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HOW TO: Host Your Own Chocolate Party

by hollywoodshowbox


     You’ve spent months anxiously waiting at your mailbox for that gorgeous, 90% cacao invitation with white chocolate rosebud details and milk chocolate lettering. You’ve been rereading “Behind the Frosting: Tale of the Chocolate Xweetok” and “Chocolate Ogrin Cookbook” over and over to ensure that you will be an expert should you be lucky enough to receive an invite to the Event of the Year. You’ve even been saving up in the hopes that you’ll be able to afford the Chocolate Crown of the Faeries, which you know would impress not only your friends, but other Neopians with fine taste.

     But alas, the invitation never came, and the Chocolate Ball is upon us.

     Never fear, Neopians! This guide is a “How To” on hosting your own Chocolate Party. It may not be as enviable as the Chocolate Ball, but who needs such an elitist shindig if your closest friends aren’t there to share in the fun with you? No matter whether you prefer dark or milk, strawberry or mint, this guide will help steer you in the right direction to host an event you and your friends will remember!

      1. Theme

     The first issue to tackle is your party theme. Some important factors to consider are: your personality, your budget, and your party activities. Are you considering a Chocolate Tasting Party? Then perhaps you have a more elegant style and a calm, thoughtful demeanor, but consider how this affects your budget. Perhaps you’re more excited over the idea of a Chocolate Pool Party and a “Chocolate Bar”BQ. In that case, you might be more of a Neopian with a wild and fun, but relaxed side and you are the master of working on a budget.

     Whatever your theme, your starting point should begin with creating an environment full of sweetness and joy, just like every sweet chocolate piece you had in your childhood. After all, there’s a reason they say it’s Home Sweet Home.

      2. Dress and Accessories

     Don’t worry too much about dress: Neopia doesn’t offer much by way of affordable chocolate clothing, but there are ways to spice up your look without getting a total makeover in the Rainbow Fountain. In the meantime, I’ll have to work on convincing the Uni’s Clothing Shopkeeper on getting some new wearables made…

     For the more vanity-concerned Neopians, never fear! Chocolate Lip Gloss (NP 800) and Chocolate Shampoo (NP 750) are both in stock at the Grooming Parlor. For Neopians who can’t leave their Neohome without a little spritz of their favorite scent, consider switching for one night to Chocolate Perfume (NP 600). You’ll smell just as sweet as you look!

     A Chocolate Bar Handbag (NP 4,800) or a Chocolate Sprinkle Doughnut Hat (NP 300) can be the perfect accessories to your outfit. Expecting a little rain or snow your way? You may want to purchase a Chocolate Umbrella (NP 2,900) – but avoid direct sunlight lest it melt all over your spectacular outfit!

      3. Food and Drink

     A Chocolate Party wouldn’t be complete without food and drink for the guests: after all, what kind of chocolate party doesn’t feature chocolate as the main course? As chocolate is the main focus, this should make up the bulk of your budget.

     Depending on your theme, you may want to purchase the Gilded Flow Chocolate Foundation (NP 15,000) or the more affordable Ornate Chocolate Foundation (NP 8,800). Not a gold fan? There’s a Silver Chocolate Alternative (NP 6,000) and a Crystal Chocolate Fountain (NP 4,300) for those really strapped for Neopoints. Thankfully, these items can also double as decorations - which is less work for you, host!

     For those with luxurious tastes, you can surprise your guests with delectable such as the Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake (NP 830,000), a Chocolate Stuffed Pastry (NP 490,000), or Chocolate Ruki Kit (NP 920,000). These items can easily act as centerpieces to an entire chocolate spread, and are beautiful enough to be the focal point in a room.

     Opting for a sit-down dinner? Consider serving your guests unique and unexpected chocolate combinations such as the Chocolate Shoyru Meatball (NP 60,000), White Chocolate Asparagus Souffle (40,000), or the Chocolate Orange Volcano (NP 15,400). Consider how these flavor combinations pair with other foods served at dinner, such as the appetizer or the dessert.

