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How To Be A Winner

by karlynne1964


     What makes a winner on Neopets? Is it the ability to fight the strongest opponents in the battledome? A user lookup full of event trophies or game trophies? Perhaps you believe it’s having billions of Neopoints in the bank or having the largest shop or gallery filled with expensive items. It could be rare pets dressed in much sought after clothing or having the ‘right’ pet with the ‘right’ petpet and having the ‘best’ petpetpet attached. When do you know you’ve ‘won’?

     Having goals is a sure fire way to win. If you’re just beginning to play or starting over with a new account goals are easy to set but if you’ve played for years but somehow just haven’t done much despite hours of play, making goals is essential.

     Some players are extremely picky about which pets they have, their names, training them, or having them win contests and trophies. If that’s important to you, get to it. There are so many things to do that you’ll be overwhelmed quickly. Book awards, Gourmet feeding, Beauty Contest, Customization contest, Spotlights, the list goes on and on. Having an outstanding pet definitely makes you a winner.

     What is your battledome record? Ever have a loss? Have you fought EVERY challenger in all three levels of strength? Do you win your battles against other players? Are your weapons awesome or maybe you just have the ability to defeat opponents with a stone muffin and dung shield. Having a powerful trained pet makes you a winner too.

     Does owning a lot of currency give you a special thrill? A fat bank account collecting hundreds of thousands of np in interest daily would make a lot of people happy. Whether its restocking, trading, playing games, doing dailies, or just a good run of lucky random events. Being rich, even in Neopoints makes you a winner.

     A great gallery is rewarding and satisfying when you’ve reached a level no one else has (or at least no one you’ve seen so far) I’ve wanted to have so many galleries over the years. A slushie/smoothie/shake gallery because I enjoy them in real life. A cheese gallery because I love cheese. A shoe gallery because you really can’t own too many shoes. I love Eliv Thade and thought about having a gallery dedicated to him. I can honestly say a complete gallery of whatever you love makes you a winner.

     I am not a fashionista but I do have a great sense of style. I like dressing my pets and when they look good it is a reflection on me (at least in my mind). When you have flair I truly believe you should flaunt it. I love going over to the NC Chat and looking at pets. I see awesome pets and some I don‘t particularly care for but variety is nice and if we all had the same tastes, things would be pretty dull. I’m not too attached to specific items, I tend to like specific ‘looks’ but if your pet is dressed and you feel it looks spectacular then you’re a winner. (and enter it in a contest already!)

     Is there anything more beautiful than row after row of gold trophies on a lookup? I’m not very good at games but every now and again you get an ‘easy’ one where you accidentally score high enough for a trophy. If you get gold, great but if you happen to get silver or bronze then you can work on upgrading it to gold or if you’re like me, you’re satisfied with just having any trophy for now. Playing for trophies and/or avatars is a great way to declare you’re a winner!

     Preparing for annual events like The Games Master Challenge or Daily Dare has winner potential everywhere. I find it easiest to just play certain games a few times each month just to stay familiar with the mechanics of the game. Some games seem to be chosen each year while other game have been chosen once or twice and never again. Barf Boat or Sophie’s Stew is always a challenge for me. The month leading up to an annual event is a good time to start preparing.

     Another annual event is the Altador Cup. Personally I NEVER play during the preseason because I know within a day or two of playing I’m counting down the days til it is over. Making All-Star is achievable if you have the time and inclination plus another trophy on your lookup is always good. The prize shop helps a bit too. Making All-Star for the first time or tenth time makes you a winner!

     A new event or plot on the horizon? Its best to stay informed by checking Neopets on social media sites and get updates on our devices. Personally I like to log onto Neopets regularly so I don’t miss ‘day of event’ opportunities. I'm always amused by people that don’t log on for a month then get upset when they miss the first day activity. If you log on regularly and check for updates then you’re a winner!

     It's always fun talking about winners but because there are winners, it means there are non-winners. I don’t like to call them losers. :)

     What makes someone a neopets loser? First off, a cheater! Any time you have to cheat, lie, steal or abuse the site in any manner, you’re NOT a winner.

     Bullying or intimidating other players places you in the loser category as well.

     However eliminating those practices quickly places you in the winner column. If you can be a good sport and discontinue abuses then EVENTUALLY you can be a winner as well.

     Everything mentioned above are ways for you to benefit and be a winner but there is another way.

     Do you take the time to vote in the various contests? Caption, Beauty, etc? Are you a help on the boards? Looking up an item for a quest? Answering questions? Sharing your knowledge and time helping others makes you a winner.


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