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Searching a place:Part Two

by nacil30


     Chapter 2. A Celestial View, The Country of the Fairies and The Island of Krawk.

          After leaving the Lost Desert Saemonell went to one of the edges of the city, and found a small fishing village, which was no bigger than the sanctuary, in it he found an incredible boat that his eyes had never seen, it was a boat flying with a large crew, was the look of the Cyodrake, Saemonell approached the crew and asked for help to go to their next destination, they told him that they were flying to Shenkuu but that they would pass near Fairyland, that if I wanted to be left in that city, the Cybunny enthusiastically accepted and climbed aboard. After long hours of browsing through the air and seeing the beautiful landscapes of all Neopia, finally saw the first tower of the city, it was very large and beautiful, full of bright colors and colorful tones, the whole city was built on the clouds and it was clear the peace that reigned in that place, also I can see many of the places of Neopia, places where I would probably go later, after a few minutes the look disembarked on a dock that was in the city, and there under Saemonell.

     Fairyland has been the home of the Fairies of Neopia since time immemorial, in this city there are buildings a bit advanced, Saemonell was the first time I was there and was excited, quickly walked down a little path and came to the outskirts from the city, the little Cybunny was exhausted so he decided to sit down to eat the fruits that were left of the Lost Desert, he was on a cushioned piece of cloud that he found, it was shaped like a chair and its height was good, so while eating it was arranged to write in his blog the things he had lived, from what happened a night before leaving to arrive at the Country of the Fairies, he wrote everything with clear details so as not to lose anything of the trip, after a while he finished writing and stayed asleep on the clouds. It had been a few hours when Saemonell was awakened by a strange noise, was the noise of wings that were stirring near him, when he opened his eyes he realized that he was being carried by the air by a small group of magical fairies who had passed by , Saemonell responded to where they were taking him and they answered him that in the race of Poogles, which would soon begin.

     When they arrived at the stadium, Saemonell thanked the fairies for their thanks and they gave him a ticket to bet on a Poogle, the prize would be something that was never seen, go to the hidden tower to receive a special prize for the fairy herself Queen, the race began and the panic was among all the punters, the Poogles did their best to win, some were very chubby and could not, others very thin but not with much energy, and others were excellent competitors, finally came the winner and turned out to be the number for which Saemonell was betting, apparently his luck was improving a lot, so he received his prize, was bandaged and taken by some purple fairies to a strange place, apparently it was a tower that was hidden.

     After a few minutes Saemonell touched the ground, took off the bandages and the fairies left him in a strange tower, he was amazed by the things he saw, a door came out one fairy greater than the others, she introduced herself, told her that his name is Fyora and he was the Fairy Queen, he showed him the objects he sold, and he told him that he had a special one for him, but that he needed to go and bring him to the place where he was, the object was unique and was guarded by Jhudora, a dark fairy who lived in a cloud a little below the tower, the Cybunny already with the instructions of Fyora was prepared to go for his prize, with the help of another group of fairies under the tower and came to the cloud of Jhudora, when I came saw that everything in that cloud was different, from the colors to the environment, everything felt a little darker, I walk a little and the dark fairy appeared to him from the back, without doubting a little I talk to him and I try to convince him to do one of his searches for evil purposes, Saemonell he did not know if he should accept or not to receive his prize, so he sat down to think for a while, what was stronger, the fact of receiving something but getting it with bad things or doing good without receiving anything in return? After a while she made a decision, she stopped in front of Jhudora and told her that he would not help her in her search, that however valuable the prize was, it would never be worthwhile to help in something for the purpose of evil.

     When Jhudora saw his response, he realized that the neopet was weak, or rather strong enough to refuse his search, so he decided to end part of a deal he had previously made with Fyora, the deal was simple, if the winner refused to do his search she had to give him the object, and he did, before Saemonell left, she gave him a package, with a single instruction that said: Do not open until you really need it and your heart feels that the moment arrived, Saemonell decided that this place was not for him and decided to leave, that night he stayed in one of the clouds near where Poogles had been, when dawn he went to continue if he traveled, and so he arrived at the lower part of the huge cloud that had the city, but there was no one, no way to go down, no matter how hard he tried to go down he could not and this discouraged him, he was sad when he remembered the package, he took it with both hands and removed the fast packaging He found inside what was least expected, it was a magical parachute that went where the thought wanted, he put it on and read the instructions well he threw himself into the air, with a single thought in his head: Mainland.

     In the skies there was a fresh air that made anyone's day happy, Saemonell came on the parachute while thinking of the mainland, a thick cloud came in front and blocked his view, while the parachute went through and his surprise was to see under his feet a medium-sized island, with population in it, when he finally landed he asked a pirate who was on the road where he was, and he told him it was Krawk Island.

     The island of Krawk is a small island that owes its name to its strange inhabitants, the Krawks. Apart from these strange creatures similar to the lizard, Krawk was a desert rock, until about a year ago, when a band of pirates arrived who fled the law and settled in it, in it live all kinds of pirates, undesirable people and a few good people, Saemonell was scared walking through its streets, since he felt that the place did not have much peace, in that he saw an academy and decided to go in to ask for help, when an individual entered spoke to him and introduced himself, told him that it was Captain Trespatas, this one had a wooden leg and Saemonell imagine that's why they called him that, that form Eyrie did not look like a bad person so Saemonell trusted him, told him about his trip and told him he was looking for Another city, the captain told him he could help him get to another island more populated and safer, but he could only take it, not bring it back, Saemonell accepted quickly.

     Spending a while of the talk with the Captain, both left the academy and went to the port of the island, there was a small boat that was manned only by a Krawk, the Captain spoke with the Krawk and got the outward journey for that cybunny, Saemonell went up and left his things in a small room that had the ship, he left again to say goodbye to the Captain who had helped him, no doubt he noticed something, something he would never forget, he learned that however dark the road is always there is a light that guides us and helps us out of it, and no doubt had realized that his trip was just beginning and did not know what kind of dangers would find, spent a little time and decided to lie down to rest and have energy for the rest of the day, so he slept in a small space that had the boat while the Krawk took him to his next destination.


To be continued…

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