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The History of the Games Master Challenges

by rafa_potter


     Hello again, my fellow Neopians! Over this past week, we have been reintroduced to one of Neopia’s greatest and mostly anticipated events: the Games Masters Challenge! As it has been happening in every November over the past few years, in order to be a part of the challenge, you have to choose between two teams and, for this year, it is Knights vs. Raiders! Today, I’m not here to argue about which team is up for the win, but to tell the history of past Games Masters Challenges, ever since the first edition.

     Disclaimer: not to be confused with the Daily Dare!

     1. Y8 – Y12: basic challenges

     The Games Masters Challenge was introduced in November Y8, and it remained pretty much the same every year up to Y12. It began as an event to promote the redesign for the Games Room. Basically, all Neopians had to do was defeat AAA in his own challenges sending greater scores than what he had established. Y12 was the first to have a different aspect, which was the Community Challenge, in which players had to gather forces to send 45 million gameplays! And, yes, we did it *wink*.

     2. Y13: Brain vs. Brawn

     For the first time, in Y13, Neopians had to take sides. They had to choose between team Brain, which was led by no one less than AAA himself, or team Brawn, led by his younger sister, the sweet Abigail. Essentially, team Brain challenges were focused on logic and puzzle games, such as Meepit Juice Break, while team Brawn challenges were focused on action and adventure, such as Crisis Courier. The thing about choosing sides was that you could help your team by completing challenges and the team with most accomplishments would be nominated the winner. At the end of the week, team Brains was announced the winner!

     3. Y14: Pirate vs. Ninjas

     Following the success of Y13’s GMC (who doesn’t love a good competition to argue about in the Neoboards?), the side choosing aspect returned in Y14. This year, however, players had to choose between team Pirates, led by Captain Threelegs, and team Ninjas, led by the Techo Master. Team Ninjas followed the characteristics of Y13’s team Brains, with logic games, while team Pirates followed the characteristics of team Brawns, with adventure games. Once again, the logic-oriented team prevailed, and team Ninja was announced the winner! Nice work, Techo Master.

     4. Y15: Sun vs. Moon

     This year’s showdown was pretty much day versus night. While team Sun was led by one of the twelve founders of Altador, Siyana, the light faerie, team Moon was led by princess Lunara. Although it wasn’t specified, it’s safe to say that, for this year, team Sun represents the adventure-oriented team, and team Moon represents the puzzle-oriented one. Once again, my friends, the logic-oriented team was the winner, which means team Moon took the glory.

     5. Y16: a flashback!

     In Y15, Neopians didn’t have to take sides. Instead, this year’s theme for the GMC was to give players challenges that foreshadowed moments from Neopia’s history. Not really much to say about this one since there was no teams (and, of course, any winners), but flashback moments are always welcome!

     6. Y17: Fire vs. Snow

     The old arguing between those who prefer winter and those who prefer summer finally took place during Y17’s GMC. This time, two faeries were competing against each other: the fire faerie Ember leading team Fire and the snow faerie Taelia leading team Snow. For the first time, the adventure-oriented team won! Ember and the whole team Fire took home the golden cup.

     7. Y18: Heroes vs. Villains

     Since all everyone talks about these days are hero movies, this year’s duel was on perfect timing! Team Heroes was led by the prince – oops, King of Qasala, Jazan, while team Villains was led by his arch enemy, Emperor Razul! Only AAA could be able to bring these two back, one in front of the other, to play video games. And the curious thing is that team Villains prevailed! When you think about it, it’s kind of a concerning thing, isn’t it?...

     8. Y19: Living vs. Dead

     This year’s team leaders could have been different if it wasn’t for Hubrid Nox’s fatal destiny in the Faeries’ Ruin’s plot, back in Y12. However, it was nice to see him back as a ghost to lead team Dead, while his all-time arch enemy and most recently friend Magax led team Living. It was kind the clash, but team Living came out victorious. Take that, zombies!

     9. Y20: Knights vs. Raiders

     So, we finally reached this year’s GMC! This time, team Knights is facing team Raiders in a whole new set of challenges. While team Knights is represented by Brynn, the Captain of the Guard in Faerieland, team Raiders is led by her closest friend, Hanso, who was named Master Thief by Fyora. What’s cool about this year’s challenge is the fact the Brynn and Hanso are great friends, which makes this clash even more interesting! Raise your hand if you have never wanted to beat you friend on video games. Considering they are both very competitive, it’s quite the promise of a great competition. I have no idea which team is going to be the winner this year, even because by the time this article is being written, the front page says that it’s 50/50!

     All in all, it doesn’t really matter which team wins because every Neopian always end up having a good time by the end. All the prizes are great (please, more stamps!), you get a nice shiny trophy for your lookup and you finally get some time to play games you haven’t played in a while. It also makes you think what other possibilities for teams AAA could bring next year. How about Team Past, led by Grarrg, versus Team Future, led by Mira, the Space Faerie? Go Team Future! Wait, no, that’s still a year away. For now, let’s focus on finishing these year’s events, am I right? (Go Knights!),

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