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Searching a place:Part Five

by nacil30


     Chapter 5. Inopportune Problems, Maraqua and Tyrannia.

          Sometimes there are days and bad, so good that you feel that everything is on your side and so bad that it seems that everything is against you, things can not always go as we want, but we must move on, after all every day It's a different story and every moment is unforgettable, whether it's good or bad, Saemonell, Boxii and Roxton were on board the balloon more than 300k above Neopia, exactly the height of El País de las Hadas, Saemonell was preparing his things while Boxii ate a little before arriving at his last destination, Roxton simply looked for a place to make the landing, after a few minutes of searching they finally found the place, it was a base that was on the sea of Neopia, it was wide enough to leave the globe safe, Roxton landed it as slowly as he could and stayed at sea, in what seemed to be only a piece of land without inhabitants, Roxton told them to take all their things, they had arrived, he said to Sae Monell who brought the devices that Tangor had given him, Boxii asked what they were and Roxton told him they were special divers made with special fuel, so they had a better performance than any other oxygen tank, all three had the divers on and they were ready to move on but where would they go?

     Roxton explained that the city where they would go was under water, and therefore they would have to leave the heavy things to descend more quickly, Saemonell and Boxii left the unnecessary and prepared to go down into the depths of the sea, being already they submerged in the sea, everything looked different from inside, a great variety of fish passed in front of them forming a watercolor of colors never before seen by Cybunnies, Roxton went ahead to guide them, the sea became darker until They came to a clearer region, deep down to appreciate a fairly advanced city, the divers had a technology that was capable of whoever used them could talk underwater and be heard, Saemonell asked if that was the place to where they would go and Roxton nodded, saying: Yes, that place that is in front of you is Maraqua.

     The old Maraqua, a very advanced city with large buildings had been destroyed by a whirlwind leaving only ruins, then King Barbalga this time wanted to build a much more splendid city, with a strong army to protect it well, after several attacks by the pirates and Captain Scar of Hook Maraqua finally achieve peace being the advanced city that is today, Saemonell and Boxii were impressed by their wonderful buildings, the first thing they saw was the castle of King Barbalga, they entered the and Roxton greeted him with a big hug, Roxton presented them with the great King and he gave them a warm welcome, they talked about their stay at the place, they would be there for 5 days as things calmed down, Roxton asked them if the they could leave alone since they needed to talk about something important, Boxii and Saemonell left the castle and went to explore for a while, they were spinning when they did not want to They entered the ruins of the ancient Maraqua, Saemonell only stared but Boxii was very curious and without asking permission he went into the depths of the ruins and Saemonell followed her to try to stop her, while Roxton left the castle to look for them and take them to his quarters but their search was in vain since they did not appear anywhere, after a few minutes Roxton had also found the ruins and began to search in that place, Saemonell told Boxii to return but this did not ignore him and immersed in the bubbling well, Saemonell was waiting for her outside the well but she saw that Boxii did not leave so she decided to go and look for her, when she entered the well she saw Boxii trying to fight against the current that was dragging her towards the deep and dark of the well, Roxton, who had already seen them, tried to warn them about this place, but due to the current, his screams could not reach him well, Saemonell had nothing more to do. Adar to save Boxii but his attempt was unsuccessful to be swallowed along with the little Cybunny, when Roxton arrived at the place was completely empty and quickly returned with King Barbalga to tell him what had happened in the place.

     There had been several endless hours and in Maraqua there were no signs of the missing Cybunnies, King Barbalga told Roxton that nobody had ever managed to get out of the well and they did not know where he was going, so Roxton said goodbye and left. Maraqua to go to Lutari Island and tell Lutrarix, Saemonell and Boxii were passed out in a strange cave, were on the edge of a pond that was inside the cave, Boxii was beginning to wake up and realized that no longer They were still in Maraqua, when Saemonell saw him woke him with a blow on the cheek, Saemonell woke up with a jump and quickly made water on his face while he looked at the whole huge cave, both Cybunnies had awakened completely and they realized that there was no way out when suddenly they heard the sound of a great beast that was at the bottom in the darkness, the cave is cold and humid due to the water that he walks inside her and allows more strange animals to take refuge in her, Saemonell put Boxii behind him when they saw that the huge beast was approaching them, it was a huge blood red Pterodactyl that had eyes with a white and light blue deep, Saemonell felt that if the end was near but the unexpected happened, the Pterodactyl approached them with quiet movements and asked them what they were doing in the place, Saemonell fearful told him everything, the pterodactyl came before them and told them his name was Pteraturix and that had locked there a long time, Boxii was ahead and without fear began to chat with Pteraturix who said he would help them out there.

     After having again the breath both cybunnys climbed on the back of Pteraturix clinging with all their might, the huge beast opened escalo inside the cave again and again until out through a hole that was up, when reaching the top the cybunnys saw another new city, Pteraturix told them that it was Tyrannia, a prehistoric land was a few kilometers below the Ice Caves where there was a giant tortilla, the beast expanded its huge wings and jumped out airs while taking advantage of the sense of wind, in a couple of minutes were flying on the back of an animal that for many was extinct, Pteraturix went straight to the plateau of Tyrannia, all the inhabitants of the place watched in amazement at the tremendous creature that came out of the air as an illusion caused by the Sun, when Pteraturix landed told them he would wait in the place, Saemonell and Boxii went to the city by bus if they found someone to help them but they did not find anyone, so they decided to buy food and a few things since their backpacks had been left at the Maraqua entrance, after buying several necessary things including food they decided to return with Pteraturix, and their surprise was too much when they saw that next to him was El Capitán Trespatas, they quickly approached and talked with him to ask what they should do, Trespatas told them he had spoken with Pteraturix and now he would take them to his new destination, being ready Saemonell went up Pteraturix and Boxii followed, but out of nowhere appeared an incredible spaceship, it was so big that it could easily be said that it was 100 times the size of Pteraturix, strange buzz came from the ship that cornered them in the blink of an eye , Captain Trespatas and Pteraturix fought the Buzz but one who had escaped managed to get to where Boxii was and took it away. When she was inside the ship, in a matter of seconds the ship had disappeared without a trace, Saemonell was more than angry at this and told the Captain that he could not go to rescue her, Captain Trespatas told her they would rescue her but before They had to do something else and ordered Pteraturix to go to the place they had agreed, El Capitan Trespatas told him he would go for help with his other friends, Pteraturix spread his wings and took Saemonell by air allowing him to observe everything with a beautiful sight, that's how the little cybunny left to go in search of his new destiny.


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