cheddar Crisps

     Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwiches

     BLT; with or without cheese.


     Apple Juice Carton


          4) Throw a Spring-has-Sprung party!

     For all you party planners reading this! A spring has sprung party can either be indoors, or outdoors! Make sure your decorations are spring-y. Lots of flowers, punch, plenty of food and friends!

     Ideally décor should be:

     -Paper Flowers, either homemade using construction paper or store-bought.

     -Should include Spring Colors, pink, purple, yellow and light blue.

     -Sandwiches cut into springtime objects, spades, flowers, etc

     -Pink Lemonade

     -Floral Table Cloth

          5) Go on a Nature Walk.

     For some of us, we prefer a slow relaxing walk through the park rather than planning a huge party, and that’s perfectly fine! A nature walk can be just what you need to get yourself out of the Winter-mindset. Perhaps the snow has been up to your windows at your NeoHome, and this walk is your first chance to leave since December. Well, I say, take the chance and get rid of that Cabin Fever you have! Or if you feel the need to exercise, take your bike! Go with friends! Turn it into a game of “I spy” by listing off all the creatures you saw while you were out!

          6) Read some Spring-y books!

     Perhaps you’re a more introverted neopet, That’s fine! Simply sit on your best lawn chair and enjoy the cool springtime air with some Spring-y books! I personally recommend:

     -Faeries of Spring

     -Scorchio Spring

     -Altador is Lovely in the Spring!

     -The Snowbunny Burows into Spring

          7) Jump in Puddles!

     We all know that Spring can be a particularly rainy season, but without the rain, we would not have flowers. It’s best to bad light of the rain by jumping in the puddles it leaves behind. So grab your rain boots, your jacket and your hat and go splash in some puddles. Be sure to properly dry off when you come inside. Wouldn’t want to track mud into your freshly cleaned Neohome would you?

     8) Take a Lake Tour!

     Now that winter has passed, the tours on Kiko Lake are in full swing! Now would be the perfect time to go before they get too busy for the summer. While you're in Kiko Lake, don’t forget to pick up a few souvenirs for your friends. Wouldn’t want them to get jealous now! (Make sure to pack your raincoat as it can get a little wet up on the lake!)

          9) Write

     Perhaps the warm weather has inspired you to do some writing? Write a new story, a poem or even just a list about your favorite spring activities. When you’re done, share with your friends! Maybe even host a poetry circle at your house. If you don’t forget about your fancy beret!


     10) Take a vacation!

     The NeoLodge fills up very fast during the summer, while spring may not be ideal for swimming, it is ideal for taking a small vacation, especially if you’re not a fan of huge crowds. Take a few days off from your busy schedule and relax. After being cooped up all winter, you deserve it!

     Things to pack:





     and don’t forget your favorite plushie!

          11) Plan your April Fools prank.

     April 1st is April Fools day, and with that comes pranks! If you’re going to pull a prank, make sure that no one will be hurt. Some ideas include:

     -Putting a bucket of water over the door, having the water spill on whoever enters it next!

     -Pie to the face of a good friend, make sure they’re not allergic to whatever pie it is!

     -Wearing big goofy glasses all day.


     12) Illusen Day!

          Illusen Day is March 17th, which is just a few days shy of the first day of Spring. Head on down to Meridell Pay a visit to everyone’s favorite Earth Faerie (well maybe not Jhudora’s favorite.) Illusen loves plants, flowers and just anything green. Who knows? If you bring her a gift, she might just give you something in return. (Like an avatar? *wink wink* *nudge nudge* )

     13) Do it your way!

     You don’t have to follow any of my advice to a T. Rather, prefer you ring in Spring your own way. You might not even be a fan of Springtime, which is perfectly fine! Find a Season or a month that you enjoy the most and run with it. Find ways to celebrate, be them big or small! And don't feel bad if you can’t celebrate because you’re sick, or your friends or busy. Simply find other things to do.


     So there you have it! 13 ways to celebrate the season of Spring! I look forward to seeing how you all celebrate! Until next time,



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