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The Pteri Defence: A Weapon Guide

by parshew


     Pteri are fierce competitors when it comes to the Battledome. They are lightweight, nimble, quick, and able to take flight high over their opponents. They have a large range of weapons that they can use that play to their strengths and protect their fragile feathers. These guys are fierce and are sure to make quick work of anyone who dares to challenge you. If you stock up on a bunch of healing potions and make sure to get some good faerie abilities then you are sure to be unbeatable.

     What I will say about this list is that these are not the absolute best weapons you can get for your Pteri. Many of the best items are very expensive and can be used across multiple species, but these are my favorite weapons in terms of being designed around a Pteri and their needs. These would mostly be better suited in a Pteri battle gallery than in the actual battledome. For some of these though, the price point and specific elements they use to fight are unbeatable against certain opponents. Do your research and see what works best for you, these are all items I really enjoy the look of and I wanted to share them with you for the special Pteri Day holiday this year.


     Pteri Combat Jacket

     This stylish combat jacket is a great piece of battle gear for any Pteri!

     This jacket is a bit more fashion than function, it has a great look but when it comes to defense there are a few better items out there. The benefit is that this blocks six icons over three different elements: earth, wind, and darkness. The imbued defense magic has helped this jacket a little bit, but overall it is not the best. The reason it makes this list is because it has a really cute look, your Pteri will look like a pilot bombing down on their opponent.


     Pteri Battle Goggles

     Pteris can keep a clear line of sight while in battle with these great goggles!

     A combination of damage and defense can be found in this helmet and goggle combo. You'll protect against four icons of damage but causing three darkness icons to your opponent. It is a rarer piece of equipment and may cost a little more than other options, but it can be worth it if you use it right.


     Golden Pteri Shield

     A beautiful, hard wearing shield with a delicate Pteri wing and egg emblem.

     A beautiful golden shield that will remind the enemy exactly where you come from and what species you represent: the strong, resilient Pteri. This will block out up to nine icons of damage, but it doesn't have any attack potential itself. It can be found at the Defence Magic store and it will defend against many elements. This is not a good shield to use if you are going against a light or fire based opponent, however.


     Feathered Pteri Cloak

     This pretty cloak is made from finest silk so it will not ruffle your Pteris feathers in battle.

     If you are going for stealth in your combat this is not the outfit for you. With bright rainbow feathers and an even brighter purple silk clothe, you are going to stand out. This is a very rare piece of equipment and blocks against a really common set of attacks: air, water, and darkness. That makes this cloak very useful against some of the more popular Battledome opponents and available weapons.


     Pteri Full Armor

     This attractive crimson and gold armour will keep your Pteri safe in battle.

     This is a rarity 99 item with a fairly reasonable price, it is worth it to have in case Illusen or Jhudora requests it. It also blocks a ton of items with its high defense: two earth, three fire, three wind, and three darkness. It blocks those elements almost as well as the much, much more expensive Faerie Tabard. It's great in the beginner battledome when you are playing against another user because it blocks very well against Ylanas Blaster (a common budget weapon).


     Faerie Pteri Chakram

     This chakram may be beautiful but it is still dangerous.

     This chakram is beautiful, but it really is not that dangerous. Clocking in at a minuscule six icons (compared to other cheaper items like the Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer), it really is a pity this isn't a more impressive weapon. Like I talked about at the start of this article, this item is better on a shelf to admire than to actually try to fight with. While I love the look, it won't be making its way into my equipped items any time soon.


     Pteri Throwing Feathers

     These feathers are incredible accurate and have dart-like sharp points.

     Another rarity 99 item, the Pteri Throwing Feathers are great at doing a short burst of air and physical damage. They do fall a little short, in the same ways the Faerie Pteri Chakram do, but the ingenuity of a Pteri using their sharp feathers as darts has always astounded me. This is a really cool collectors item for Pteri lovers.


     Pteri Egg Wand

     This wand fires a plentiful stream of rotten eggs at your opponent.

     Weaker even than the two above weapons but way more disgusting. If I were the opponent I would much rather get hit with a sharp dart that does more damage instead of a gross, rotten egg. This wand shoots off a ton of rotten eggs at your opponent to do a flexible rate of damage. One has to wonder where the Pteri got so many rotten eggs, they must've been collected over months. Yuck. Imagine having to shower that off after the fight!

     The truth of the matter is that many species don't have the great species-specific weapons and equipment. The Battledome was made to be an equal opportunity place where all species should be able to excel with weapons built for everyone. That doesn't mean you can't jump in with the items YOU enjoy and fight that way, no one can stop you from having fun like that. And if you want to surprise your opponents so they can't predict your next move, no one will guess that you'd be using any of these weapons. At the end of the day, the newer Battledome equipment is blowing some of this old stuff out of the water and that is okay, these are amazing collectors items and still very much worth picking up.


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