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The Best Neopian Annual Events!

by fat_hungry_chicken


     On Neopets there are a lot of events and opportunities that come around approximately once per year, and if you blink you might miss it. People spend months preparing for these things, while others wait until the last minute to get ready for the big event. Some may present avatars, while others come with new outfits and paint brush colors, and some come with no reward except the joy of the day.

     I wanted to create this little guide of yearly events so you can be prepared for the upcoming year and mark off your calendars now. Before it's too late! I can't reveal all of the details of each events, it could be a deep secret that is too precious to publish in the Neopian Times, but it might be something you want to sleuth into on your own time.

     The Neopian Times Writer Avatar

     Of course, how could I not start with this avatar?! I'm hoping to get this one myself this year, with this article in fact! This is the Neopian Times after all! This avatar is awarded if you are lucky and skilled enough to have something published in the Neopian Times when the issue number ends with either "50" or "00".

     For example: issue 800, issue 850, issue 900, etc.

     This doesn't necessarily happen on the same day every year, but since the Neopian Times is published weekly, it'll take at least 50 weeks (usually a little more due to the editor taking a much needed and well deserved vacation to work on other projects) between avatar-awarding issues.

     What you have published could be just about anything, an article like this one for example. Comics are also accepted, as well as short stories and longer format series. Editorial questions do NOT get you the avatar, so you'll have to get your creative cap on and really start thinking.

     My suggestion is to write often and submit early. If you absolutely want to ensure getting published, practice your writing skills a lot! Don't just submit the first story that pops into your head, you'll need a lot of practice. Check for typos, grammatical errors, and make sure you have a compelling story. If you are going to comic route, practice your art skills a lot. Try submitting to the Art Gallery or Beauty Contest to get your feet wet and see how you match up, and from there you can build your skills up!

     Submitting early is important because these issues are so popular, so many people want the avatar. If you wait until the day before, or even the week before, you may not make it in. Try to submit three to four weeks early, and specify in the note to the editor that you'd like this avatar. The editor is really busy and has a lot to sort through, so any way you can help them you should do it.

     The Altador Cup

     Every summer, the Altador Cup kicks up and people everywhere go absolutely wild. You'll see everyone wearing their favorite team jerseys as they parade around. This is a massive competition where every land sends representatives to compete in the amazing sport of Yooyuball. There are a few other games that you can participate in too, my favorite is Slushie Slinger.

     With this event comes tons of wearables, backgrounds, specialized food and drink, avatars, and many, many trophies. The players all have their bios released and they are skyrocketed to many. It's around this time that the most intense gamers go their hardest to get the biggest trophy possible.


     It may seem obvious that pet holidays like Blumaroo Day, or other Neopian holidays like the Borovan Day, only come once a year, but it still makes the list! These holidays come with really special things, like new items based on that theme or new clothes and paint brush colors for pet holidays. For a lot of people, they seem to blend together, that is until your Neopet's holiday comes along and you are camping out the wearables store to get the newest designer fashions!

     The Advent Calendar

     On the topic of holidays, this annual celebration is geared around the Month of Celebrating. Every day during this month you can visit the Advent Calendar for a special free gift! It's an exciting time and people can't wait to see what is given out, sometimes the prize is super rare and worth a lot of money!

     Caption Contest - Hilarious Avatar

     This avatar is available pretty much every month to the top five winners in every round of the caption contest, but on every TENTH round (ie: 1510, 1520, 1530, etc), all 25 winners will receive this avatar. So while it isn't available only once per year, once per year your chances of receiving it skyrocket!

     If you really want to get this avatar, you should be entering every month to get the practice in. If you come up with unique and witty captions, you'll probably win on a regular round, but if you can't seem to crack it then maybe you'll get lucky in this once-yearly event. Like my tips above with the Neopian Times avatar, practice makes perfect. Look at the image and really think up a caption for it, a short little blurb that really tells the story of what is going on and is FUNNY. Winning the Caption Contest is all about being witty and funny, that's why this avatar has "hilarious" in its name.

     Blumaroo - Chef Bonju Avatar

     This avatar was a huge mystery for a long time, and no one knew the right combination to being able to achieve it. A major block for that was the fact that it is only awarded during a special time of year. I won't spoil the surprise for you, but you should keep an eye out on the neoboards for when this avatar starts getting used more frequently. That might solve the puzzle for you.


     Birthdays are the most special time of the year, of course, and no matter if it is your birthday, the Neopets website birthday (November 15), or your pet's birthday, it is a reason to celebrate.

     If it is your birthday, you'll get a great site theme and there is a rumor you'll have more luck with your random events that day!!

     On November 15, the Neopets website celebrates their birthday and tons of gifts show up and huge celebrations take place. This is also an opportunity to get a Happy Birthday! avatar!

     On your pet's birthday, they will be rewarded with a confetti canon on their profile and you will be able to receive a special cupcake to boost their battledome stats!

     What is your favorite annual Neopets events? Are you a fan of pet days, birthdays, or are you an avatar hunter trying to get on the high score tables? Whatever your fancy, I hope your celebration is coming up soon!

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