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Staying Ready For Emergencies

by parshew


     Emergencies can strike at any time and it is a good idea to be as prepared as possible. You always want to have a security stash deep in your security deposit box just in case the worst happens, like your pet losing all their HP in the battledome or a bad zap of the lab ray. I keep a whole pile of assorted items on hand so I never have to run out to the shop wizard and risk losing a bunch of Neopoints while I am frantically trying to get an item without really looking properly at prices. Some may call me a hoarder, but I just like to buy items for good prices when I know I will need them in the future anyway. Think of it as an investment in your future!

          Squashing Sickness

     Pets get sick all the time, it can happen from a rotten piece of food or a terrible random event, whatever the reason though it is best to be prepared. I keep a stash of medicinal items in my security deposit box just in case. There are a lot of different medicines, and some diseases are more rare than others, so it is up to you to decide what is your best option. Herbal Scrambled Eggs and NeoFlu Jelly Pills from the Neopian Pharmacy are always good to have, as well as Step Out Shoes. You can also pick up some more herbal cures from Lost Desert Medicine like Sneezle Powder or Puntec Extract. For even more natural options, Remarkable Restoratives will have you covered with Powdered Green Tea and Shrimp Powder, or even Dried Black Mushrooms.

     One of my favorite items to have on hand is the Warm Amber Ointment, this potion can cure almost everything. If you carry nothing else from this category, carry this. It can be found at the Royal Potionery and is beyond worth it.

     A lot of people will frequent the Healing Springs to try to get free cures, but I find this to be inconsistent and can lead to days of sickness and misery for your poor pet.

          Bouncing Back from Battling

     We've all had our butt handed to us once or twice in the Battledome, and it never feels good to have a 0 HP pet. A lot of times I want to get right back on my feet and back into the fray, I don't want to surf the shop wizard for potions to restore my health so I keep a whole bunch in my storage. You can stock up pretty easy from the Healing Springs and also try to get some healing magic every half hour. I keep the Essence of Everlasting Apple on hand, it heals up to 250 hit points which is more than enough for my mediocre pet. Sometimes if I've taken some softer blows, I want to keep a Healing Potion XIII stored away, that heals 50 hit points and has a lower price tag. I keep a few dozen of each so I never have to stress.

          Training Troubles

     One of the worst parts about training your pets is that the price of the classes go up and up for every level milestone you hit. Codestones and dubloons can get expensive when you are buying six or more for each stat point. Once or twice a week I check in with the shop wizard to try to find the cheapest codestones and then I buy way more than I need and keep them in storage. This means I don't have to hunt around right before my lesson and I don't have to settle for any suddenly inflated prices. I can find a good deal and stock up!

          Lab Ray Losses

     The Lab Ray is a fickle beast and you never know what is going to come from it, it isn't always a beautiful faerie pet with perfectly groomed wings. Sometimes you get a weird mutant or your once beautiful Mystery Island Lutari becomes a Blue Grarrl. For this reason I always keep a morphing potion or two of my favorite pet species on hand, that way if I get a species change I can instantly turn them back into a basic color of a species I like.

     On the other side of the coin, you could keep your dream pet paint brush on hand so that if your pet ever gets a species-changing zap into the species you've always wanted, you already have the brush to turn them into your dream pet!

          Financial Fiascos

     Have you been hitting the slots a little hard? or perhaps you got slammed by the Angry Tax Beast and lost a huge chunk of your Neopoints on hand? That is what the bank is for! Storing Neopoints is just as important as storing items and you should be using your bank account. Not only will this keep your money safe from random events and the temptation to always spend, you will also gain daily interest on it that can really add up over time. It is a wise idea to store a large amount of your Neopoints in here. I always keep a little cash on hand for random shopping, restocking, and my dailies, but I don't want chunks of my money taken away by tragic random events.

          Avatar Awards

     There is a name for people like me, like us, who want to always keep a massive storage of emergency items on hand: packrats. We are hoarders at heart and enjoy having a safety net for any emergency. I keep rare stamps, books, toys, and so much more locked away for the future if I ever need extra Neopoints, if my pet needs a makeover or a new thing to play with, and for any other reasons I can think of. There are innumerable benefits to this kind of behavior, a big one being that you can even earn an avatar for it! That's right, there is an avatar you can obtain when you have a packed full Safety Deposit Box! So keep sticking all your spare items in there, you never know when you will need them, and you never know when this avatar reward will pop up for you to obtain! And then you can hit the forums and show everyone that you are prepared in case of the worst tragedies, nothing can knock you down or throw you in for a loop.

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