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A Happy Gnomes New Friend.

by yellowstefy


     The sound of butterfly wings fluttering through the wind echoes through the tribe. Past the woodland and through the bright, green trees lies a tribe full of the tiniest Kacheeks, dressed up as gnomes. They wear red, blue, green, all kind of colour hats. With hearts dedicated to their tribe, they swore to protect each other and any invasion that occurs. Trails of ants march through the tribe bringing back recourses and necessities back from their adventures. The Kacheeks protect all insects big and small. The leader is a special Kacheek, he is bright, witty and of course happy. He goes by the name Gedda HappyCheek.

      Gedda enjoys adventure, and of course protecting his tribe. He is a strong minded Yellow Kacheek with a red gnome hat. He has a beard that’s as white as an Abominable Snowman. He isn’t quite tall compared to the average Neopet but he is definitely the tallest out of his tribe. He has been the leader of this tribe for years and has enjoyed every minute of it. Today is a special but dangerous day for Gedda, as he has an important task awaiting him.

      “Gedda, when do we set out on the mission today?” Louie asks. Louie is Geddas reliable second in charge, he wears a yellow hat and has a smile you couldn’t forget.

      “We will set out soon, just finishing up some touches to the map, everything should be ready by noon” Gedda replies.

      Noon hits, and it’s time to set out.

      “Now remember, this mission is crucial, let me explain once more. The Rainbow Pteri has swiped our golden mushroom and we need it back to maintain the other mushrooms growths. If we don’t have that, our mushrooms could seize to exist in our tribe. We will climb up the tree to the north, find the Rainbow Pteris nest and take back what is ours!” Gedda shouts to his crew.

      The Kacheeks shout back in confidence and are all ready for the mission. They follow Gedda closely behind in a single file. One Kacheek name Georgie at the back keeps lookout for any danger. The trail is hot from the soaring sun, but luckily the Kacheeks dedication shines brighter. The Kacheeks begin singing a song to past time. Humming and galloping along the muddy trail as they enjoy the slight breezes in between the heat. After a while, they stop for a quick lunch break and huddle towards a little bush. Each of them pick of some berries and find a round rock to sit on. They all talk about how anxious they are to retrieve the golden mushroom, but are ready for any danger. Once they’ve done eating they return back to the path and onwards with the mission.

      They travel for 3 hours, then finally reach their destination, a short willow tree. Gedda signals to Georgie that everything is clear above him. Georgie then let’s out a loud cue, that travels through the land. A short moment later, a flight of Buzzers arrive and they lower themselves towards the Kacheeks. One by one they climb onto the Buzzers and begin to be lifted up hastily towards a thin but sturdy branch. All the Kacheek hop off and wave a sign of thanks to the Buzzers as they fly away.

      “Okay we are here everyone and in front of use is a nest that lies the golden mushroom” Gedda announces to his crew.

      The winds at this height are fierce as the gnomes struggle to stop their hats from blowing away. Georgie then begins to stumble erratically. The Kacheeks begin to feel like the Coconuts at Coconut Shy constantly getting hit by balls. But instead the Kacheeks are getting hit by strong winds and losing their balance.

      “We can’t go on like this! There’s no way that we can make it to the nest, we could fall because of these strong winds!” Georgie says as he tries to stabilise himself by crouching down and gripping each side of the branch.

      “Okay I have an idea!” Gedda replies as he begins shuffling through his back pocket. He then pulls out a roll of Smug Bite Sticky Paper.

      “The Bug Brothers knew this would come in handy one day, and I guess they were right” Gedda mumbles to himself.

      “Okay everyone listen up please! I want you all to grab some Smug Bug Sticky Paper and stick some to the soles of your shoes. It should keep your shoes firm to the bark so that you shouldn’t fall!” Gedda says to them all as he start to quickly pass the tape around.

      Everyone finally gets the tape on the soles of their shoes. Everyone is amazed that it has worked and cheers for Gedda. Once that crisis has averted they begin to creep silently towards the nest as any loud noises could set of the Rainbow Pteri. Many leaves are dodged as any slight pressure on them could make a crunching sound, which will surely get any creatures attention. With a huge sigh of relief, they finally make it to the nest and the golden mushroom is in clear view. Gedda grabs his rope from his toolbar belt and swings it high up in the air. He throws the rope and lands it perfectly around the mushroom. Gedda then pulls it cautiously away from the nest, thankfully the Pteri is no where to be found. The mushroom reaches Gedda. He then quickly hand its to Louie to strap it around his back securely.

      But then...

      A loud croak can be heard in the distance as panic floods Geddas body. All the Kacheeks heart begin to beat like the sound of Haunted Drums.

      Each one of their fears has become reality. The Rainbow Pteri is back and lands directly in front of Gedda and the Kacheeks. Gedda stands his ground and steps forward as the Kacheeks follow pursuit. The Rainbow Pteri huddles fowards, with its majestic feathers swaying from the heavy winds. Then suddenly it drops something from its beak. Gedda looks closely, and sees that it’s 5 golden mushroom! Gedda slowly looks back up at the Pteri with confusion smeared across his face. The Rainbow Pteri nudges the golden mushroom closer to Gedda, signalling a sign of friendship.

      Gedda looks at the Pteri in disbelief, but then quickly has a huge smile on his face.

      “Thank you very much, we all thought differently but you have proven that you just want friendship from us gnomes and we will always be in our tribe if you would like to visit”

      The Pteri happily nods back at Gedda and let’s out a cheerful croak. The Rainbow Pteri then lowers its head allowing the Kacheeks to jump onto the back of it. Gedda looks back at the other Kacheeks and lets them all know that the Pteri can be trusted. They all then begin to climb on the back of the Pteri.

      The Pteri then soars through the air, past the trees and around the trunks. Finally they arrive at the tribe. Once all of the Kacheeks are off, Gedda turns around before the Pteri leaves and says a huge thanks for showing him that any creature big or small can surprise you with an act of kindness and friendship.

      The End.

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