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Does the PPL Really Protect?

by pixeldream


     If you have been on Neopets for a while you must have heard of the Petpet Protection League. This is an organization made for protecting petpets, making sure they are well cared for and that they are not neglected by their owners. Petpets can often be ignored because they are not as big as Neopets, but that doesn't make them any less special or important. They need regular care and entertainment as well! You can even give them their own pets, known as petpetpets.

     The most transparent thing the Petpet Protection League does is awarding special prizes and trophies to those who care for their petpets the longest. Their homepage has this to say:

      The PPL reward Neopets for owning their Petpet for a long amount of time (and never stopping playing with them!) Each week they select a Petpet and award the owner 10 NP for every day they have been owned, and for three years that could be up to ten thousand!

     The colour of the Petpet does matter. If they select Pink Kadoatie, and you have a blue one, sorry no NP. However, you can earn the bonus once per Neopet - up to four times!

     Sounds like a pretty notable cause to me. I'm an investigative journalist though and if I stopped here, I'd be well...a regular journalist! I spent some time digging deeper to make sure all petpets are being well cared for, and to see if they ever intervene on other injustices, and the results will shock you!

     The biggest proof of their negligence that I was able to find is in the game "Feed Florg". This is a game where you are literally feeding petpets to Florg, a mutant Chia!! Where is the Petpet Protection League and why have they not stepped in to stop this atrocity? I tried contacting their headquarters and left several messages concerning this matter, but they have yet to respond. Hmm..

     I did find some evidence that they do care. I have sources that believe the league is behind the game "Bumble Beams". This game is a part of the Virtupets Space Station and goes deep into the recycling center to save Robot painted petpets that have been tossed out in the garbage. It is appalling to me that any pet owner could be so negligent to just toss a petpet in the trash so it is comforting that the PPL has stepped up to try to remedy this problem. I would like to see some billboards around the space station encouraging people to double check that what they are recycling is actual garbage though.

     So far I'm not satisfied. I want to do a deep dive into their spending, because giving out the rewards for PPL award winners at 10 NP per day of the petpet's doesn't add up with how much money they generate and there spending costs are way down. I think someone higher up might be pocketing some money and exploiting the system for his own benefit.

     Another piece of concern I have is regarding the Money Tree. I've seen petpets abandoned there, ready to be picked up by whatever unqualified person wanders by. Why is it that regular Neopets get their own pound, but petpets are just dropped off under a tree in the middle of Neopia Central?

     It gets worse though, because there is also the Petpet Lab Ray. The regular Lab Ray has at least been tested enough that it doesn't cause harm your Neopet, just a few color and species changes or a losing some battledome stats, but the Petpet equivalent? Your petpet can be zapped into a Pile of Sludge!! How is this appropriate and how has this been approved by anyone? Why has the PPL not stepped up to stop this or require more stringent testing on this equipment before it was allowed for public use? I don't trust the Kookith running the machine either, I want to see his degree.

     It seems the best we can hope for is a "delegate" being sent to stop things, but not even that has been effective. There is a game called Snowbeast Snackrifice up in the caverns of Terror Mountain. As the main character, you throw a variety of petpets at a Snowbeast to keep him back, with the fate of the petpets being completely unknown. How is this right!? It's not! And it must be stopped!! When I reached out for comment, this is when I received a response of them sending a "delegate" to investigate. He must have gotten lost in the snow, because clearly nothing has been done about this!

     Back on the trend of petpets being eaten, the Petpet Protection League has turned a blind eye to the massive monster residing in Meridell known as Turmaculus. Users go here to purposely get their petpet EATEN ALIVE by him, and the PPL just lets it happen! There is no education on the danger of this, and no one even knows if Turmaculus will one day grow so large his appetite can only be satiated by full sized Neopets. What happens then? Will someone step in?

     And that isn't the only tragedy of Meridell, there is also the Symol Hole. Symols are known for their incredible ability to dig deep tunnels underground and navigate flawlessly, but the same does not apply to all petpets. Despite this, many petpet owners let their little friends of all species crawl into the hole in hopes of finding a treasure left by the Symol. The first problem is that the petpet may never come back out, the second is that you are stealing from a hard working Symol!

     I'm making this expose public to call out the Petpet Protection League for their lack of actual compassion. This organization seems to only exist for profit and does the bare minimum by giving out a trophy and some neopoints to keep everyone quiet and to look like they are doing more than they are. This is also a plea to all Neopians: take care of your petpets! They are just as cute and lovable as any other type of pet, and they are so loyal, and they make your Neopets happy! Where would we be without these tiny friends of ours?

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