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Kiss the Mortog: Avatar Guide

by silver0225


      Hello, have you pay attention that a new avatar for Kiss the Mortog is released recently? To achieve the avatar, you need a score that is in the top 50 positions on the High Score Table of Kiss the Mortog when the trophies are awarded daily. This game is quite simple since it only a lucky game. The proposal of this avatar guide is to provide basics gameplay and advice of getting the high score in order to award the avatar.


      You need to pay 50 Neopoints before playing Kiss the Mortog. The game is required to guess which Mortog is the prince or princess. If you think that one is prince or princess, just simply click on that Mortog and kiss it. When you kiss the correct Mortog, the Mortog will transform to the prince or princess and win Neopoints. At this moment, you can choose either continue to play or quit to collect the current winnings. However, the Mortog will explode if you choose non-magical Mortog. That means you lose all the winnings and game over.

      For each consecutive round that you guess the Mortog correctly, an extra non-magical Mortog will be added in the game screen. It should be noted that only one correct Mortog will appear in one round, which means that the chance of guess the correct Mortog in later round become lower.


      This game is totally depending on your luck. Therefore, the probability of choosing the correct Mortog in each round is only a statistic problem. For example, the probability of guessing the correct Mortog in round 1 is 50% chance (pick one of the two Mortogs). Similarly, the probability of guessing the correct Mortog in round 2 is 33.33% chance (pick one of the three Mortogs), provided that you pick the magical petpet in round 1.

          To simplify the above statistic problem, a probability table is made to show the number of Mortogs, the winnings, probability of guess the correct Mortog in this round, probability of consecutively guess the correct Mortog starting from round one and number of the game required to win in a certain round.

      Round Number of Mortogs Winnings (Neopoints) Probability of guess the correct Mortog in this round Probability of consecutively guess the correct Mortog starting from round one Number of game required to win

      1 2 100 50.00 50.00 2

      2 3 300 33.33 16.67 6

      3 4 1150 25.00 4.17 24

      4 5 5900 20.00 0.83 120

      5 6 35000 16.67 0.14 720

      6 7 250000 14.29 0.020 5040

      7 8 2000000 12.50 0.0025 40320

      8 9 18000000 11.11 0.00028 362880

      Obviously, the above calculation is just theoretically. The actual number of the game required to win in a certain round have huge varied. Let take round 5 as an example, the theoretical number of the game required to win is 720 times. However, some peoples only play several times and get a winning in round 5 while other players play one thousand times and still lose in round 5. It totally depends on either you are super luck or extreme misfortune!

      The score of this game is equal to Neopoints that you collected after you guess the correct Mortog in a certain round. For instance, you will get 5,900 points if you kiss the correct Mortog in round 4 and collect the winnings.

      Preparation of Getting New Avatar

      Before you are really to obtain this new avatar and show off on the Neoboard, you need to know the requirement of getting this avatar.

      As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you shall be in the top 50 on the Kiss the Mortog high score table when trophies are awarded daily. Thus, the following suggestions are provided for the purpose of obtaining this shiny avatar:

      1. Prepare a huge amount of Neopoints – the top priorities. Obviously, you cannot play this game without Neopoints, right? Try your best to earn the Neopoints as much as possible by playing flash game, restocking, selling items and so on. You should have several hundred thousand Neopoints in your hand in order to get a high score, as you need to play it a lot of times.

      2. Game Time – Since this game only depends on your luck, you should expect that high score will not easily be obtained within a few minutes. You may spend around one hour or more so as to get high enough score to enter top 50 on High Score Table. As you need to repeat the same steps for a long time, you should have good mental quality before you are ready for getting this avatar. Otherwise, you will feel boring after playing it a few minutes and finally give up.

      3. Check the High Score Table before starting to play – Please look at the high score table to check the minimum scores that required to enter top 50. Due to the scoring system, you may found that most of the players have tied scores in high score table. Please be reminded that the position in high score table is first come first serve. If the top 50 of the players have the same scores, you should manage to get a score higher than them. Let take an example. You should get 35,000 points if you find the minimum score to enter top 50 is 5,900 points. Otherwise, you will not be available to gain the avatar, even if the scores are tied.

      4. Play at reset day – Normally, the minimum score of top 50 are unrealistically high at the end of the month, which make the avatar become difficult to obtain. As the high score tables are reset after midnight on the first of the month, the score that required to be on the top 50 must be lower at this moment. So, it's the best time to aim for the avatar in the early month. Please beware that many people will try their best to get it at reset day. Your action must be fast enough to occupy the position of top 50 since the position in High Score Table is first come first serve as mentioned before.

      5. Wait a few months before aiming the avatar – It is a good idea for the casual players. The number of players who have the avatar would be increased with time, which means that the competition of entering top 50 would be lowered afterward. It also represents that you only need to pay a little effort to obtain the avatar, including time and money. Why not try to aim it after waiting a few months?


      The only advice I can give you is to play the game at reset day when you aim this avatar. This is the most effective method to obtain it in term of time and money. Don't give up easily, as you are required to play the game for a long time in order to get it. You are reminded that the avatar only be awarded if you are in the top 50 of High Score Table of the game when trophies are awarded. Therefore, please pay close attention to the status of High Score Table when you are aiming it.

      This game has another older avatar can be obtained. You will award it when you complete round 4 of the game and collect the winning (5,900 NP) at the same time. But I think it is not difficult to obtain compared with the latest release one, right?


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