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Top 5 Brightvale Attractions

by silver_mist_91


     The 11th day of Hiding quickly approaches, better known as the day the glorious kingdom of Brightvale was first discovered. Brightvale, often referred to as the sister kingdom to the very well-known Meridell lies just fifty miles west of Meridell across a field of rolling green plains. Perched up on a high hill just past an evergreen forest the peaceful kingdom lies in wait for visitors to revel in its delicious food, engaging activities and as it as most well-known for - its incredible wealth of knowledge. While they both have a similar aesthetic, Brightvale is very different from Meridell and has a lot of unique sights to see and businesses to explore. Let's take a walk through the cobblestone paths of this luscious and vibrant kingdom as we discuss the top five attractions Brightvale has to offer!

     After crossing the bridge into Brightvale it is easy to become overwhelmed, but luckily our first attraction lies immediately before us. The Fruits of Brightvale shoppe is run by its cheerful and welcoming shop keep, a green Acara who will invite you in with open arms. With a basket of fruits already in hand, he will lead you to their incomparable selection of delicious, sweet treats. All 100% homegrown, these fruits have a special touch of love in every juicy bite. My personal favorites would have to be Skeem (which makes an incredible jam) and of course the Grenanna (a classic!). This stop will ensure your visit to Brightvale is topped with a mouthwatering snack you're not soon to forget. Don't fill up too much here though, we still have a long walk through the kingdom to visit the other venues.

     Next up the road a ways you will find my second recommended venue - The Royal Potionery. This shop is as exciting as it is magical, and any lover of potions must ensure they visit this spot. A quiet, but knowledgeable Cybunny runs this shop. He keeps it well stocked, and will even offer a potion demonstration if he has the time and you have the interest to learn! Occasionally if you visit the shop he will also take you out to help him gather potion ingredients so that you can feel like part of the experience. This is a great stop off for your shopping needs, whether it be potions to heal, to fight, or to just have a little fun. Be mindful though that you ask the shop keep what potions do before trying them out, lest you accidentally harm yourself or others. Try not to spend all your neopoints here however, as we also have another fantastic shop coming up soon.

     Heading now slightly to the left path you will find yourself at my favorite attraction Brightvale has to offer, The Wheel of Knowledge. For a somewhat pricey investment of 400np you can try your hand at spinning the massive, ornately decorated wooden wheel. With a bevy of unbelievable prizes, you will surely be tempted to keep trying your lucky although only one spin is allowed per visitor a day. Even the 'lesser' prizes the wheel offers are still immensely interesting. With free knowledge from Brightvale's King Hagan himself, or an intelligence increase for your pet, these booby prizes are very valuable. Those with great luck may win top prizes such as a shiny new avatar, a Brightvale job coupon. I can assure you, the chances of a great prize will have you visiting this attraction on every journey to Brightvale.

     Finally, at the top of the hill is the great Brightvale castle itself, housing their wise King Hagan. If you are fortunate enough to be allowed in, the King may give you the opportunity to present him with your own bout of wisdom. Should you succeed in impressing King Hagan, he may reward you with kudos or even a valuable prize. Can you imagine being so fortunate! The King himself, a regal green Skeith is a very kind and wise leader who is always happy to learn what he can from his citizens, albeit when he has the time available to him. Not like his brother, the rather difficult King Skarl of Meridell, Hagan is very generous and loves his people very much. Try not to be too intimidated in front of the King, or you may mess up your wisdom and embarrass yourself, and no one wants that. Just take a deep breath, and really think about the piece of wisdom you offer, I'm sure you'll nail it!

     Exiting the castle and heading back down the hill you'll find yourself at our last must-see Brightvale venue, Brightvale Books. If Brightvale is known for anything it is most certainly it's people's immense amount of knowledge and thirst to always learn more. The book shop in Brightvale is the best of the best. With thousands of titles to peruse, you could easily get lost in this shop. I suggest asking the wise, older shop keep for his two cents as he has read almost every book they have and will surely have the skills to help you select the best title. With dozens of genres and a variety of reading levels, the selection in this shop is beyond compare. They even have a few ancient titles kept behind glass that can be viewed but not purchased due to their rarity. Be careful not to buy too many novels though, as they may weigh you down on your travels home.

     So there you have it friends, my top five Brightvale attractions for any well-rounded trip to the kingdom. I'm confident that with this list you'll be able to learn about the culture of the kingdom as well as enjoy a few fun new experiences. Of course there are many other shops and venues to explore such as the Motery and the Glaziers, and one visit to Brightvale simply isn't enough to see it all. Who knows, maybe you'll even find a new spot you can tell me about for my next trip to the glorious kingdom of knowledge. Happy Brightvale Discovery Day, everyone!


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