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How to get trophies on reset day

by stake_6


     Whether you are an avid collector or a casual gamer, reset (first day of the month) is the best occasion to try for a new shiny trophy for your cabinet. While admiring someone else's user lookup you see that one trophy you want so bad that you unfortunately know you can't get. It scares you away from even trying for some other games, cause you are thinking that your effort will not take you anywhere and you'll waste a day for nothing. Be assured that there is a practical way to reach your goals and I'll give you tips on what to do to prepare yourself for reset day.

     1. Collect data

     The first thing you'll need to do is check your scores and compare them to previous reset day scores. You can find those scores by yourself or with the help of certain petpages, that you probably already heard of. After collecting the data of both your and reset scores, I personally write everything on a spreadsheet divided in two columns, one for my own high scores and the other for scores from previous reset. A possible easier way is to check your own score on the high score table and the scores from reset, without the need to write down. Collecting these informations will drastically increase your chances of getting a trophy.

     2. Pick the games

     Now you can pick games to practice or games you already know that will get you a trophy with the high scores you have. Write those games down before reset and keep the list even for later, in case you aren't fortunate to get that trophy when you planned to. Also, choose your favourite games, the ones you absolutely want to try that month, so it will be faster for you to get to those games (remember you can pick a minimum of 12 to more than 30 games based on your account's age). You'll find that you might have some games that you never thought about, that could get you trophies, while you focused on something else that was out of your reach. I personally have a list to follow and I usually pick games based on how much time I can spend on that game or how focused I can be during reset. Just make sure to write down or pick as a favorite the games in the order you'll want to try them, so you won't skip any of them.

     3. Exceptions

     Some games have very tricky high score tables, because they are based on a max high score. I advise you to try for them only if you can be online near midnight NST or if you plan way ahead when to play them. For example Neopian Battlefield Legends and Splat-A-Sloth fit that standard and even if you do get the max score, you'll need to be in Top 17 to get a trophy or the only other way to get it would be for the high score table to fill with max scores and people would start being bumped up the table. While it's good to try those games during the first day of the month, not being able to play near the midnight it's a frustrating thing, but you can try those games during the month and hope to be bumped up. Those games are more of a lucky guess, so be patient and you'll get them eventually.

     Another type of games are the ones called "The Exceptional Eight" which include Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway, Chia Bomber 2, Clockwork Codebreaker, Dungeon Dash, Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest, Grand Theft Ummagine, Ruins Rampage and Ugga Drop. Those games follow a certain rule that if you can get the max score and you are in the Top 100 you get an automatic gold trophy for your cabinet. Aside from Chia Bomber the other games aren't that hard, but make sure to follow a guide for them. Remember that even if you play those games in the last week of the month, you can still get the gold trophy with a max score, so you can include them in your list, but you don't need to hurry and get them during reset.

     4. Practice

     If you picked some games that are a little out of your reach, but your high score is near previous reset score, don't worry cause you can still practice for them and try during reset. Each month, in fact, can show you how different can the scores can be, based on who is trying that game for reset. Don't fear to fail and always cheer yourself every improvement you made during practice! If you will not get the trophy you wanted that month, you can try next reset and so on, knowing that you are more than capable to reach that goal. I might tell you a list of games, ones where you might easily get some trophies and others could do so for other games. Good advice, but everyone is different and sometimes what I can do, you can't and vice versa. So focus only on what you really want to get and have the possibility to do that.

     5. Reset day

     Finally the day has come and you are relaxed with your list of games you want to try. Focus only on them and pick accordingly to what you planned for that day, because for example you have a meeting or you'll need to go to eat in a few hours. If you know that game will take you more than your needed time than you have available at that moment, move on to the next game of your list. This will also make you skip some not needed effort for that reset and you will still be able to try for that trophy the next month. Be sure to also have fun and take some pauses between one game and the next. I usually pick around 10 games to try and I end up doing only 3/4 of them. You don't need to hurry, just focus on certain games and pass the time on them, don't check what others are doing before you play. You know the score of the previous reset and so you already have a good idea of what you need to get the trophy. You know you can do, so have more faith in yourself!

     Reset day is over and now you can admire your new trophies. Take a moment to be happy on what you have accomplished. For now, just enjoy the moment! Only then you'll be able to focus again on what you have done and what games to try next month.

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