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Gifts For Your Vandagyre!

by pixeldream


     A few years ago an unknown group of creatures came down off the high mountains, after living for years in total isolation at altitudes never reached before, the Vandagyre descended upon Neopia and made their presence known. This winged species, known for their impressive flight skills and genuine kindness, decided to spread across the world and become an adoptable species. Since then, they have quietly integrated themselves into society without too much of a loud hoot.

     Pronounced "van-duh-guyr", Vandagyre love to show off their aerial prowess and spread wisdom amongst their peers. They are the newest pet to be available, and the only pet with a name that starts with "V". With their arrival, they completed the alphabet, meaning that each letter of the alphabet has a pet who's name begins with it! Being that they spent so much time living in isolation, they were never a part of any plots or major disasters, they skipped the tragedies of Maraqua, the battles with Darigan Citadel, and were unknown to even the evil Dr. Frank Sloth. Now that he's aware of their existence, he wants to enslave them like he wants to with every other species, but they've so far avoided his ploys.

     They first showed their faces around the Neopets' 15th Birthday celebration, and just four years later they are growing in numbers! This week we celebrate their special day, and all the special things we can give to them as a gift. They look stunning in wearables and have the perfect pose for it, and they have an adorable face to match. Here are a few really cool things you can give to your Vandagyre to celebrate them on this day.

          Everyone loves sweets and Vandagyre are no exception, so give them a taste of this Holiday Vandagyre Cookie. There are few better ways to celebrate someone's existence than to give them a cookie with their actual face on it.

          For a more permanent effigy of your beautiful Vandagyre, offer up this Purple Vandagyre Plushie. This was made with excellent craftsmanship and has beautiful stitch work to it, not a flaw in sight. It was made to withstand a lot, from the pointy beaks to the sharp claws of our feathered friends. This will provide hours of entertainment for your birdy bestie.

          The Jute Vandagyre Lipstick will give their adorable beak a makeover, turning it into a luscious red shade. As the description says, "when in doubt, wear red lipstick". This is a great start for getting your pet all gussied up for a night on the town. There are a lot of amazing outfits you could pair with this, just take a browse through your closet and see what you can match up.

          I think the lipstick would pair really well with this Sweet Vandagyre Wig. It has a glossy black finish and big curls that'll transport you back to the days when the Vandagyre were still in isolation! It's a great combo for a classic Hollywood movie star look. There are many beautiful shades of lipsticks available, but this red was designed with Vandagyre in mind.

          A more masculine look comes with the Vandagyre Boy Folk Dancer set, a whole ensemble that will bring out the folk dancing talent of the Vandagyre. They mastered a lot of skills while they were living up in the mountain tops and kept themselves entertained through folk dance. This traditional set is great for performing, but it can also be a nice casual day look. You may get some weird looks at the super market though. And if you have a female Vandagyre, you aren't left out! There is a Vandagyre Girl Folk Dancer set available too.

          This NC Mall item, the Vandagyre Cap and Wig, is perfect for a trip back to the mountains. It'll keep your Vandagyre's head nice and toasty, with a little cuteness thrown in. This can actually be found in the Vandagyre Goodie Bag, which is a great gift! It was released in the NC Mall as a way to celebrate the arrival of the Vandagyre.

          If you want to take your Vandagyre higher than ever before, maybe even to the surface of Kreludor, then this Vandagyre Flight Suit Top is for you. It was released recently, with the San Diego Comic Con 2018 virtual prize code, so the price is sure to go up. Grab this while you can, it will surely be hard to find soon as the Vandagyre become more popular. There is also a helmet and bottoms in this set to make it all match.

          Keep that breath smelling fresh with a bottle of Vandagyre Mouth Rinse. They may not have any teeth, their strong beaks can break up the food for them, but they understand the importance of keeping a clean mouth. This has a special formula designed for Neopets with beaks, so it is great for Pteri and Eyrie as well.

          You can help your Vandagyre feel more at home with the Home of the Vandagyres Background. It is another item from the San Diego Comic Con 2018 virtual prize codes and it is themed around the mountaintop paradise the Vandagyres came from. It has lush green trees and grass, vines swinging down, and one of a kind mountain views that those of us without wings can only dream of. It's a true paradise and it leaves me to wonder why the Vandagyre ever really left. Do you think Dr. Sloth swarmed in and started building a base up there? I hope not but I would not put it past that scoundrel.

          This is a gift for your Neopet if they aren't already a Vandagyre! A Red Vandagyre Morphing Potion will morph them into this terrific pet, meaning they can celebrate this special day now too. This is also a great gift for a Vandagyre you keep taking to see the evil lab ray, that way you can bring their species back after a particularly bad zap. If you missed out on this fabulous celebration this year, pick this up in time for next year and you can join us too. I hope you had a great Vandagyre Day, I know I sure did! I'm going to head to the pound and look into adopting and spoiling one myself.


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