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Searching a place:Part Three

by nacil30


     Chapter 3. A Refreshing Environment, The Island of Mystery and The Island of Lutari.

          Dreams, we have them all the time, we live and we transmit, but what are dreams really? Maybe no one can ever say exactly what they mean, sometimes they are images of the past that we relive or things that we wish with all our might, and sometimes they are something magical, sometimes they are fragments of things that will happen in the future, that some otherwise we managed to see in dreams, and Saemonell was about to have one and it would not be any dream, it would be something that would definitely mark his trip.

     After spending two hours at sea, Saemonell decided to wake up and observe the waves of the sea that were rippling towards the coast of a fairly large island that was in front of his eyes, it was such a large and extensive island that near its center to a volcano, which apparently was off, when at last they reached the land Saemonell took leave of the Krawk and went inside in that paradise, now he was in Mystery Island, a place that with incredible games, shops, a kiosk barter, tourist visit and even a training school, it promised to be a fantastic place for the visit of Saemonell and any other neopet, the little cybunny put his backpack on his back and went walking among the vegetation without knowing that the natives of the They were sometimes a little aggressive, it was a few meters away from the coast when a group of natives of the area jumped out of the bushes, it was a group of Island Roofs that when seeing that it was They wanted to take him for his safety, Saemonell was surrounded and he did not know what to do so he decided to face them, they were about to argue when from the sky under a mysterious fairy, the natives saw her running away, the fairy introduced herself and called herself Jhudai

     Walking through the jungle were both while talking and Saemonell told him what happened, Jhudai told him that he would help, but that before he needed to do a task, he told him that every 100 years the volcano on the island was trying to wake up, it was born from this one small flame that if not extinguished the volcano would take force and would devastate with all the island and the ashes would fill the sky of all Neopia, so Saemonell accompanied Jhudai to carry out his dangerous task, but before they went to a coast that was close to take water in small containers made of coconuts cut in half that had been cut just before Saemonell arrived, filled several coconuts with seawater and set out to climb the high volcano.

     They walked along the edge of the volcano surrounding it following the path that was made, and when they finally arrived they saw the center of the volcano a strong reddish flame that became larger as the minutes passed, Jhudai said: It is all ready now only You must help me to turn it off.

     Jhudai could not do it because she was too young and if she got too close her wings could be burned, so now it was Saemonell's task, she slowly approached the flame and every time she felt a sense of evil, she removed the fear and decided to put out the flame but just before pouring the water he fainted completely, falling under the feet of Jhudai who had luckily rescued him from the great fall.

     Saemonell was unconscious while being taken by Jhudai to a safer place, but the little Cybunny was having a sequence of images in his head, due to the blow and being exposed very close to the mysterious flame, it had developed into a magical ability, I could see the future in dreams, but he did not know it, and just at that moment I was dreaming that Neopia was invaded by an army that came down from space and led to destruction, I was about to see the leader's face when he woke up Suddenly, he was lying on a bed made of roots of trees and small branches, next to him was Jhudai with Captain Trespatas and The Tramp of the Lost Desert, as soon as he got up and managed to sit up he was told there was no time and that leaving that place because they were looking for him, they gave him food and a few neopots so he could continue his journey and took him to a place where he would take another boat to Once they were able to continue their journey, the four left at one end of the cabin where they were and went to a hidden pier that had the island, walked through a place that was among the vegetation and thus arrived, on the raft was a charismatic Gelert, the four of them climbed into the raft and went in hiding deep in the sea, while everyone was preparing to tell Saemonell what was happening, Saemonell asked Jhudai what had happened with the volcano's flame and she told him Do not worry, it was already off.

     The four got up and sat in the old chairs that had the raft, they began to talk and Jhudai shut them up, Saemonell asked what was going on and the tramp explained everything, one person had learned of Saemonell's ability just at the moment who had developed it, and was looking for him to carry out his evil plans, that was the reason why he could no longer stay on the island, Saemonell told them everything he had seen in his dream and they told him that he should now Talk to a special person who would help stop the entire invasion, but it would not be easy to get with that person. After talking all the way they came to another island even stranger, it was an island that was almost hidden from all kinds of civilization, when they disembarked a strange creature came out of nowhere, it was a Pirate Lutari, he appeared before Saemonell and He said he was a friend of his friends, that he did not worry that he would take care of him in that place, so being safe Saemonell, Jhudai, El Capitan and El Tragao went away again until they were lost in the deep blue of the thick sea, that Lutari The adventurer was called Lutrarix, told him that everything was safe in that place, now he was in Lutari Island, a secret place that few knew.

     They walked to a small house that was built on the dam of one of the rivers that crossed the island, it was a little colorful and had few windows, it was two stories and had a balcony that looked out onto the river, they both went in and Saemonell left his things in the room, Lutrarix offered him food and went to prepare it for the kitchen, Lutari food, one of the most delicious meals of all Neopia, made unique and especially by purebred Lutaris, Saemonell sack of his backpack his blog and his pen and decided to sit down on the balcony to feel the breeze of the place, sitting on a stool made of branches of the tree on which the house was supported began to write what had happened on the island of Krawk and in the Island of the Mystery, he wrote with details what happened in his strange dream, and also everything that his three friends had told him, after a few minutes Lutrarix returned with the delicious food, Saemonell closed his blog and I keep it in one of his bags along with his pen, both prepared to eat while they chatted to get to know each other a little better, the sun was hiding and the night was coming, Lutrarix told him that he would sleep there and that the next day he would go to Another place to continue his trip, Saemonell thanked him for the food and went to the house to safely store his log in his backpack, the night was coming very fast, and on the island of Lutari the sun was hiding faster Normally, Lutrarix told him that if he wanted to, he could sleep in the armchair or on the floor, since he had to do one last thing to get everything ready the other day, gave him some blankets and a pillow and left, Saemonell put on comfortable in the armchair, arranged the pillow while he lay down, covered himself with the blankets and little by little he gained the fatigue, while in his mind the images of the dream did not stop passing, the images disappeared from the head of Saemonell and the dream I enter the comp Leto until finally fell asleep, in the house felt a refreshing atmosphere that came everywhere, no doubt the place was safe, the adventure of that Cybunny was just beginning.

To be continued…

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