     When selecting food, it’s important to keep your environment in mind! For those hosting parties in warmer climates, you may want to consider cooler chocolate foods and beverages. You may want to delight your guest's tastebuds with Mint and Chocolate Ice Cream (NP 94,500), Chocolate Rose Petal Ice Cream (NP 2,000), or Chocolate Slushies (NP 1,900). For those hosting parties in colder climates, make sure to keep some warming foods and beverages on hand: Roxtons Mug of Hot Chocolate (NP 200) or the Fiery Seasonal HOT Chocolate (NP 10,500) are Neopian favourites. But be aware, the latter is SPICY.

          For a more relaxed vibe, you may want to consider a varied dessert table: Chocolate Grarrl Petit Fours (NP 8,750), Chocolate Coffee Waffle Cone (NP 2,100), and White Kiko Chocolates (NP 1,625). This eliminates any pressure to select big-ticket items, and instead allows your guests to enjoy a wide variety of delicious chocolatey goodness. A typical dessert table should include somewhere between 8 and 10 different varieties of chocolate, but should never, under any circumstances, exceed 24 different chocolate products on a single table.

      4. Decorations and More

     Whether you are having a sit-down dinner, a tasting, a pool party, or an outdoor picnic, you can’t go wrong with a Chocolate Table (NP 12,000) or Milk Chocolate Table (NP 750). The very affordable Chocolate Rug (NP 700) can really tie a room together. Consider complementary chocolate seating, such as the comfy chocolate sofa (NP 8,300), or the chocolate bean bag (NP 4,150).

     No matter what your theme, some Neopians may inevitably show up with their Petpets (or even petpetpets!). I strongly urge you to consider a Chocolate Play Pen (NP 21,600) to keep them all contained, so Neopians can party with peace of mind, and pick up their little ones at the end of the night.

     Other affordable decorations you may want to consider? The Chocolate Bush (NP 3,375), the Chocolate Mynci Gnome (NP 3,225), or a Chocolate Chia Statute (NP 10,500). These gardening decorations can be brought indoors to create a trendy “indoor garden party” vibe, but can just as appropriately be left outdoors for your pool party or afternoon picnic.

     Interested in hosting activities? The aforementioned Chocolate Ruki Kit may be a good fit – if you can afford it! For those with a moderate budget, you may want to consider Destruct-O Chocolate Squares (NP 8,300). And for those throwing the awesome-sounding pool party, just go ahead and stock up chocolate milk (NP 2,550 per carton) from Neopian Fresh Foods. But hosts, don’t create stress for yourself by trying to come up with numerous activities. The main focus of your party should be the consumption of chocolate (whether it’s stuffing your bellies until you feel like you’re going to burst, or sampling just a few of Neopia’s finest goods).

      5. Appropriate Etiquette

     A successful event always ultimately rests on the shoulders of the host or hostess, but guests can always help the evening go more smoothly. And if you are a guest lucky enough to be invited to a Chocolate Party, it is always prudent to show your appreciation for the hard work of the host or hostess. So guests, here are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind.

     - DO: Bring a small token of appreciation for the host as a gift. Gifts do not have to be anything fancy, and I recommend keeping your budget under NP 5,000. The most popular items in this category are Chocolate Plushies, but guests should use their discretion in determining what kind of gift would be most appropriate for their host.

     - DON’T: Bring anything that emits heat. The last thing you want to do is to turn a room designated for a Chocolate Party into a giant Chocolate Fondue pot. Sure, it sounds like a dream, but trust me: it is impossible to get dark chocolate out of carpet if it’s been left for too long.

     - DON’T: Bring Chocolate Cherry Bombs! Save your pranks for April Fools; this is not the day to watch all the meticulously put together details and delicious snacks splatter against the wall.

     - DO: Play with different flavor combinations! Neopia has more options than milk, light, or dark chocolate. Mint Chocolate, Strawberry Chocolate, Rose Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, and so much more. Inviting new flavors can really take your party from drab to fab!

     - DON’T: Sweet the small stuff! But actually: guests tend not to notice small mishaps when remembering the big picture party event. So long as they are in good company and well fed, that’s all that matters!

      Final Details

     I won’t sugarcoat the truth: Neopia could do with more Chocolate-themed items, especially in the clothing and centerpiece departments. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t let that stop you from getting creative and hosting your own Chocolate Party.

      *This article is not sponsored by The Chocolate Factory or any of its affiliates.

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