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Gross Foods That Aren't as Gross as You Think

by yzhen_121993


     Hello! You know there are a lot of food items in Neopia - some great and some...well not so great. In fact, they have their own category called "gross foods", but looking through the list, are they really as gross as their name implies? In this list we wanted to focus on gross food items that we actually wouldn't mind trying out.

     Pound Cake and Frosting Sandwich


     Now here's a perfect combination that sounds delicious. Pound cake? Yum. Frosting on a sandwich? Yes please. Combining them already makes my mouth water a little. This is one I really cannot understand why it would be called "gross".

     Mac and Cheese Ice Cream


     This one is just cheesy goodness. Mac and cheese is already pretty great, but having it in the palm of your hand? Even better! A perfect treat on a warm summer day. I can imagine seeing these in every ice cream vendor in Neopia for those feeling a little adventurous. Just don't ask Skeiths about them--I hear they get Neezles if you feed 'em one.

     Peanut Butter Pizza


     I feel like this is cheating because who doesn't love pizza already? Adding peanut butter looks like it would make for a great topping. Peanut butter on its own is fine as it is and now adding it to something already great? What's not to love! This is nothing like fly topping or anything else you might expect to see on a gross pizza. If pineapple can work I don't see why this couldn't.

     Half Eaten Bar of Chocolate


     Okay now hear me out here! Yes it's a bit gross if someone takes a few bites out of your chocolate bar and germs are gross, but looking at the picture it doesn't seem so bad. You can simply eat around the non-bitten piece and you'll still have what looks to me like a pretty scrumptious-looking chilli chocolate bar.

     Ice Cream and Fries


     What's interesting about this is it's the only one on the list I've actually tried before and it's amazing! The fries really go well with the ice cream and makes it a little sweeter and cooler. Again, you're taking two great things and combining them to create something magical. I highly recommend trying this one out.

     Lime Chilli Gum


     Bubble gum comes in a wide variety of flavors and this sounds like a very fun and spicy type of gum. I can imagine the two flavors complementing each other very nicely and would love to give this one a try. The description says "repulsive" but chocolate and chilli go well together so why not lime?

     Stick of Butter


     I mean it's just butter. Sure maybe eating the whole thing on its own is not the most pleasant experience but it's still pretty good. Slice it up piece by piece and enjoy! Completely free of maggots or backwash or anything of that sort.

     Fresh Seaweed Pie


     Look, even the description says it's packed with vitamins and minerals as well as being "highly recommended". Society these days seems very conscious of eating healthy. I for one LOVE seaweed--it's both a healthy and delicious snack! And in a pie? My friend, you just hit the jackpot. In my humble opinion, it's a great disservice to Neopians that this is classified as a gross food. Gross, my foot!

     Snail Sub


     I am also honestly a little confused as to why this one is classified as a gross food. Snails are regarded as a delicacy in some parts of Neopia (just ask any denizen of Maraqua!). Better yet, they're on a baguette. Name one person who doesn't like baguettes. I'll wait. As with some other items on this list, what happens when you combine two great things? That's right, you get something wonderful.

     Duck Neck


     Why is this dish called Duck Neck when you can clearly see there’s more of the duck left than just the neck? False advertising, I say. Thus, feel free to make the most of this meal. From prior experience the neck is an especially bony part of the duck, it’s true. However, that doesn’t make it gross. Go ahead and give it a try!

     Nutritional Block


     The idea that these nutrient-rich foods are gross foods needs to stop. How is the nutritional block any different from the protein shakes that are all the rage these days? This block is packed full of nutrition. In wartime, it would have been a valuable source of sustenance. It’s even packaged into a neat little cube for easy consumption.

     Spirulina and Laver Candy


     Yes, more seaweed. Spirulina has been proven to have health benefits, but some people can’t stomach the taste. Admittedly this snack isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t automatically make it gross. If you enjoy laver and at least tolerate spirulina, or you salivate over savory foods, this candy will please your tongue.

     Can of Pickled Spinach


     Spinach gets a bad rap for being disliked by many, so this may make me the odd one out here for actually liking its taste. But I’m not the only person! Sailors swear that this pickled spinach has the power to boost your strength to Judge Hog levels. Who knows, pickling spinach could very well make it more palatable to the rest of Neopia.

     Waffle Sandwich


     Syrup can fix everything, it seems. Though the waffle may be slathered in chilli sauce, perhaps the overwhelming taste of the syrup can make this dish more palatable. As if the syrup weren’t sweet enough, the waffle itself is sugared. This is perfect if you need a sugar fix--and the chilli sauce will remind you that you’re not just indulging your sweet tooth.

     Tomato Cheesecake


     While this is another food to keep away from Skeiths -- it’s like they can eat anything but cheese -- everyone else should enjoy this dessert well enough. Unless you don’t like tomatoes, of course. With some careful separation of the tomato slices from the cake itself, you can enjoy both without reservation. Moreover, tomatoes are fruit, which basically makes this a fruit-based cheesecake.

     And there you have it! We hoped you enjoyed our list, and found it as much fun as we did researching and exploring all these supposedly yucky items. Maybe next time you’re in the mood, give some of these a try and see for yourself.

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